January 26th 11:18am

Jennifer Hudson: “I’m Not A Part Of That Devil-Worshiping Illuminati Crew…It Could Not Be More Untrue”

Hmmmmm…. Everyone from Jay-Z to Lady Gaga has been accused of being a member of the Illuminati secret society, thought to be some mysterious group of power players who pull strings to help launch careers.

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January 26th 10:46am

WTH: Where Is PETA?! Woman Burns ‘Devil Dog’ For Chewing On Bible!

Jesus take the wheel, Diamond the ‘Devil Dog’ is lynched and burned at the stake!

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January 26th 10:44am

Young Black USA Soccer Players “Agudelo & Bunbury” Save The Day… Then Bust Out The Dougie! [Video]

This kid Bunbury is no-joke and the new breed of soccer player in the U.S.A. Bunbury (20) and his boy Agudelo (18) saved the day for the U.S. Saturday:

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January 26th 10:02am

Award Tour: If The Oscars Honored Only Black Flicks…

Black actors may have been snubbed at the Oscars but they won’t be here.

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January 26th 9:41am

Guess Who Finally Got Their “Lady Bic” On And Shaved Those Fugged Out Furry Stems…

This person is known for having some of the hairiest legs in the game.

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January 26th 9:32am

Michael Vick Gets Back To Making It Rain On Them Hoes, Scores First Endorsement Deal Since Prison!!

“…If ni**as hate, then let ‘em hate, and watch the money pile up”-50 Cent

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January 26th 9:09am

Chad Is A D**khead But He Would Rather Be A ‘Johnson’

Ok, ok, ok, enough already. Choose a name and rock with it, please and thank you.

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January 26th 9:03am

Poor Thang: Khloe Kardashian Is Not Confident With Her Weight

Awwww, Khloe…you need to get yourself on that Jennifer Hudson plan:

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January 26th 9:03am

Blind Item: Which Video Vixen’s Baller Boo Doesn’t Know He’s About To Be A Dad

A popular video and cakes model is keeping a pretty big secret from her NBA rookie boo, Bossip has learned.

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January 26th 8:10am

President Obama Puts It DOWN In His State Of The Union Address!

President Barack Obama came ready for action in last nights State of The Union Address, where he spoke passionately about the nations economy, education, and future endeavors.

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January 26th 8:04am

Alicia Keys Might Have The Best Stans Ever

Egypt’s mommy found out just how devoted her stans are, after they went all out in honor of her 30th birthday yesterday.

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January 26th 7:16am

Another Day, Another Celeb With Tax Problems: Nas Owes Uncle Sam Over $6 Mil

Clearly Nas’s accountants are about as bad as the divorce attorney who worked out his settlement with greedy a** Kelis.

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