June 25th 4:32pm

Kids Play in Toxic Tarballs on Florida Beach

Despite skyrocketing clean up costs, oily globs are still washing up on Florida’s beaches, and parents are still taking their kids to play in the sun and sand. Their solution to oil stained hands and feet: Goo Gone. Yuck. Pop it to see the grossness.

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June 25th 4:02pm

Is Chris Brown’s “BANG!!!” Chain Appropriate???

Chris Brown is at it again with the questionable chains… The singer attended a BET event at Philippe Chow’s in Los Angeles last night and we had to wonder if “BANG!” is really something Chris wants us thinking about when we look at him??? Pop the hood for a closer look and shots of Lisa…

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June 25th 2:23pm

Who Looked More Bangin??? Sisterly Twilight Edition

Beautiful ladies Tia (RT) and Tamera (LT) Mowry hit up “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Premiere last night in LA. Out of the two almost identical chicas…Who Looked More Bangin??? More images from the premiere including Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Jaden Smith when you…

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June 25th 2:21pm

Glenn Beck Says Race Relations Were “Right On Track” Before Civil War

Glenn Beck is continuing to stir up controversy with his idiotic, insensitive and eccentric comments, this time about race relations in the United States prior to the Civil War. Continue…

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June 25th 2:20pm

Sextra: Who’s In the Mood For Some Cancer Love?

Earlier this week, the cycle of the Cancer came upon us and we’re now in the throws of the time of the crab! Cancers, according to astral research, are said to be the most emotional and sensitive beings

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June 25th 2:18pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Rosa Acosta, Vanessa Veasley, Marisa Elise, Alexis Hayes & Bernice Burgos Do The Source Magazine (GO) Free Condoms To Be Given To Massachusetts First Graders (GO) Black-Owned Hospitality In The U.S (GO) Katy Perry ‘Topless’ for Esquire UK (GO) Mehcad Brooks Mouthwatering Man Of The Week (GO) ‘Jersey Shore’ Bikinis For ‘Rolling Stone’ (GO) Police:…

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June 25th 2:11pm

This Cluck Head Does Rendition Of “You Are Not Alone” And Serves The King Of Pop Justice!

This crack head has the voice of Michael Jackson down to a science…singing “You Are Not Alone.” He murks the hell out of this joint… acapella too. Watch him sing on BossipVideo.com (Link Fixed!)

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June 25th 1:14pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: NY Giants Rookie Chad Jones In Critical Condition After Car Crash, Might Lose Leg

This is sad: Chad Jones, a rookie safety for the New York Giants, was reportedly in critical condition from injuries suffered in a car crash

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June 25th 12:55pm

Kanye West Shirt Gets Kid Kicked Off Jury

Kanye West — or actually a shirt that read “WHO THE F*CK IS KANYE WEST” put a 19-year-old potential juror in hot water with a Manhattan Supreme Court judge recently. Pop the hood for details Continue

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June 25th 12:05pm

Lady GaGa Confesses To Having Illuminati Dreams: The Devil Tells Me “If You Want Your Family To Be Ok, Then You Will Cut Your Wrist…”

Lady GaGa tells Rolling Stone the Devil is trying to takeover and gives detail about her reoccurring Illuminati dream: “I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied

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June 25th 11:31am

Another Day Another Reality Show

Lala Vazquez is soooooo not slick… We had a feeling the staged-looking dress shopping, bachelorette parties and lunches with Ciara were all part of some kind of reality series. Turns out her and Carmelo’s wedding (and all the planning beforehand) will be televised. Pop the hood for details

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June 25th 11:15am

Teyana Taylor Covers Bleu And LeToya Luckett Hits Her With A “No B*tch”!!!

LeToya Luckett may look all innocent but she jacked up Teyana Taylor at Big Tigger’s Celebrity Weekend after the basketball game a couple of weeks ago in Washington D.C. After Letoya’s team lost, she had a few words to share…

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June 25th 10:39am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

It’s obvious what is wrong with this picture, but the real question is what is wrong with this baby’s mother?? Number one for taking this photo, and number two for posting it on Facebook. Peep what her dumba$s had to say when you…

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June 25th 10:37am

David Letterman Gives Jay-Z A Dose Of Reality: There’s No Way In Hell Lebron James Will Win A Ring With The Nets

Jay-Z hit up the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week and of course David asked him the one thing everybody wants to know… Is Lebron James going to sign with the New Jersey Nets??? Pop the Top for Jay-Z’s Reaction

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June 25th 10:35am

Name That Pinstriped Posterior

This pinstriped posterior was snapped by the paps on the set of a Rodeo Drive production. Can you guess the fashion and media mogul rockin’ menswear? Pop the hood to find out who it is

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