September 12th 8:59am

Baby Mama Drama: Kandi Burrus and Her Man Are Already Done…But She Is Stuck With His Kids??

Are AJ and Kandi Burrus done? Peep what she said in an interview with Essence: Essence: Hold up. Did you just say you and AJ are no longer together?

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September 12th 8:58am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Too High to Drive Puts 6-Year-Old Behind the Wheel

The mother of a 6-year-old got too high to drive after she smoked “that stinky stuff” and asked her daughter to take the wheel. The 30-year-old mother was arrested on Sunday after police Continue…

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September 12th 8:37am

Kimmy Kakes is Slanging “Quick Trim”–Look at the Results

Kim Kardashian has some checks coming in from GNC. She’s slanging a product called “Quick Trim”…apparently these are the results and not plastic surgery. Pop the hatch for one more…

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September 12th 8:34am

Name That Cake…

As this cake struts down the street it appears to be a bit wide and saggy. We don’t remember her body looking like this before. Pop the hatch to see who it is…

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September 12th 8:24am

Which One Would You Hit: Actor vs. Baller

Idris Elba and Baltimore Raven Terrell Suggs kicked it at “The Bond Bash” in B-more last night. We know you ladies think Idris is fine, but we also know some of you ‘prefer the athletes’ so….Out of these two gentlemen, which one would you let bump n’ grind all over them cakes??? LeToya Luckett, Chilli,…

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September 12th 8:00am

How Are YOU Decked Out In Pure White??

Lisa Raye was seen in Beverly Hills at a salon. Even though “white” is her “signature color” she is still one of those people who do not fit the bill for wearing white. Pop the top and peep some more

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September 12th 7:35am

Who Looked More Bangin…Amber or Amerie?

Amerie and Amber Rose were both spotted at the Nicole Miller fashion show in New York. We will keep this short and sweet… Who Looked More Bangin? Pop for a picture of Dame Dash and some more of the two bangers

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September 11th 1:23pm

Confirmed: C Milli is Indeed Pregnant!

Last week we reported that Christina Milian and “The Dream” were rushing to get married because she was knocked up. Well, it’s confirmed…

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September 11th 12:50pm

Chick With a D*ck Part 2: The Caster Semenya Edition

After conducting tests on South African sprinter Caster Semenya, they found out that she really is… A Chick with a D*ck inside?!? …

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September 11th 12:33pm

What a Knocked Up 40-Something-Year-Old Banger Looks Like

Here is Halle Berry in Santa Monica running errands and looking beautifully knocked up. Damn, we remember what those boobies looked like when she was pregnant with Nahla, hopefully they will look as phenomenal in this pregnancy as well… Flip it for more pics..

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September 11th 12:30pm

Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Only Diddy would come out looking like he just left Gay Pride Weekend in Atlanta. Even though he retired the name “PUFFY”… that’s exactly what he looks like his name should be in this outfit. . How do ya’ll feel about it… Are You Feeling This Get Up??? … SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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September 11th 12:25pm

Lil’ Wayne Speaks About Being Geeked Up on Rocks in his VH-1 Special

Little Wayne was featured on VH1′s “Behind the Music” last night, and he talked about losing his virginity, the accidental shooting, doing dope, and more… all before his teenage years. SMH Pop it and see this dude’s torn up childhood

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September 11th 12:20pm

Ladies Love Cool James and His Bubble Head on Set

LL is still going hard at with his acting gig on NCIS, and here he is on set with his big dome steez on front street. What do y’all think ladies, does LL still have it??? Pop it for more…

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September 11th 12:15pm

*Exclusive* CoCo Talks About Amazing Amie and Her “New Project”

Bossip recently got up with CoCo in NYC and asked her about her new cake competition Amazing Amie and her reply was priceless.

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