October 8th 12:07pm

Matt Kemp Coupled Up With RihRih The Redheaded Slut In Paris

RihRih and her netted disaster went sightseeing in gay Paree with her hunka-hunka loverman Matt Kemp yesterday. Check out pictures from their lil tryst below, as well as a slightly improved look she rocked today.

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October 8th 11:45am

Study Shows Obese Employees And Their Issues Cost Employers Some Stacks

If you’re obese and employed in America, know that your unhealthy eating habits are putting a strain on more than just your wallet.

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October 8th 11:37am

Halle’s French Boo Comes To Swirl It Up Stateside

After just a few days apart, Halle Berry’s boo Olivier Martinez flew stateside to get some of that good caramel lovin’. Wonder if he saw those pictures of her with that other guy and got on the next flight in?

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October 8th 11:30am

Guess The Side Boob Action…

Judging from the image above, can you tell whose side boob game this is???

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October 8th 11:08am

Which One Would You Hit??? Fabo Vs. Breezy

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S and Chris Brown hit up the launch of the new Swatch watch collection “Gents” in NYC. Ladies, (Breezy stans EXCLUDED) if you had your choice of some hot Fabo on a platter or a taste of some Chrissy cakes, Which One Would You Hit??? More images from the event:

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October 8th 10:44am

Why You Shouldn’t Vote in the Midterm Elections

Those who argue that voting is the answer, or that sitting out this election cycle and allowing Republicans to regain control of Congress would only make things worse, were obviously asleep at the switch when Republicans and Democrats morphed into a singular corporate hegemony.

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October 8th 10:41am

SMH: Woman Charged With 4 Felonies For Choppin Down Teenage Boys Catches A Break, Witness States She Was Raped Instead

Something is a little fishy about this one: Prosecutors in South Bend, Ind. were forced to drop their case against a 26-year-old woman accused of having sex with teenage boys before their first witness even finished her testimony – that’s because their witness says it was the teenagers who were the rapists.

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October 8th 10:24am

New Couple??? Did Kimmy Cakes Lighten The Swirl?

Sometimes it seems like Kimmy Cakes’ life is just as scripted in reality as it is on TV. Take her love life, for example: she says she wants a new boytoy/plaything, and the rumor mill goes nuts linking her to this guy.

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October 8th 8:13am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 82-Year-Old Man Accused Of Beating His Elderly Girlfriend To Death

An 82-year-old Florida man turned himself in to authorities yesterday after admitting to having beaten his 77-year-old girlfriend to death. And you won’t believe the murder weapon he used.

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October 8th 8:11am

SMH: Woman Arrested After Her 2-Year-Old Is Found Roaming The Streets

Kathelia Greer was running late on Wednesday. So she just left her two-year-old alone in the office at his daycare. Without telling anyone. And the kid made a run for it.

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