November 18th 5:53pm

Benefits Of Having A Friend With Loose Morals

Most women have that one friend who is a little out there.

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November 18th 5:19pm

New B.O.B. Music Video “Don’t Let Me Fall” [Video]

  Click Here To Watch The Video On Hip Hop Wired!!!

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November 18th 5:08pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Father Murders 3-Month-Old Infant By Slamming Child Repeatedly Onto Pavement

This is just horrific. A young father in Columbus, Ohio has been arrested for killing his infant son by throwing him on the ground repeatedly and dragging him through the neighborhood before standing on the body inside of a dumpster.

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November 18th 4:16pm

Don’t Think Eva Longoria’s Sneaky Behind Is An Angel In All This…

While Eva Longoria is out here playing the “hurt, jilted” wife in the media, the real deal behind her divorce are starting to come out. And there’s no question she’s milking the publicity and attention.

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November 18th 3:46pm

What’s Up With Dude’s Zoolander Grill???

J-Lo and her skeletorific husband Marc Anthony are launching two new exclusive lifestyle brands at Kohl’s even though they know good and goddamn well they would never be up in Kohl’s buying isht.

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November 18th 3:21pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Chelsea Handler Goes In On Housewife Phaedra Parks, Recommends She Get Pregnant By 50 Cent (GO) T.I. “No Mercy” Album Trailer (Pt. 2) (GO) Jay-Z Says He Spoke To Biggie An Hour Before His Death (GO) More Changes in Store for ‘American Idol’ (GO) Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” Promo Pics (GO) Real Housewife NYC Blames…

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November 18th 2:50pm

Ho Sit Down: Dina Lohan Wants To Sue Glee For Popping ISHT About Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan‘s enabling-azz momager Dina just figured out that she’s supposed to protect her kid from entertainment industry vultures. Or at least she’s working on it.

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November 18th 1:53pm

Is Evelyn Carrying A Gut Full Of Ochocinco?

Just before sharing her NFL-funded 10-karat boulder on Twitter, Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada surprised her followers with a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

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November 18th 1:52pm

MTV Teen Mom Facing Charges For Baby Daddy Abuse

SMH… First teen motherhood, now this! 20 year-old MTV “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood looks like she is headed toward life as a felon — especially since the evidence is plain for all to see.

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November 18th 1:39pm

Halle Berry Is Still Interrupted…

Halle Berry attended the New York screening for her new movie Frankie & Alice where she portrays a woman with multiple personalities,

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November 18th 12:39pm

Bishop Eddie Long & Raz B Perform “Rumors” [Spoof]

The Eddie Long debacle continues and this time it’s a the expense of Raz B. No more rumors, yall. LOL. Click here to see the video on HipHopWired

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November 18th 12:31pm

Certified Links

Shots Fired: Foxy Brown Fires At Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim??? [Video] (GO) Pauly D Mobbed on College Campus, Cops Called (GO) Pam Anderson’s Stupid Fake Tits Do India of the Day (GO) Why the Future is Still Bright for Black Politicians (GO) Common To Release Book Of Memoirs (GO) South Park Getting It From…

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November 18th 12:28pm

Single Tranny Files: Idaho Shimmy Popped For Impersonating Plastic Surgeon To Feel On Some Boobies

An Idaho “woman” was picked up by one-time for posing as a plastic surgeon in order to get her Chester the Molester on in area nightclubs under the pretense of doing “breast exams”.

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November 18th 12:15pm

The Vilification of Kanye West

West has spent the last year through his music and interviews being remorseful. Even after he was baited by Matt Lauer of The Today Show to apologize to Bush (okay, technically it wasn’t so much as an apology as it was a show of empathy for the former president), West can’t seem to evolve past…

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November 18th 11:47am

Embarrassing Moments In Black Manhood: Who Looked More Busted?

For a moment there we thought that the invite for GQ’s “Men of the Year” Party must have read: Ridiculous Get Up Required…

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