January 24th 8:38am

In White Folks News: Chelsea Handler Spotted “Bunned Up” And It’s Not With 50 Cent…

Chelsea Handler sure does get around: While comedienne Chelsea Handler was expected to be at the side of rumored beau 50 Cent this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival

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January 24th 8:37am

Carlina White’s kidnapper, Ann “I Take Babies” Pettway, Turns Herself In To Authorities

After a week or so of running Ann Pettway couldn’t take the pressure anymore and turned her punk-a** in to the FBI.

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January 24th 8:21am

Kim Kardashian Says She Wants Her Son To Look Just Like Kris Humphries

SMH at this chick: Kim Kardashian has only just confirmed she is dating NBA star Kris Humphries, but she’s already thinking about babies.

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January 24th 7:51am

SUPERBOWL BOUND! The Green Bay Packers VS The Pittsburgh Steelers

After all the dust settled, all the sh*t-talk ceased, and all the fans stopped screaming, only 2 remain.

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January 24th 7:01am

SMH: Woman Gets 10 Years For Chopping Down Her Daughter’s Schoolmates

SMH at this 40-yr-old woman screwing her daughter’s lil 14 and 15-yr-old friends: A southwest suburban mother of three and longtime secretary for the village of Chicago Ridge has been sentenced to 10 years in prison

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January 24th 6:54am

Kerry Washington Is Stunning

Here is Kerry Washington on the cover of Capital File magazine looking lovely as ever.

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January 24th 6:39am

Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips

Here is the multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer Shaffer Smith, aka Ne-Yo performing in Indonesia.

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January 24th 6:29am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Shady Philly Abortion Doctor “Forced” Women To Terminate Pregnancies With Abuse And Drugs

More crazy details on the Philadelphia abortion doctor charged with murder: A woman treated in a ‘House of Horrors’ abortion clinic said she decided to keep the baby at the last minute – but medics hit her and continued with the termination.

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January 23rd 8:53pm

What’s Wrong With Bruh’s Weave?

That weave got him looking like the Cowardly Lion from Wizard Of Oz! His boy was at the club that night too and is pictured below… just chillin.

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January 23rd 6:20pm

Our New Favorite Non-Couple Help Ray-J Celebrate

Looks like Brandy and Terrence J are doing their best not to look too boo’d up in public.

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