May 6th 10:26am

Weezy F. ‘Got A Lot Of Baby Mamas’ Gets Deep And Stuff About Mother’s Day

Lil Wayne is steady bloggin’ from his prison cell… The incarcerated rapper’s latest topic is one very close to his heart — mothers — something he knows plenty about since he’s bedded so many, and made a few himself! Pop the hood for a preview of Weezy’s new blog

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May 6th 10:01am

Permed Up Al Stands Up For Immigrants & Dares Arizona To Lock Him Up

Al Sharpton spent Cinco de Mayo in Arizona promising to open up a can of old-skool civil rights era protests if they go through with that Shady Immigration Bill. Pop the hood.

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May 6th 9:17am

Do Not Bring Your Limp Man Parts Around Here No More

Michelle “Poker Face” Thomas may be a guest of the state for a long time, but you can see by her sh*it-eating grin that she’s not sweating it. Pop the hood.

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May 6th 9:12am

Robin Givens To Iron Mike: “You Best Keep My Name Out Yo’ Mouth When Gossiping It Up With Those Old Broads From The View”

Iron Mike Tyson is slated to make an appearance on “The View” tomorrow, and Robin Givens is pissed: A source close to the ABC gabfest says that Tyson’s ex Robin Givens is livid that he’s appearing on the show.

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May 6th 9:03am

Name Those Cakes

Can you guess whose little cakes are encased in that awful red shiny dress??? Here’s a hint — she’s an ATTENTION WHORE EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! Pop the hood to find out.

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May 6th 9:01am

SMH: Anti-Gay Activist Caught Creepin On “Vacation” With Some Young Man Meat From

This story seems quite peculiar. Maybe it’s because this George Alan Rekers character is against homosexuality, but yet he was spotted jetsetting around Europe with some little murse and Chucks rockin 20-year-old Rent Boy male prostitute:

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May 6th 7:40am

Swirl Matrimony-Dom Gone Wrong: Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband Is Coming Out The Woodwork And Coming Hard Calls Kim A “Fame Whore”

Damn. Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Damon Thomas, is finally speaking out on their 4-year marriage back in 2000. We wonder why it’s taken buddy so long to come out with all of this, (maybe it’s all those stacks he owes to Nicole Murphy, SMH) but dude is certainly coming for the jugular…explains about Kim’s jealousy, plastic…

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May 6th 7:35am

Phoenix Suns And Their Anti-Arizona Shady Immigration Bill Get-Ups Defeat Spurs In Game 2

BOSSIP reported that the Suns (among others) were taking a stand on the Immigration Bill, well they did and were victorious against the Spurs last night. Peep details and a quote from the “interim” Governor of Arizona when you…

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May 5th 6:51pm

Nas To Judge And Kelis… Straight Up: “I Can’t Pay This Wingless Bird $10,000 A Month!”

Everyone knew problems were on the horizon with Nas having to pay $10 G’s a month to Kelis for spousal support and a gang more in back support. Well, all of his money is hid now and his lawyer made a request to the judge:

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May 5th 6:37pm

True Or False: Twitter Is More Popular With Blacks Than With Whites

Here’s some interesting news. New data confirms that Twitter’s population is disproportionately black. According to Edison Research’s annual report on Twitter, black people represent 25% of Twitter users, roughly twice their share of the population in general.

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May 5th 6:13pm

Even The Judge Cried!

Wow! Another wrongful conviction overturned. Raymond Towler has been locked up since Reagan was president, gas cost $1.25 a gallon and Kool and The Gang was in the Top Ten. Pop the hood.

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May 5th 5:33pm

No One Is Feelin That Shady Arizona Immigration Bill!! Phoenix Suns, Charles Barkely, And NY Gov Paterson Speak Out

Everyone and their mama is responding to the shady Arizona Immigration Bill. Charles Barkley, Gov. Paterson, and the Phoenix Suns are taking a stand. First, Barkley on Fox Sports Radio on Tuesday:

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May 5th 5:05pm

Diddy Unveils His New Blog… Makes Major Announcements, Talks Nicki Minaj

Bad Boy Mogul and Dirty money artist, Diddy has released a preview for his new blog In addition to debuting the trailer to his new blog, Diddy also hopped on UStream to talk to fans and drop news regarding what’s happening in the world of Bad Boy and also announce the new release date…

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May 5th 2:50pm

Twitter Files: Chad OchoCinco Johnson Remembers Chris Henry (R.I.P.)

Chad Ochocinco tweeted a pic last night in memory of Chris Henry…he wore #15 for his first day back to practice for the Cincinnati Bengals. Pop it to peep the pic and the tweets. Continue…

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May 5th 1:34pm

*Exclusive Pics* “Best I Ever Had” Model Sophia Marie Shares Shots From New Photoshoot

In an effort to keep the freshest faces (and cakes) in rotation, BOSSIP is always looking for new “talent.” We just received these new photoshoot images of Sophia Marie, one of the ladies from Drake’s “Best I Ever Had Video”. Cake shot and more pics under the hood.

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