December 13th 11:33am

Breaking News: Ja Rule Sentenced To 2 Years In The Bing!!!

Today, Ja Rule appeared in court to see “Your Honor” about his looming gun charge from back in 2007.

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December 13th 11:11am

Christian Hotel Owners Sued After Telling Gay Guests To ‘Kick Rocks’

Typically, hotels reserve the right to accept or deny anyone to stay on their property for whatever reason, but this time there may be some legal ramifications to their questionable, long-standing policy.

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December 13th 10:51am

SMH: NYC Principal’s “Joe Clark” Steez Causes A Student Riot

Man, these kids are afraid of no one these days. At all. Punishing them is just asking for retaliation.

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December 13th 10:32am

Quote Of The Day, Carnie Wilson: “I’m Fat As FAWK…”

Singer Carnie Wilson keeps it 100 when speaking about her weight

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December 13th 10:26am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is lil X-Tina Aguilera on the cover of South African Cosmo rocking a pink dress…

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December 13th 10:15am

Which One Would You Hit???

Jamie Foxx had a birthday/release party at the Playboy Club in Vegas over the weekend. And it raised a few questions. The first, ladies, was which of the two would you hit: Jamie or his artist Marques Anthony?

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December 13th 9:52am

Caption This

Here is Chris Brown wearing some lil equestrian riding attire on the set of his new video “Champion”

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December 13th 9:46am

Ciara’s Body Is Sick

We’d like to take a moment this morning to appreciate Ciara’s toned to perfection body. We’re not sure if these new promo pictures will help her new album “Basic Instinct” move any units, but she looks good nonetheless.

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December 13th 9:44am

*Exclusive Updated* La La Vazquez Settles Controversy “Is She Black Or Latina?”

After the Bossip Awards last night, we chopped it up with La La Vazquez a little about her “I’m Not Black,” “I’m Puerto Rican, Dammit” comments. La La was sure to set the record straight with us on what exactly she meant:

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December 13th 9:42am

12 WTF Questions About Sunday Night’s RHOA

At first, it’s hard to get yourself to stay up and watch a daggone “reality” show on the telly tube on Sunday night, when the workweek begins on Monday. But these Crazy McCrazies on RHOA make it all worth the Prada bags underneath our eyes.

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December 13th 9:35am

Remember Me??? 79-Year-Old Don King Caught Trying To Smuggle Bullets On The Plane???

WTF is his old a$s doing with all that heat: Boxing promoter Don King was stopped by security at Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport for having ammunition in his carry-on luggage.

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December 13th 9:30am

WTF!?!? Convicted Serial Killer Confesses To Murking Even More People!!

For those of you who may not have heard about a man named Alfred Gaynor allow us to kick some knowledge to you.

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December 13th 9:10am

Where Are My Parents: Little Willow Ain’t Fawking With School Too Tough

We don’t know why, but we really would have expected Will and Jada to be on top of the educational situation with their baby celebs.

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December 13th 9:06am

808 And Heartbroken: Australian Club Tells Kanye West ‘You Ain’t Got To Go Home, But…’

Apparently, the Aussies don’t have as much regard for Kanye West as some of us Americans do. Wake up Mr. West, your “Big Brother” already told you that there “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”. Kanye West recently got club treatment he’s not used to – the cold shoulder. The rapper was…

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