July 8th 2:53pm

Lebron James Buying A House In…

Lebron James has moved one step closer to making a decision about his future basketball home. Sources tell BOSSIP exclusively that Bron Bron made an offer on a new home this week. Pop the hood to find out where

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July 8th 2:40pm

A List of Ways to Make A Breakup Less Painful

Good day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another almost there Thursday! One of our readers responded to yesterday’s post and raised the question: how do you let someone down easy? Well, there is no easy way to end things with someone when feelings are involved

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July 8th 2:30pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kanye Visits King Tut’s Great-Grandmother’s Coffin With Just As Much Gold (GO) The Eagles Cheerleaders Have The Sexiest Approach To The Oil Spill Ever (GO) Passage of California’s Prop 19 Could Slash Price Of Marijuna By 80% (GO) Dev Patel Bulges Out Of ‘GQ’ (GO) Princess From Crime Mob Does Her Chris Brown BET Awards…

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July 8th 2:18pm

Is The Beauty Business Changing To Accommodate Black Women?

Though the slate of Black, Latino, Asian and Indian spokesmodels is long now—Rihanna for Cover Girl, Halle Berry for Revlon, Eva Longoria Parker and Aishwarya Rai for L’Oreal and Jessica White for Maybelline, to name a few—it’s important to note that the first African-American model wasn’t signed to a major brand until 1992 when Cover…

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July 8th 2:01pm

Quote Of The Day: Lyfe Jennings On Child Support “It Seems Like Females Just Be Wanting The Dude To Suffer

Lyfe Jennings, father of three, recently spoke up on the subject of child support and baby mama drama. Jennings says he only has two baby mothers, but feels like he has twenty. Pop the hood for his thoughts

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July 8th 11:31am

Brandy Is Bangerific

We gave you a sneak peek of Brandy’s behind-the-scenes photo shoot for 160g Magazine where lil Moesha was looking like a certified banger. Brandy’s full spread with 160g Magazine is on the flipside

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July 8th 11:29am

What The Hell??? Accused Child Rapist’s Defense: “It’s Okay In Africa”

Jesus take the wheel and run it over this disgusting motherf**er. Kalunga Kanyela was arrested in Las Vegas after his wife caught him molesting a 10-year-old relative. Kanyela, 37, claims he didn’t know touching a child sexually was wrong. This story gets even more sick, pop the hood for more details…

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July 8th 11:15am

In White Folks News: Grammys Change Rules So Lady Gaga Can Win

We always knew the Grammys were rigged. This year, Lady Gaga won 2 Grammys, but apparently that wasn’t enough. The cross dressing man-lady wanted to win for Best New Artist. Pop it to see why she’ll probably get what she wants next year.

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July 8th 11:07am

Certified Links

Update: Howard University Denies Accepting Mary J. Blige, Mary Responds [Video] (GO) LeBron Sued by Man Claiming to be His Father (GO) Classy Woman Beating Up a Dude in Video of the Day (GO) Why Obama Shouldn’t Skip This Year’s NAACP Convention (GO) EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelorette’ Jillian Harris Forced To Give Back Diamond Ring To ABC…

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July 8th 11:00am

Who Is Our Father???

These cuties belong to a guy who was chased out of rap never to be heard from again other than some low budget movie roles. Stumped?? Pop it to find out who

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July 8th 10:59am

YUCK! STD’s On The Rise For Viagra Poppin’ Seniors

Eeeew! Old heads are poppin’ Viagra, having unprotected sex and contracting STD’s at an alarming rate. Pop it to see why the lil blue pill got Grandpa burnin’.

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July 8th 10:40am

One-Time Catches Alleged “Grim Sleeper” Serial Killer

L.A. police said Wednesday that they arrested a man in connection with the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer case that’s remained unsolved since the 80’s. Police say they have Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 57, in custody in connection with 11 murders since 1985 in the Southside of Los Angeles. Continue…

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July 8th 10:27am

Poor Thang: BeyBey Almost Clipped By Taxi Cab In London???

Poor thang: Beyonce had an amazing escape when she opened her car door – and it got ripped off its hinges by a London taxi

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July 8th 10:15am

“Good Morning America” Says No Thanks To Drake

Drake just got denied by ABC for their “Good Morning America” concert series. Poor thang! Details on why they said “No thanks” to the Thank Me Later rapper on the flippy

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July 8th 9:28am

ChitChatter: Kelis Speaks On New Album, Nas, Baby Knight, And PETA

Kelis must be trying to sell some albums this time around, because she’s all over the place talking about Nasir, Knight, her music and much more:

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