June 17th 2:04pm

Drake’s “Girlfriend” Maliah Michel Talks: Meeting His Mom, Dancing For Dollars And Her Dark Past

With Drake’s album in stores this week, rumored girlfriend Maliah Michel took the opportunity to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. Pop the hood for details from the exotic dancer about how she met the Canadian rapper and how life led her to a career on the pole

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June 17th 12:50pm

This Little Brazilian Baby Can Samba Somethin’ Tough…

This little Brazilian cutie is a dancing machine! We thought the 7-year-old Samba Queen was incredible but this kid totally outshines her. Dressed only in his diaper, he’s got some serious samba moves that are a must see! Click Here To Watch Him Get It In!!!

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June 17th 12:40pm

Amber Rose Brings Her Bald Bisexual Beast Steez To Support The NOH8 Campaign

Amber Rose, on her mannequin steez, put her bald head and love for women on display for the NOH8 campaign. Since Proposition 8 passed and amended California’s State Constitution to ban same-sex marriages… everyday citizens, celebrities and politicians have been coming together to support the silent protest. Pop the Top for a Peek at the…

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June 17th 12:09pm

Man Arrested For Throwing Boy Into Dryer, Forcing Him To Eat Cat Feces

This is disgusting… A West Virginia man was taken into police custody after authorities say he abused his girlfriend’s son extensively, duct taping him and throwing him in to a clothes dryer before later forcing him to eat a cat feces sandwich. Continue

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June 17th 11:19am

Certified Links

Gary Coleman To Have No Funeral (GO) ‘Oil’ Covered Protestor Infiltrates BP Hearing (GO) Cameron Diaz’s Botox Face Press Tour of the Day (GO) Opinion: Glenn Beck’s Re-Write Of The Black Experience (GO) Police Release New Details In Kidnapping Of Actor Jeremy London (GO) Getting the Word Out: Crump Law Camp Introduces Our Youth to…

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June 17th 11:17am

Oprah Is Making It Rain On Them Hoes… Laces “O” Employees With iPads And $10,000 Checks!!!

Oprah rewards herself with the best, so it’s only right that she would do the same for her staff… Right?!?! Since “O, The Oprah Magazine” is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, Oprah slid through Hearst Headquarters and passed out iPads, personalized leather iPad cases and $10,000 checks to her employees. Call it the 2010 version of…

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June 17th 11:00am

Amy Bishop, Crazy Broad Who Shot Her Brother With A 12-Gauge Shotgun Indicted For First-Degree Murder

Remember Amy Bishop, the ‘fiercely intelligent’ but bat-sh*t crazy a$s neuroscientist who not only murdered her brother, but also went on a killing spree at her place of employment at the University of Alabama??? She’s been indicted for murder:

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June 17th 10:59am

Tionna Smalls Coupled Up On Vacation With Her Lover-Boo

Tionna Smalls from “What Chilli Wants” was photographed on vacation with her man. Have another peek when you…

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June 17th 10:38am

Jay-Z Shuts Down The Release Of His Autobiography… What Is Illuminati Hov Trying To Hide?

Jay-Z’s autobiography has been finished for four years now, but the rapper recently revealed he will not be releasing the book because it’s just too personal. Does it sound like he’s worried folks may be smart enough to read between the lines??? Pop the hood for details

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June 17th 10:07am

*Bossip Exclusive* Bow Wow Ain’t Gay??:Edited Freestyle With Bow Weezy Saying “You Know I’m Gay!” Is A Fake!!

Someone has hacked into your boy Bow Wow’s email account a found a hidden freestyle with him saying he is gay in it. We don’t know if this is evidence he is gay, but the punchline speaks multitudes. Click Here To Hear Bow Wow Rap He Is Gay

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June 17th 10:03am

Cameron Diaz Tells Playboy: “I’m Always Traveling For C**k.”

Cameron Diaz was interviewed for Playboy, and the actress dished on her sex game:

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June 17th 9:43am

Shyne’s New Jawn “Roller Song”… EPIC FAIL??!?

Shyne was locked up for umpteen years and now he’s trying to pick up where he left off. The beat on Shyne’s new jawn “Roller Song” sounds familiar but his voice sounds RACHET!!! Where’s that rock-a-by-baby-kool-mo-dee get-you-out-your-panties-smooth-criminal voice??? Take a Listen:

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June 17th 9:30am

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? The Fellas Weigh In!

Good day Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” The question of the day is: do nice guys finish last? Last week, we asked the ladies their opinion and for today, the fellas weighed in. As cliche as the term may sound, it’s often rang true to many men who are or have been…

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June 17th 9:23am

Eve Hits Hollyweird Lookin’ All Sheer And Shiny

Eve was spotted arriving at Trousdale Lounge in West Hollyweird rockin’ this interesting combination of sheer shirt and shiny leathery leggings. Pop the hood for more shots but don’t forget to tell us Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

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June 17th 9:09am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lady Shoots Up Her Ex-Girlfriend’s Crib, Kills 2

Wow, this is quite the story: Police arrested a Long Island corrections officer Wednesday after a shooting spree that left her ex-girlfriend and uncle dead

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