October 18th 10:16am

Yeezy’s Freakazoid Sexfest Cover Gets Nixed

Kanye‘s making white people uncomfortable again. We get the impression that he doesn’t really care.

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October 18th 9:12am

What The Hell??? Off Duty Police Officer Killed Over A Parking Spot

SMH. Detective Brian Stevenson survived 18 years on the Baltimore Police force, investigating shootings, assaults and robberies to die over a parking spot two days before his birthday.

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October 18th 8:50am

Terrell Owens Is Paying Big Bucks For Someone To Find Him A Girlfriend… With Cakes Like A Kardashian?

After two seasons of watching Terrell Owens reveal his doggish ways on television, we hear the #2 biggest attention whore in the NFL (yes OchoCinco is #1) has resorted to paying a price for pu$$y.

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October 18th 8:46am

Big Ben Makes A Comeback Worthy Of Forgetting He’s A Booty Bully

McRapey went back to work for the first time yesterday and did the thing he does second best.

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October 17th 9:54pm

Who Looked More Bangin? Black Girls Rock! Edition

Former tween queens Raven-Symone and Keke Palmer made an appearance at last night’s taping of the 5th annual Black Girls Rock! Awards in the Bronx. And while Keke’s jailbait status keeps us from going all out, we had to ask…

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October 17th 5:47pm

Sade Rejects Offers From Jay-Z & Other Rappers For Collaborations

Jay-Z may be one of the most successful rappers of all time, but one project he will never accomplish, is working with singer Sade.

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October 17th 5:20pm

Twitter Files EXCLUSIVE: Monica’s Baller Boy Toy Shannon Brown Popped The Question And Put A Helluva Ring On It!!!

This is what it looks like when you “have love all over” you… the 10-karat bauble probably doesn’t hurt either.

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October 17th 1:54pm

And The Nominees For Best Movie Couple Are…

Sure, celebrities have their own spouses at home, but there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that actors and actresses render to the big screen, when they’re coupled together.

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October 17th 1:01pm

Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants (McDonald’s Made The List?)

In a society that is always on the move, we have all fallen victim to unhealthy eating habits because we simply don’t have time to make a nutritious meal.

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October 17th 12:57pm

Assault Investigations? Bieber Really Is Trying To Be A Rapper!

His Rap debut isn’t even a week old yet, but Justin Bieber might already be working on his rap sheet.

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October 17th 12:00pm

SMH: Steve McNair’s Widow Has To Beg The State Of Tennessee For Money

When Steve McNair‘s psycho mistress ended his life last summer, the former Tennessee Titan and Baltimoe Raven’s estate was valued at $19.6 million. So why is his widow struggling to raise their two sons?

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October 17th 11:47am

Julez Santana And Video Vixen Girlfriend Celebrate Birthday With Lil Kim, Lloyd Banks

The video vixen mother of Julez Santana’s baby boy recently celebrated a birthday in NYC.

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October 17th 11:29am

Get This: NY Woman Who Saved Her Dead Husband’s Sperm Wants His Mistress To Be Her Baby’s Mama

Remember the woman who fought to rescue her husband’s sperm after his suicide, even though she can’t carry his baby herself? Her story just took an even weirder turn.

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October 17th 10:08am

Guess What T.I. Did After His Sad Sad Moment In Time Friday

Faced with 11 months in jail – including Christmas without the Cottle-Harris brood – and, we’re sure, subconscious thoughts about time that his gangsta b*tch boo might have some time away from the kids too, T.I. had a moment of super normalcy on Friday night. Can you guess what he did?

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