October 6th 9:30am

Some Morning Nakedness: Amar’e Stoudemire In His Birthday Suit For ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue

Here’s what you all have been waiting for… Amar’e Stoudemire and his naked self in ESPN the magazine.

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October 6th 9:20am

SMH: 81-Year-Old Man Murks/Bashes 94-Year-Old Rehab Roommate In Head With A Metal Rod For Singing In Vietnamese

Damn, William McDougall goes hard: William McDougall was recovering from hip surgery in a California rehabilitation center when he allegedly became so enraged at his 94-year-old roommate’s singing in Vietnamese that he bashed his head in with a metal rod, according to Orange County prosecutors, who have charged McDougall with murder.

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October 6th 8:58am

Poor Thangs: Study Shows Overweight Kids Can’t Even Catch A Break At Home

It’s probably safe to say that if a kid is overweight, their parents – you know, the people responsible for feeding these not-so-little people – are at least partly responsible.

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October 6th 8:54am

Young People Of America You Can’t Back Out Of Politics Yet, Your President Says So!

If you even remotely pay attention to politics, you know Democrats across the country are worried about this year’s mid-term elections. So they’ve turned to their ace, President Obama. And he’s turning to his secret weapon: America’s youth.

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October 6th 8:47am

Authorities Say Woman’s ‘Mexican Pirates’ Story Sounds Fishy

While Tiffany Hartley and her grieving-young-widow sob story make the media rounds, Mexican authorities are also talking. About the holes in Hartley’s story.

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October 6th 5:12am

WOW!!! Look Who Wants To Cover Her Crotch For Once…

Rihanna was spotted leaving London restaurant Sketch with boyfriend Matt Kemp. Looking pretty classy RihRih! In another lady-like move, Rihanna covered her bottom half with a shawl, to keep those nosy paps from scoping out her cooter bang! More pictures below:

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October 6th 12:54am

Lil Kim And Her Fresh Faced, Dewy, Youthful Look…

Lil Kim and the eight layers of makeup it takes to disguise the disfigurement plastic surgery has caused to her face were present at the Monday night opening of La Scala, along with DJ Jazzy Joyce, comedian Paul Mooney, Mims, Black Rob and La La’s ex from way back — Suga J, were also in…

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October 5th 8:19pm

Who Looked More Bangin?

Janet Jackson shared the front row with rock star Ronnie Wood and his model girlfriend Ana Araujo at Paris Fashion Week’s Yves Saint Laurent showing. Meanwhile Baldheaded Beast Amber Rose found another eccentric character to embrace at the Marithe + Francois Girbaud show, while Naomi Campbell welcomed the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Noemie Lenoir…

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October 5th 7:32pm

Which One Would You Hit: “106 & Park’s” Free, Julissa Or Rocsi?

BET is celebrating 10 Years of 106 & Park tonight by reuniting past and present hosts of the show. AJ & Free; Tigger & Julissa and Terrence & Rocsi will have their fun with one another sharing their memories of getting their jump off on stories from their experiences. We decided to get into the…

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October 5th 6:17pm

Drake Gets Baked?: Bubble Gum Rapper “Drake” Pictured Pulling On A Joint Of Reefer!

Drake was spotted at a club… gettin’ blazed: Actor-turned-rapper Drake hit the clubs after his concert last month and RadarOnline.com has obtained the exclusive photos in which an eyewitness says he was smoking marijuana. Drake and his entourage partied at Miami Beach hotspot Liv Nightclub in the Fontainebleau Hotel where a source says the rapper…

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October 5th 5:14pm

Study Shows Big-Bodied Bangers Live Long And Prosper Like A Muhfugga

We always knew cakes were healthy!!! A heavy rear can guarantee your chances of living longer, says a new study.

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October 5th 4:17pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

Nicki Minaj seems to have gotten some inspiration from Jodeci and MC Hammer for this outfit she rocked at the David Letterman. Check out the high waisted, Hammer pants and boots… Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

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