November 18th 9:27am

This Guy Can’t Be Serious…Tiger Woods Blames His Serial Raw-Dog Becky Banging On His Golf Game, Calls His Hoes “Opportunists”

SMH: A weepy Tiger Woods blames golf for making him feel invincible and leading him to cheat on Elin Nordegren.

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November 18th 9:25am

Rihanna Says She Smashed And Dashed With Drake Because She Was Too “Fragile”

RihRih is still runnin’ her yap about the aftermath of her run in with Breezy’s fist… including how it made her too vulnerable to be more than fawk buddies with Drake.

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November 18th 9:12am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Deranged Mother Sentenced To 57 Years To Life For The Rape, Physical Abuse, And Murder Of Her Mentally Disabled Daughter

This is utterly disgusting, and both of these motherfuggas should rot: Prosecutors said Eva Cummings put her mentally disabled daughter Laura through “an almost unimaginable living hell” of sexual, physical and emotional abuse” before she ultimately smothered her Jan. 21 at their dilapidated home outside Buffalo.

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November 18th 9:03am

Jeez Gaga! Is Nothing Sacred Or Off Limits?

Lady Gaga popped up on stage in the Czech Republic yesterday, wearing a see-through mini nun’s habit, with cross-shaped pasties. And some dingy looking drawls. And a bloody, over-sized glove.

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November 18th 7:56am

So, Crazy Runs In Nicki Minaj’s Family…

Apparently, Nicki Minaj‘s childhood included psychic powers, temporary homelessness and immigration.

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November 18th 1:41am

Hate It Or Love It?!?!: Dr. Dre, Akon And Snoop D-O Double G On That “KUSH”

After 50-11 days, Dr. Dre is finally dropping singles off the album that he’s been working on with everybody and they mama. Dr. Dre twerked out this new jawn with his ace Snoop Dogg while Akon is STANGing harmonizin’ on the track. The beat sounds like it goes hard… especially if you were listening to…

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November 18th 12:58am

New Airport Full Body X-Ray Scan Search… Conan O’Brien Shows Us How To ASSume The Position!!!

Full Body Scanners and Imaging machines are coming to an airport near you sometime in the near future. This new form technology is to help cut down on terrorism but a lot of folks feel like its an invasion of their privacy. Passengers have the option of opting out and receiving a full hand pat…

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November 18th 12:00am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… this one on the other hand just leaves you speechless. Why would someone want to pub a magazine that is dedicated to pole dancing??? Guess SKRIPPERS need love too!!!

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November 17th 11:57pm

New York Bar Owner Arrested For Damn Near Burning His Own Building Down

Now we all know that one Mr. Dylan Dilinjah is known to “spit hot fire”, but we don’t think he has anything on Albert Trummer, owner of a Chinatown bar called Apotheke.

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November 17th 8:19pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Meet Tony Parker’s Married Side-Piece

For all the effort and quickness with which Eva Longoria tried to make her divorce “rumors” go away yesterday, this thing is unraveling mighty quickly.

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