October 12th 3:00pm

Gucci Mane Goes At Jay-Z And His Best Rapper Alive Status

Gucci Mane has gone on record in an unclear rant, saying that Joe Camel is not the best rapper alive amongst a few other things. Pop the top and peep this…

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October 12th 2:50pm

Certified Links

HHWired Exclusive: Trina Talks New Album, Clothing Line and Reality Show (GO) Devious Internet Leaks New Michael Jackson Single “This Is It” Early (GO) Jury Selection Begins As MLK Kids Fight Over Estate (GO) Lawyers For The Game Hit ‘Em Up For Attorney Fees’ (GO) Don’t Be Surprised When “The Real World” Cast Gives You…

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October 12th 2:30pm

Lisa Raye Talks About her New Man

Lisa Raye talked about her publicity stunt relationship with Al Sharpton. The video is waiting on the flipside.

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October 12th 2:20pm

F*ck a Thug & Catch Fade: A Bar Fight Turns Into a Shoot Out… SMH

Since when did shooting people really become the way to solve problems? These super thugs in the video above were in a bar fight but then it becomes a shoot out… What is wrong with people???

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October 12th 2:18pm

What’s Goin on in This Forum???

If you haven’t checked out Bossip Forums today you are missing out. Go over and give it a try to talk about your favorite topics and celebs. Not Registered yet? Click Here

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October 12th 2:00pm

Weezy Thought Drake Would Be Named #1 MC, Not Jay-Z

The infamous list that has the Hip-Hop world up in arms is being brought up again. MTV’s top ten list of ‘Hottest MCs’ sparked a national outcry when people Continue…

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October 12th 1:33pm

Fresh Up Out of Jaaaiiillll Turn Yo Swag On!!!

With Soulja Boy fresh up out of jail and Jim Jones just pleading guilty to his case, these two felons made sure they were somewhat fresh at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. We have a more pics under the hood of celebs at the show posing in their seats. Pop it for Jazzy…

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October 12th 1:30pm

“Permed Up” Al Sharpton Puts Up Pimp Hand Trying to Stop Rush Limbaugh From Buying Into NFL

Al Sharpton has written a letter expressing his distaste that Limbaugh may be buying into an NFL franchise: In the letter, Sharpton tells Goodell, “Rush Limbaugh has been

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October 12th 12:00pm

Obama Talks Gay Rights and His Love for Lady Gaga

During his Human Rights Campaign dinner speech, President Obama made light of human rights by making a joke about Lady Gaga. Flip the hood for more on Obama’s speech and new pics of the first fam. 

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October 12th 11:10am

Frankie Breaks Down Crying On BET Red Carpet When Asked About Finances and Keyshia

We thought Frankie was getting it together. Frankie was on the red carpet with some fronts on. When they ask about her loot, relationship with Keyshia, and what dope she is on…  the woman lost it. Pop it and Watch Frankie go from “OK to Man Down” real quick.

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October 12th 10:55am

This is Suspect: Akon and Wyclef Are Checking Each Other Out!!!

At the MAMA awards in the motherland, Akon and Wyclef decided to do some real freaky/weird mess by pulling down their pants and checking each others’ packages out. Right… Pop it to see it without our signature BOSSIP logo.

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October 12th 10:24am

Who Switched Her Wig???

This celeb decided to pull an attention whore move, switching up her hair for some last minute publicity. Flip the Hood to See Who

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October 12th 10:20am

Twitter Files: Asher Roth Disses President Obama

This is what Asher Roth tweeted in regards to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize: Didn’t know you could win the peace prize by just talking sh*t…I’m all for “hope” and “progress” but people have been dedicating their lives for peace – actions speak louder than words – my opinion only…@Cpetty281 I disagree, I…

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October 12th 10:18am

Where Are You Yeezy? Kanye Tries to Find Himself in India

Word is Kanye may be hemmed up somewhere in India clearing his head: Recently named one of MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game”, Kanye West was also nominated for a whopping nine awards Saturday evening on October 10, but he did not show up to the 4th Annual BET Hip Hop Awards.The word is after…

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October 12th 10:15am

Kimmy Cakes is Working Double Time

Kim and her cakes were spotted at the Hollywood Life’s 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards last night and earlier was coupled up with Reggie at The Cheesecake Factory. Her cakes must be tired. Flip the hood for more pics.

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