February 17th 10:39am

Fill In The Blank

Here is Jay-Z heading to Live Nation

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February 17th 10:29am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Jagged Edge Celebrates Their New Single In The Burbs

Here are our favorite R&B thugs celebrating their album release in Miami… well, not exactly.

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February 17th 10:17am

Not So Sure We’re Ready For This: Wendy Williams Is Going To Be On Dancing With The Stars?!?!

No one ever expected that foul mouth Wendy Williams would make it this far in the world of television. Now that she has successfully made the transition from radio, it’s time for America to find out exactly who she is and the best way to do that is…

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February 17th 9:55am

How Tony Parker Spent His Valentine’s Day…

He was “kissing on” somebody: San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker celebrated Valentine’s Day, a win over the New Jersey Nets — and his divorce — by canoodling with a brunette at Tao on East 58th Street. Parker was dining and drinking champagne with friends while “kissing and hugging the girl at the table,” said…

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February 17th 9:44am

Name That Ripped And Raggedy Cake…

To whom do these cakes belong???

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February 17th 9:11am

MadameNoire.com: Stuff Black Women Like

MadameNoire.com knows what black women like! Check it:

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February 17th 8:52am

What Were You Thinking??? Michael Vick Cancels On Oprah

In her quest to close out Season 25 with a bang, Oprah offered Mike Vick the opportunity to solidify his comeback in America’s hearts and minds.

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February 17th 8:40am

Kobe Bryant And The Lakers Lose To…The Cavaliers???

Awww, Kobe “Its Better To Take, Than To Receive” Bryant and his struggling Lakers take a “L” to the worst team in the league last night.

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February 17th 8:33am

Ho Sit Down: Flavor Flav Is Going Back To High School So He Can Get Back On TV

We wanted to applaud Flavor Flav for deciding to finally pursue the high school diploma he should have gotten in three decades ago. Really, we did.

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February 17th 7:42am

K-Fraudy Aubry Did All This For Nothing

After all of that name calling and arguing in the press, Nahla and Halle are NYC bound, which is exactly what Baby Daddy Gaby was trying to avoid to begin with.

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February 17th 6:46am

EFF A Thug: Obama Demands A Round Up Of The Goons Who Brutally Attacked Lara Logan

More info on this unfortunate story: The White House yesterday demanded the Egyptian government round up and bring to justice the thugs who brutalized CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan

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February 17th 6:32am

Guess Who Just Got Inked For The First Time???

Someone just got “Masterpiece” tatted on their abdomen.

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February 17th 6:26am

Jessica Alba Is Knocked Up With Baby #2

Jessica Alba is toting around another gut full of Cash Warren:

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February 17th 6:14am

Getting That Old Thing Back: Rihanna And Matt Kemp Are Reportedly Back Together

No wonder why Rih Rih is turning down white boys and ish….

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