March 6th 11:59am

Which One Would You Hit??? Bugsy Vs. Mario Van Peebles

50 Cent and Mario van Peebles were both in attendance at the 2011 Miami International Film Festival for Things Fall Apart.

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March 6th 11:22am

Tracey Edmonds Is Still A Banger

Here is Tracey Edmonds spotted in Beverly Hills walking around and setting her nails did.

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March 6th 11:19am

LaLa And Melo Aren’t Feeling Manhattan Living

Carmelo may have just blown life back into the New York Knicks, but he and wifey have not intentions on paying property taxes to the City of New York

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March 6th 11:10am

Elsewhere In The World: People In China Love KFC

It’s lunchtime in Shanghai, and for many, it’s time to visit the Colonel … Colonel Sanders, that is.

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March 6th 11:02am

Hate It Or Love It: Chris Brown Drops Another Rap Track With Wiz Khalifa

Chris Brown is back to trying his hand at rapping, this time on his new single “Bomb.”

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March 6th 10:56am

When “Not Snitchin” Goes Wrong: 17-Year-Old Denied Bail Due To Loyalty To 137th St. Crew In New York

Wow: Afrika Owes was sobbing but she was still not snitching. Had the 17-year-old been snitching,

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March 6th 10:51am

Looking for Your Own Barack? Be Michelle Not Sheneneh!

There’s a lot of good men in the world, a lot of good black men might I add, but I fear some black women are chasing the good black men away.

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March 6th 10:42am

The Side-Eye: Usher Is Giving His Ghadafi Money To… Somebody

Usher buckled to the pressure and issued an extremely suspect statement about that New Year’s Eve 2009 performance for Ghadafi’s peoples.

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March 6th 10:26am

What The fawk Is Kanye West Wearing???

Here is Kanye West at the Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion week rocking a lil animal print jacket.

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March 6th 10:21am

Name Those Pasty Man Cakes

The Celebrity Apprentice Cast Party in Vegas last night made for more than a few awkward moments. Including this one by someone who isn’t unfamiliar with reality TV or making an a** of himself in public. Can you guess which cast member this is?

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March 6th 9:44am

Serial Rapist Caught By One-Time Thanks To A Cigarette Butt Attempts To Hang Himself In Jail

Apparently, this guy was fully aware that he done slid down a razor blade and landed in an alcohol river:

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March 6th 9:32am

SMH: Kim Kardashian Says Her Boyfriend Kris “Loves Her New Song” And Sings It To Her Over Phone

That Kris’ Humphries character doesn’t look like he has enough balls to tell Kimmy cakes that her song is straight bullsh*t:

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