September 9th 11:20am

True or False: Tyra Banks is Bald on her Edges

Yesterday was the big debut of Tyra’s weaveless head. Just in case you missed it… Pop it for that ALL NA-TU-RAL

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September 9th 11:10am

Are You Feeling This Rainbow Brite Mess of a Get Up???

Atlanta gave birth to this beast of an outfit at a recent event.  It looks like she got in a mean brawl with a bag of skittles and lost but what do you all think. Pop the hood for a better assessment.

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September 9th 11:00am

Model Jessica White Defends Her Desperate Image on “The T.O. Show”

Jessica White states that “The T.O. Show” jeopardized her brand and reputation:

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September 9th 10:20am

Fill in the Blank: Akon

Akon shot a new video recently in South Africa with some ‘nice South African video broads.” Fill in The Blank: With tongue sticking out and eyes glued to the one girl’s rack, Akon is thinking _____________________________. Pop the hatch for more imagery….

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September 9th 10:00am

Seen on the Scene: Nicole Murphy and Daughter Bria

Here’s Nicole Murphy and her daughter Bria at a movie screening in LA last night. Damn, Nicole’s body is bangin for popping out all them damn kids for Eddie’s a**. Peep more of Nicole, Kelly Rowland, and Sanaa Lathan when you…

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September 9th 9:40am

Lord Grab The Wheel: Clucker Hits a 14 Month Old Child With Bat and Kills Her… At Church and Over 20 Bucks!!

David Collins and Darryl Kennedy, pictured above, are two crack head con artists that recently hit a baby with a bat, killing her. To make matters worse, this sad turn of events all happened while the infant was at church with her family. Aundrea Brownlow’s father says he’s forgiven the man who came to Thy…

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September 9th 9:20am

True or False: Lil Wayne Sold More Concert Tickets than Jay-Z

According to sources, Wayne racked in over 40 million on concerts alone.  Flip the hood for more.

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September 9th 9:00am

Twitter Files: Tweet Snitching Fabolous Goes in on T-Pain’s Fake Twitter Account

We have come to the conclusion that celebrities don’t need to be on Twitter. Yesterday, someone re-tweeted that T-Pain said “F*ck Jay-Z and F*ck Fabolous.” Fabolous got wind of it and decided to respond but it turns out that it wasn’t even T-Pain’s Twitter… It was a fake account that was set-up under T-Pain’s name.…

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September 9th 8:17am

SMH: Dirty Money – “Angels” Video

Diddy, Dawn, and Keelena’s new video “Angels” is finally here. Diddy tries his hand at singing. We will not say anything more. Pop it…look and listen

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September 9th 8:17am

We Always Knew Amy Got Down with the Swirl…

A pic of Amy Winehouse has surfaced with her chillin, beach side, in St. Lucia next to a piece of dark chocolate. Hmmm…  we knew all along. Amy is too crazy and soulful to just stick to the white bread.

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September 9th 8:15am

Is This Guy Serious??? Jermaine Jackson’s Hairline is Dripping Off

SMH. Here are some pics of Claymation Jermaine at the press conference for his Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Vienna. Mama Katherine and the rest of the family are not feeling his “efforts” however…

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September 9th 8:05am

Who Looked More Bangin’??? Grammy Winner vs. Oscar Nominee

Last night, Tyler Perry had the premiere for his new movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself in NYC. Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson were both looking stellar. It’s only fair we ask the question, between the two leading ladies… Who Looked More Bangin’???

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September 9th 8:00am

*Update* Congratulations: FIRST PICTURE of Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s New Baby

Tisha and Duane just had their baby yesterday. It came early for Tisha, but we are hearing she is in good spirits and health. Pop the top to find out the details and see the new picture

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September 9th 7:58am

Public Displays of Affection: Lamar is Really Going Hard

Damn, this relationship is evolving rather quickly…going to dinner with mom and family, and now this dude is holding hands in public. Pop it for more…

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September 9th 7:55am

Out of Pocket: A 90 Year Old Man Gets Buried in a 1973 Pontiac

A 90 year old man’s dying wish was to be buried in his car with all his prized possessions.

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