January 14th 5:51pm

Guess Which Billionaire Is Moving Into This Super Normal Crib

The 20-something billionaire who lives here could buy and sell all of our houses/apartment complexes/mama’s couches at least a dozen times over without batting an eyelash. His father probably couldn’t. Can you guess who’s crib this is?

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January 14th 5:28pm

“I’ve Been Sleeping With My Uncle Who Was In Prison For 18 Years”

Dear Gay Best Friend, I know that you hate long letters, so I will try and keep this two year saga short. I began a sexual relationship with my uncle two years ago. I was 26-years old and he was 45-years old.

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January 14th 5:13pm

Diddy Come Get Your Boy: G-Dep Pleads Not Guilty To Murder He Confessed To

In case you kids needed a little more proof that drugs make you do stupid things, G-Dep is here to inspire you.

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January 14th 4:43pm

Sextra: She’s Beautiful but She Sucks in Bed

To the Bossip love lady. I have a puzzle for you to solve. I was married for 11 years and once the divorce was final, I took my time getting back into the dating game and finally decided to date this woman exclusively. I’m a about 8 years older than her she’s 27 and she…

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January 14th 3:44pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Drake Reportedly Upset Over Kanye And Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” Album (GO) This Has To Be Child Abuse (GO) Foxy Brown “Christmas Massacre” (Full Audio) (GO) The Wildest Golden Globe Speeches of All Time (GO) Lil B “Knights” Fan At NYC Show (GO) Demi Moore, Ricky Martin & More Attend Bvlgari Benefit (GO) Are Stricter…

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January 14th 3:30pm

Q&A: Social Scientist Discusses Hypermasculinity and Black Men

  How would you describe a masculine man? What does he look like? Now how would you describe a hypermasculine man? What does he look like? According to social scientists, a hypermasculine man exhibits three qualities: verbal or physical aggression, overt sexuality and enjoyment of risk taking. While these qualities are commonly perceived to be…

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January 14th 2:56pm

Sneak Peak: Lil Kim’s 24/7 Goddess Clothing Line

Lil Kim is giving fans a behind the scenes look at her new clothing line, 24/7 Goddess.

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January 14th 1:45pm

In Skinny Knifed Up White Folks News: Lisa Rinna Is Excited To Be A Size 0

SMH. Lisa Rinna has some serious issues…peep what she’s soooooo excited about: “I am very pleased to have fit into the size 0 Theory trousers today at wrk. Hate me if u like!

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January 14th 12:55pm

Wackness: 10 “Celebrities” That Failed At Rapping

Tom Hanks’ lame, poor excuse for a rapper son released an ode to his school, Northwestern University.

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January 14th 12:48pm

Exclusive Pics: Behind The Scenes Of The Video Shoot For Doll Phace feat. Snoop Dogg “Lets Go To Vegas”

We’ve gotten our hands on some exclusive behind the scenes pics of artist/CEO Doll Phace video for “Lets Go To Vegas” featuring Snoopy D-O-double-Gizzle.

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January 14th 12:39pm

What Is Going On Here?!

These pictures were taken at 2010 Carnival.

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January 14th 12:16pm

Caption This: Drizzy In Manchester

Last night, Drake did a show at the Manchester Apollo in the UK.

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January 14th 12:07pm

The Greatest Urban Fashionistas Of All Time

“It’s the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my step, the curl of my lips. I’m a woman, phenomenally.” Maya Angelou expresses the grace, beauty and savoir faire that black women seem to add to everything in “Phenomenal Woman.”

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