May 28th 10:13am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Never mind the swirl aspect… does the person to the right look like a long haired rocker boy? Brian Gibbs was spotted with something on his back at the Break N’ Through Concert Series. The Dream was there getting REAL cozy with some scraggly looking white chicks too Christina, you better pop the hood girl:

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May 28th 9:56am

Banger: Kanye West Newest Song “Power” Is Fire

Kanye West newest song from his album Good A*s Job … “Power” is FIRE. Yeezy explains his hiatus in this jawn. Pop the top for a listen to his latest

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May 28th 9:35am

Would You Pay For This? Broken Down Hoes Caught Up In Sweep

Some really fugly ladies in Gastonia, NC, were busted in a police raid and charged with prostitution. Hard to believe anybody shells out cash for this. Pop the hood.

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May 28th 9:29am

Brooklyn Stand Up! CNN Weekend Anchor Wins Recognition From His Alma Mater

Congratulations to CNN’s weekend anchor Don Lemon, who returned to his alma mater Brooklyn College (where he earned his broadcast journalism degree) to accept their distinguished alumni award. Pop the hood for another shot

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May 28th 9:04am

Guess Who Was Pink Hoodie’d Up And Louis Luggage’d Out At LAX?

Guess which celeb was spotted at LAX playing peekaboo with the paparazzi with the help of her pink hooded jacket? This one should be a cinch. Pop the hood to find out for sure

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May 28th 8:36am

SMH: The Real Life Klumps Weigh 1400lbs As A Whole!!!

The Coles family is real life version of the Klumps. We told you about their reality show “One Big Happy Family” on TLC a couple of months ago. Now that the show has come and gone, they have lost a total of 300lbs all together and are ready to talk about how they got so…

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May 28th 8:00am

GTFOH: Mom Convicted For Hacking Into Her Son’s Facebook Page And Is Ordered To Pay Him $400 For Damages!!!

This entire situation falls under Random Ridiculousness. Lane New, 17, sued his mom, Denise New, back in April for hacking into his Facebook account and posting an embarassing message. Denise claims she was trying to save her son until the judge read this message she posted on her own Facebook page: ‘the biggest mistake I…

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May 28th 1:25am

Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Are Engaged PLUS Alicia Is Pregnant! (Bossip Exclusively Broke The News The HomeWrecker was Pregnant In April!)

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys confirmed today that she is pregnant with his baby. BOSSIP.COM exclusively told you she was preggers on April 30th…

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May 28th 1:01am

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Frankie Goes To Rehab… Reality Show Style

We’re not sure if this is to get back in Keyshia’s good graces or if its just for a few more minutes of fame, but Bossip has exclusively learned that Frankie is headed to rehab… and you will be able to see every minute of it. Pop the hood for the exclusive details.

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May 27th 11:40pm

Gary Coleman is in Critical Condition! Suffers Head Injury After Fall

Gary Coleman is in critical condition at a Utah hospital right now:

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May 27th 11:20pm

Cedric The Entertainer Talks Michael Jackson’s Doctor Death, Chris Brown, And Kanye Speaking Out!

Ced is already a fool, but when he goes in on the Michael Jackson’s death, Jermaine Jackson’s crop, and Kanye West speaking publicly at a recent concert… we judged it as a successful show. Click Here To Watch The Atlanta Concert On

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May 27th 6:03pm

Another Day, Another Reality Show: Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe, Soullow And Their Basketball Team Are Up Next

First it was Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, then there was “Frankie & Neffe“, now we have to sit through an entire season of “The Neffe & Soullow Family Tree”… This is some GRADE A BULLSH*ZZZ!!! Flip the Lid for Details

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May 27th 5:24pm

Fail And Fail Again… Lil Mama Can’t Beg, Borrow Or STEAL Her Way To Success

Bigger stars have committed worse crimes and gotten away with them, but Lil Mama has already been on the fail train for a minute and this is looking like the last stop. Pop the hood to find out what she ‘done did’ now!

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May 27th 5:00pm

Wyclef Wants Brangelina To Add A Little Haitian Orphan To Their Brood

Wyclef has been doing a great job of helping kids in Haiti who survived January’s devastating earthquake, but now he’s looking to his famous friends to help even more by adopting –recently making a public appeal to Brangelina to add another tot to their tribe. Pop the hood for details

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May 27th 4:01pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Twin Teens Make Headlines for Being the Top Of Their Graduating Class…Together

Two teens in Texas have beat the odds in more ways than one. Twin teens LaTonya and LaToya Harris are not only identical twins, but they also have identical grades, making them both the valedictorians of their graduating class. Continue…

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