March 14th 10:13am

Roc Nation Runs This Sh*t… Signs Alternative Artist Santigold

It’s official, Jay-Z is running this sh*t. And when we say “this sh*t” we mean, not just hip-hop cuz Roc Nation just signed Santigold!

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March 14th 10:10am

SMH: People Are Killing Folks Over The Barista Tip Jar At Starbucks Now???

For real…there couldn’t have been more than $20 in that tip jar: A Missouri family is suing Starbucks after a patron was killed while trying to prevent a tip jar robbery.

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March 14th 9:59am

Lil Kim Might Just Need A Better Stylist

The Queen Bee has been on her hip-hop Dolly Parton

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March 14th 9:44am

Jesus Has Taken The Wheel: Camel Man Puts Illuminati Rumor To Bed And Reps His Lord And Savior Jesus Christ At The Nets Game!

Hovi Baby was spotted courtside at the Nets game without Beyonce, but with Power 105 Breakfast Club personality Angela Yee. Not only that, but he was rocking a Jesus t-shirt to kill the Illuminati rumors.

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March 14th 9:30am

Is Kimora Totin’ Another Gut Full Of Amistad?

It’s pretty normal for a new mom to carry a little extra tummy even after delivering her bundle of joy, so we’ve cut Kimora plenty of slack since the birth of Kenzo BUT

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March 14th 8:53am

Evelyn Names Her Price: Keeping Her On Basketball Wives Will Cost Her BFF Shaunie & ‘Em ________

As mad as Evelyn Lozada claims to be at Shaunie O’Neal and her production company for making her look like a cold-hearted sidepiece on national TV, she’ll consider staying on Basketball Wives for the right price.

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March 14th 8:50am

What The Hell??? Texas HS Basketball Player Dies During Timeout

Wow. Another High School basketball player has died: A South Texas high school basketball player died after collapsing during a timeout at a tournament

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March 14th 8:08am

Some Morning Cakes

Rise and shine (well mostly rise) boys and girls. Cake model-extraordinaire Vanessa Veasley went twitpic crazy yesterday.

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March 14th 7:41am

In White Folks News: Mila Kunis Says She Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Justin TimberFake-Jessica Biel Break Up

Mila Kunis says there is no way that JT is soaking up those drawls… Just days after Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel announced their split

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March 14th 7:30am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Chicago Man That Witnessed His Brother’s Death 17 Years Ago Faces 45 Years For Murder!!!

Somethings got to be done in the city of Chicago, seems like bodies stack up a dime a dozen.

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March 14th 7:11am

New Book By Swirling Becky ‘I Got The Fever’ Gives Racial Stereotypes A Bedroom Breakdown

New York City dating author J.C. Davies says that Latino men are macho and possessive, Asian men are bad in bed, black men hate it when you talk about Al Sharpton, and Indian men smell like curry — but, she says, she’s not racist.

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March 14th 6:46am

Dwyane Wade Wins Fulltime Daddy Duty, Judge Gives Crazy Ex-Wife ‘Ho Sit Down’

After realizing how batsh*t crazy his ex-wife Siovaughn is, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.

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