July 21st 9:27pm

Trina Snuzzles Up With Ricky Rozay At Album Release Party In Miami After His Helicopter Entrance

Rick Ross kicked off his second album release party in Miami at King of Diamonds Strip Club. Gucci Mane and DJ Khaled fell through but no one got as comfy and cozy as Trina… Rubbing up against Ricky Rozay’s belly!!! Ewwwwwww Gross… Pop It for a Sweaty Peek

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July 21st 8:22pm

Ho Sit Down: Tom Vilsack Offers “Personal And Profound” Apology To Shirley Sherrod, Messy Jesse And Permed Up Al Weigh In

“Too late” for this BS now, Tom: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters this afternoon that he has offered a “personal and profound” apology to Shirley Sherrod for forcing her to resign as a result of an out-of-context video posted to a conservative website.

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July 21st 6:25pm

Who Is My Rapper Dad?

This should be one of the easiest “Who Are My Parents?” yet… This young man is the son of one of the most famous “family man” rappers. The answer is on the flipside along with more pictures

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July 21st 6:11pm

Keri Hilson Is Sitting Pretty For Avon, Says She Isn’t Worried About The Sophomore Jinx

Keri Hilson hit up the “Today Show” to chat with Kathie Lee Griffin And Hoda about her Avon endorsement and the so-called sophomore jinx. Pop the hood to watch

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July 21st 6:00pm

Evander Holyfield’s Son Arrested For Drug Possession

Evander’s Holyfield’s 20-year-old son Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield, was arrested Saturday by Peachtree City police after “marijuana was located in several areas throughout the vehicle,” according to a police report. Details when you Continue

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July 21st 5:07pm

Tristan Wilds Celebrates His 21st Birthday With The Crew From “The Wire”

Tristan Wilds started off at the age of 17 on HBO’s Original Series “The Wire” and just this past weekend he turned 21. One of his close friends, Miss Diddy, helped put on a birthday party for him at Lucky Strike in L.A. A couple of familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while…

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July 21st 4:53pm

Eminem And Rihanna On The Set Of “Love The Way You Lie”…

Eminem and Rihanna are in L.A. shooting the video for their new jawn “Love the Way You Lie”. Rihanna and her kool-aid red hair and Eminem with all his tattoo art work took a minute from working to pose for the camera.

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July 21st 4:20pm

Drake Gets SO Disrespectful Onstage Says “I Will Put It On Your Girl… I Don’t Give A Fu*k About Your Man”

For a guy who should be getting pu**y left and right from available girls — Drake always seems to stay focused on women who are with other guys. At his recent performance in Ottawa Drizzy went a little too far when singling out “Fancy” girls in the audience. Check the flippy to watch him get…

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July 21st 4:00pm

Guess This Dreaded Fella…

Check out the locks on this guy! Shouldn’t be too hard to tell who this popular artist is — even from the back. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B. Pop the hood to see

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July 21st 3:59pm

Twitter Files: Katt Williams Tweets About His Friends

Katt Williams takes to Twitter to participate in today’s number one trending topic by letting us know what kinda friends he has. Check and see if any of your friends fit the bill: Continue..

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July 21st 2:51pm

Are You Feelin’ Mya’s Blondie Steez?

Mya “Thick Thighs” Harrison has lightened her hair to a nearly bleached blonde color. We’re not sure if we’re completely feelin’ this look on Mya, but it’s cool to see her ‘step out’ of her box for a change. Pop it for another view..

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July 21st 12:58pm

Tranny Widow Fighting Dead Firefighter Husband’s Family For Death Benefits, Compares Herself To Someone With Six Toes

Meet Nikki Araguz. Nikki, born Justin Graham Purdue, is being sued by her late husband’s family over death benefits. They feel her marriage with former firefighter Thomas Araguz was ‘null and void’ due to the fact that she was born a man and in the state of Texas, it is unlawful for two men to…

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July 21st 12:53pm

Kanye Taps Into His Dark Side With Morbid Art And Music

If you haven’t seen Kanye West lately, it’s probably because he’s in a dark place. The ever-embattled artist has posted some eerie artwork and video for his fans. Pop it to see his ode to the dark side.

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July 21st 12:49pm

Flight Attendants Rob Passengers While They Sleep

Don’t sleep on flight attendants, they might rob yo a**. An Air France stewardess confessed to jacking first class passengers while they were sleeping. Pop it to see how the mile high bandit got paid.

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July 21st 12:30pm

Master P Says Shyne Should Stop Rapping And Look Into Acting

Percy Miller, the man formerly known as Master P, is voicing his opinion on Shyne who’s garnered criticism for his recent onslaught of new music. Pop it for his comments Continue

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