April 28th 1:00pm

When Campaign Checks Don’t Come: Uncle Luke Raises Only $250!

Poor Uncle Luke. His campaign is off to a rough start.

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April 28th 12:04pm

Bossip On Set With K. Michelle & Benny Boom For Her New Video “How Many Times” [Video]

Below, we interviewed the esteemed director of this project “Benny Boom.”

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April 28th 11:44am

Not Cory Booker: 7 Black Mayors You Haven’t Heard About Yet

We’ve all heard of the career-killing misdeeds of former mayors  Kwame Kilpatrick and Sheila Dixon. Once the media got hold of their stories, they became household names.  At the other extreme of national attention is a superstar like Cory Booker.  But of course, the landscape of  African-American mayors is wider than that. The Atlanta Post rounds…

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April 28th 11:24am

Why Nice Guys Get No Love… At First

When we were young and we thought about our ideal man, he was perfect.

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April 28th 10:45am

Royal Matrimony-dom: Kate Middleton Says “I Don’t” To Vow To Obey Prince William

Gotta love it, while Prince William has plenty of loyal subjects in the UK his future bride is already letting it be known that she’ll neither serve nor obey!

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April 28th 10:27am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Look really carefully behind the little boy.

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April 28th 9:42am

Living Up To The Hype: Miami’s Shady Dream Team (Barely) Makes It To Round 2 In Five Games

For the majority of the game, it looked like the Sixers might have pulled extended this series to a game 6.

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April 28th 9:22am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Bey Bey & Drizzy Added To The Cast Of The Next Ice Age

Drake and Mrs. Knowles-Carter are about to share a career first.

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