November 5th 12:39am

Sweden’s King Carl Was Getting It In! Swirly Affair With Black Beauty, Threesomes And Private Dances At The Gold Room!!!

The old guy above, King Carl Gustaf was probably best known up until today for being the guy handing out the Nobel Peace Prize and his elk hunting expeditions,

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November 4th 7:39pm

When Kerry Washington ‘Was 17,’ Her Gig Involved Condoms And Dental Dams

Kerry Washington is the latest to hop in MTV’s celebrity high school time machine. Bet you would’ve never guessed they called her the “condom lady” back then.

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November 4th 7:37pm

24-Year-Old Sentenced To 36 Years Lockup For Hit And Run That Killed Five Last Easter

At 22, Aimee Michael was on a munchies run when she caused a car crash that killed five people including a 2-month-old, a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old. She went home, told her mom and the two covered up her involvement.

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November 4th 7:22pm

Which RocNation Repped Redhead Would You ‘ROC’ With???

RihRih headed back to London-town to light up the Westfield Shopping Center for Christmas today, while RocNation newbie Alexis Jordan was in the same city doing promo at BBC Radio 1 Studios.

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November 4th 4:24pm

Hulk Hogan Raps Biggie’s “Juicy” For DefJam’s “RapStar” Game

Believe it or not, superstar wrestler Hulk Hogan has had some rap songs in the past, and here he channels his inner Biggie to help promote DefJam’s “RapStar.” Accompanied by his daughter Brooke on the hook, Hogan gets gangsta and spits some lines from Biggie’s classic “Juicy.” Head over to to get your laugh…

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November 4th 3:33pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Jay-Z Speaks About Willow Smith, Kanye West, & Roc Nation (GO) Justin Bieber Wants a Private Jet (GO) Swizz Beatz Named Producer-In-Residence AT NYU (GO) Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Heat Things Up (GO) Birdman Reveals Lil Wayne’s Plans Over The Next Few Days Since His Release [Video] (GO) This commercial makes sense (GO) Man…

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November 4th 3:21pm

LeAnn Rimes Says She’s Not The Only Homewrecker In The World, Stop Hating On Her!

LeAnn Rimes is still trying to save face after Shape Magazine threw her under the bus last week.

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November 4th 2:14pm

SMH… Even That Damn Phoenix In Yeezy’s “Runaway” Movie Is On Some Devil Ish!!!

Kanye West and that damn “Phoenix” he has Selita Ebanks playing in “Runaway” have revived more Illuminati talk!

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November 4th 2:07pm

Mario’s Heroin Addled Momma Changes Her Mind About Sending Her Meal-Ticket To Jail

Mario‘s momma Shawntia Hardaway just remembered that if he gets knocked, she probably won’t besmoking drinking eating or paying her bills.

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November 4th 2:01pm

Damn, What Do You Really Want? The Fellas Weigh In

Good day, Bossip readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” In a previous article, the question was raised: do women really know what they want? A few of our female readers weighed in on what they want in a man and, as promised, we went after the male perspective!

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November 4th 12:29pm

BOSSIP Exclusive: Does ‘Tasia Have A Little Antwaun Cookin’ In The Oven Or Is She Just Lying To Kick It ?

Fantasia has done her best to put her affair with Antwaun Cook behind her as she continues to promote her new projects. But a source tells BOSSIP exclusively that the distance from Cook may only be for the sake of her public image. Behind close doors, Cook very much remains a part of Fantasia’s life……

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November 4th 12:04pm

Ride Or Die Chicks: The 10 Most Loyal Rapper Wives

While some rappers have their jump-offs and play the field, a select few have loyal wives that they come home to and help raise a family. Being married to an emcee certainly can’t be easy but there are at least 10 ladies who’ve stood by their men despite reports of infidelity, scandals and sometimes even…

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November 4th 11:53am

Certified Links

Drake Shows Off Grill, Talks Lil Wayne’s Release [Video] (GO) Mel Gibson — Is That a Smile??? (GO) Model Paolla Rahmeier 3D Ass for Marie Claire Brazil of the Day (GO) William Shatner Covers Cee-Lo’s “Fawk You” On Lopez Tonight [Video] (GO) Why Kanye’s Comment About Katrina Still Hurts George Bush (GO) REAL Cops Rush…

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