November 17th 12:53pm

Bossip Cameras Catch Married NBA Player Larry Hughes With Mistress And “Outside Kid”

Here’s another one for our Dirty Dog Diaries! Charlotte Bobcats player Larry Hughes flew to Los Angeles yesterday for Nelly’s album release party — or at least that’s what his wife thinks!!! It turns out Larry has something else to take care of while he’s in L.A.

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November 17th 12:46pm

Which Weaved Up, Wigged Out, Hooker Look-A-Like Owns It?

RihRih hit up ABC’s Times Square studios this morning to perform on “Good Morning America,” while Nicki Minaj visited the “Wendy Williams Show”.

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November 17th 12:44pm

Eva Longoria’s Lying Azz Drops Tony Parker And The Hyphen For Good (Update Regarding Tony’s Dirty Dog Ways Inside))

Less than 24-hours after shooting down rumors that her French baller hubby was dumping her, Eva Longoria’s lying azz headed straight to court in L.A. to file for divorce herself.

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November 17th 12:43pm

Caught Creepin': 10 Alleged Celebrity Cheaters

While celebrities can put on a fake facade that everything is just peachy at home, several of them have been caught red-handed stepping out on their loved ones. Although some outright confess to their cheating ways, other have been tight lipped on their creeping and continue to live in denial.

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November 17th 12:31pm

Certified Links

Toni Braxton Reveals Battle With Lupus (GO) Lakers Star Guns Ferrari to 110 MPH — Cops Swoop In (GO) Britney Spears Nasty Panty Flash (GO) Nebraska State Senator Sues God??? (GO) Is Rush Limbaugh Right? Will Clyburn Be Driving Mrs. Nancy? (GO) Lindsay Lohan’s Treatment Team Wants Her Parents In Therapy (GO) Daily SMH: Rapper…

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November 17th 11:57am

Inside The Business Life of a DJ

The deejay can make or break an event. The right music sets the tone, creates a mood, emits emotion and has the power to leave an indelible mark on the memory. Deejaying is not just about spinning records. It’s an art form, a passion and a business that can also be quite profitable.

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November 17th 11:39am

Which Reality Show Winner Is Getting Smashed By This Fine Man Banger Specimen?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet J Long. He’s an up and coming artist out of Texas who has already experienced some success, on the Billboard charts with his song “Personal Freak”…

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November 17th 11:26am

SMH: Pretty Boy Floyd’s Still Out In Vegas Fawking Up

Now that the drama surrounding his domestic violence case has died down some, it seems Floyd Mayweather‘s decided to start some new sh*t.

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November 17th 10:55am

10 Things That Men Check Out About Women

Men are smitten by different things: some are booty-ologists, some men are taken by long hair or a nice smile.

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November 17th 10:40am

Some Morning Nakedness: Vanessa Williams Wearing “Just A Coat” On Ebony Magazine Cover

Here is Vanessa Williams on the cover of December 2010/January 2011 issue of Ebony Magazine.

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November 17th 10:08am

Terrell Owens Stay Talking Sh*t

Terrell Owens had some interesting things to say about his former coach and teammate: Terrell Owens went on his national TV show and lobbed insults at former Philadelphia Eagles teammates Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid on Tuesday night.

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November 17th 9:48am

Hollyweird Mysteries: Famed Publicist Ronni Chasen Shot To Death In Her Black Benz On Sunset Blvd.

Something is fishy about this story: A late-night shooting that left a prominent Beverly Hills publicist dead in her Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard has become a mystery straight out of one of the movies she promoted.

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November 17th 9:34am

From Wheelchair Jimmy to Man Of The Year, Drizzy’s Really Come Up!

See rappers: it DOES pay off to be a clean cut boy with no arrest record.

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November 17th 9:32am

Quote Of The Day: Rihanna Goes In On Hatin’ A$s Blogs And The Losers Who Read Them

Rihanna had an epiphany, and just now figured out that everyone who writes on and/or reads blogs hate EVERYTHING about themselves: I read the blogs sometimes, it depends on what it is I am trying to find out. I’m a lot more numb to it now only because I understand what it is.

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November 17th 9:00am

Poor Thang! Brandy Breaks Down Crying After Bristol Palin Sends Her Packing On Dancing With The Stars!

Perfect tango or not, Dancing With The Stars fans were not about to give Brandy and her wig front swag anymore shine.

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