October 2nd 8:30am

JD & Nelly Bowl for a Cause in Atlanta and Raised $80,000

People are always giving Hip Hop artists a bad name, but last night in Atlanta, JD and Nelly came together to bowl for a cause. They helped raise money for the flood victims in Atlanta that recently lost everything due to the floods. There were a lot of A, B, C, D and Z Lister…

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October 2nd 8:10am

SMH: Showing Off Cake

Kim Kardashian was recently outside of the Letterman Show and decided to sign some autographs of her Playboy. She loves the camera, doesn’t she? Pop the top for more shots and see the P.S. starting to make Kim look like her moms around the mouth

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October 2nd 8:02am

The New Watch that Cost $285K is Being Design by Nubeo and _______________

This watch is straight official but who in their right mind would buy it for $285,000 and let alone endorse it??? Flid the Lid to Find Out

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October 2nd 8:00am

New TI Jawn “Hell of A Life”

Well, this must be an old track, because there is no way Tip can possibly be singing the tune “Hell of A Life” where he is located right now…SMH Pop the top for a listen to the track

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October 2nd 7:50am

Marques Houston Is Still Making Music??

Yeah, ole boy is still doing the darn thing. This is Marques Houston’s new jawn, ummm, “Case of You?” Who is Checking For Marques in the 09? SMH

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October 2nd 7:40am

Blind Leading the Blind… Tameka Foster Mentors Young Girls with a Bootleg Foundation

Tameka has a camp for girls that will take place for a week in December.  Apparently, she has used Twitter to voice the need for donations and such. Check the flip side for more.

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October 2nd 7:30am

Real Love…

The Obamas are in Denmark pushing for the Olympic bid for Chicago, along with other well noted people. The hosting site for the Olympics 2016 will be announced today. We just love these two and are glad that young black people have someone to look up to other than Bey Bey Beyonce and Jay-Z. Another…

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October 2nd 7:20am

Gut Full Of Human: Swirled Expectancy

This person and his wife are expecting their second child. Here is the hint; this D-Lister has been interviewing stars since you were a kid staying up too late. Pop the top to find out who

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October 1st 12:00pm

Rihanna Rocks Grey Ant Window Unisex Glasses at Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna is seen here in the Grey Ant Window glasses while out in Paris Fashion Week. Anyway, we thought the kicker was her glasses till we noticed the dress and saw the pictures we have below… Pop it and peep the see through

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October 1st 12:00pm

Isn’t He Married???: Sanaa Lathan is Letting a Married White Man Chop Her Down???

Remember when we told you that Sanaa Lathan was moving in with Steve Rifkind? Well, it turns out Rifkind is a notorious swirler, maybe married, and has a family with seeds and all at home. Pop the top to peep his family and read a brief bio on Steve Rifkind

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October 1st 11:40am

50 Cent Calls Kanye West’s Latest Project “The Gay Tour”

Bugsy went on the Angie Martinez Show and talked about how Yeezy will give the gays a reason to come out to the Lady GaGa tour that he’s on. Flip the hood to listen

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October 1st 11:20am

Chris Rock Gives Oprah the Feel Test… She’s Just as Bad as Tyra

Chris Rock and Solange stopped by the Oprah Show to talk about “Good Hair” and the negative effects that weaves and relaxers have had on black women. Flip the hood to peep the show. Chris Rock’s one liner about the scalps of women who wear weaves being the equivalent of beat up highways, is pure…

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October 1st 11:00am

Tyra Banks Showcases 9 Year Old Little Diva Davanna On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13

Little Diva Davanna was on the Tyra Banks Show and was told some very exciting news. Diva is a young starlet who has been showcasing her black beauty around the country for some time now. Pop the top and watch the little doll get the news broken to her about ANTM by Tyra herself

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October 1st 10:40am

Katt Williams’ Side Piece Has a Few Words for Bossip!!!”

This past weekend, we introduced you to Katt Williams’ side piece, Lena Smith. We have to say, we stand corrected about her tattoo. It says “KATT PACK” BUT… Then we got wind of this other tattoo that’s under the Hood. Please… Tell Us Why Katt’s FACE is on Your BACK??? Pimpin’ Since Been Pimpin’

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October 1st 10:10am

Where’s Baby Weezy???

Lauren London was spotted at the House of Blues with LaLa and more recently at the Khloe and Lamar wedding as a bridesmaid.  She’s been spotted out and about but has yet to be seen on the scene with her and Weezy’s new addition… Whats the hold up??? Check the flipside for more photos of…

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