August 18th 9:48am

Her Royal Queendom, Mz. Erykah Badu Gets Fined $500 And 6 Months Probation For Being Buck A$s Naked

We bet she won’t do any more crazy sh*t like this again: Erykah Badu has paid a $500 fine and will serve six months probation for stripping during a music video shoot at Dealey Plaza in Dallas

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August 18th 9:17am

Who Is My Daughter???

This handsome fella is the father of an extremely well known model who has a reputation for “getting around.” In case you’re curious as to who his seed is, have a little peek:

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August 18th 8:09am

Google CEO: People Will Have To Change Their Name To Escape ‘Cyber Past’

We told y’all! All that smutbaggery and tomfoolery being posted on social networks will catch up to you in the long run. The CEO of Google says young people on the internet don’t understand the consequences of their cyber actions. According to him people will need to change their names just to escape the past…

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August 18th 6:51am

Method Man Plans To Sue The ‘Muthaf*ckas’ From The Juggalos Concert

Method Man is not playing games with the concert organizers for The Gathering Of The Juggalos. Last week Meth was hit in the face with a full can of beer leaving him bloody during his performance and Tila Tequila was viciously attacked during a stage appearance.

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August 18th 6:32am

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quits Radio Show To Get Back Her Right To Say Ni**er

Laura Schlessinger has decided to quit her radio show after being criticized for dropping the N-bomb 11 times during a call with one of her black listeners. The controversial host told Larry King she’s leaving because she wants to be able to say what’s on her mind and in her heart, without “special interest” groups…

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August 17th 6:03pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: South Carolina Woman Smothers Sons, Stages Car Crash Into River

This is so sad. A mother of three has confessed to smothering her two toddler boys before putting them into her car and rolling it into the river.

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August 17th 5:45pm

The Top 20 Earners In Hip-Hop

Forbes Magazine has just released their list of Hip-Hop’s top 20 earners.

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August 17th 4:50pm

Madame Noire Reponds To Matrimony-dom Study By Sparking The “Move On” Movement

We recently posted a story about a recent study that discovered that one in five people in relationships are in love with someone else.

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August 17th 4:08pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Erykah Badu Pays $500 Fine, To Serve 6 Months Probation For “Window Seat” (GO) Curren$y – Twistin’ Stank (Official Video) (GO) Teen Sets Infant On Fire With Nail Polish Remover (GO) Jessica Simpson Says She Has A “White Girl Booty” (GO) Mos Def Returns To His Acting Roots With New Play ‘A Free Man Of…

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August 17th 3:54pm

Khloe Is A Jealous Beyotch! Leaves Lamar’s Post-Game Celebration In A Tizzy

Khloe Kardashian-Odom is a stage 5 clinger KLING-ON!!! Poor Lamar…

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August 17th 2:46pm

T.I. Talks To BOSSIP About His Growth As A Rapper “If It’s Not Around Me I Can’t Speak On It”

Bossip caught up with T.I. at the soundcheck for last night’s AXE Music One Night Only Show at NYC nightspot Capitale.

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August 17th 12:39pm

Certified Links

Remy Ma Preps New Mixtape With Husband Papoose From Prison - (GO) Mel Gibson Crashes Maserati – (GO) Mel B is a Monster Who Walks the Street of the Day – (GO) Mother Kills Her 2 Kids By Dumping Car In River (GO) Will Student Loan Debt Be The Next Bubble To Burst? (GO) Heidi…

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August 17th 12:37pm

Chicago Man Who Killed 8-Year-Old Jumping Rope: “We Didn’t Care. We Let The Whole .40 Clip Go”

The shooter responsible for the death of a young Chicago girl showed little remorse when confessing his crime to police

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