March 9th 3:12pm

Some Afternoon Preciousness: Monica And Her Boys Kickin It Courtside With The Lakers (Photos)

Monica and her little sons, Rocko and Romelo, hit up her husband Shannon Brown’s game last night in Atlanta

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March 9th 1:07pm

Just Stop Talking!!! Breezy Says He’s Done Apologizing For Confusing Rihanna With A Punching Bag

Does Breezy not realize that people have been running everything he says under a microscope for the last two years??

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March 9th 12:37pm

Perverts: Florida Congressman Being Sued For Sexual Harassment By Former Aide, Asked Her About Her Panties

Another day, another lawsuit… A former aide has sued a Florida congressman — claiming he touched her, made unwelcome sexual advances and asked her about her underwear.

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March 9th 12:20pm

Must Be Nice: Ja Rule Gets A “Stay Out Of Jail” Pass To Finish His Album

Ja Rule might have better lawyers than any other criminally minded rapper.

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March 9th 11:54am

Rih Rih Disses ‘Bodyguard’ Remake… ‘I Hate When Singers Do Singing Movies’

We don’t blame crotch-slinging, non-singing Rih Rih for nixing the opportunity to star in this unnecessary remake.

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March 9th 11:37am

SMH: Lil Kim Says The Government Murked B.I.G.

Oh brother. We thought she had made all of her outlandish Frank White statements by now.

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March 9th 11:36am

SMH: 21 Nasty Pedo-Priests Suspended In Philadelphia For Sexually Abusing Minors

It’s no surprise to us that some predatory priests were caught in a sexual-abuse scandal, but 21 of them??? SMH.

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March 9th 11:26am

Neverending Careers: People That Just Can’t Call It Quits

Quitting can be difficult especially if someone was once a big-time celebrity.

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March 9th 11:20am

Clarence “Swirlin” Thomas Is Into White Threesomes, Has A Rock Hard Coffee-Bean…..

We already knew Clarence Thomas was a freak, but wait until you hear some of the nasty isht this guy is into:

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March 9th 11:15am

Why The Headphone Business Is So Lucrative For Dre and Company

It’s atypical that anyone in the music industry could stay relevant for three decades having only released two official solo studio albums—but yet, Dr. Dre has seemed to do exactly that, ironically, while sometimes staying behind the scenes. Though he’s been busy over the years launching the careers of superstars Eminem and 50 Cent, and…

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March 9th 11:10am

The Real Real World: 5 Memorable Sistahs Made “Famous” By MTV

Say what you want now, but “The Real World” single-handedly eschewed in the reality TV craze.

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March 9th 10:28am

Lady Gaga Breaks Up Partnership With Target Over Anti-Gay Donations

Gotta give Lady Gaga some credit for sticking by her scruples, the outspoken pop star is passing on paper she’d make from a Target partnership because of the store’s political donations to homo hating candidates.

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March 9th 10:00am

R.I.P. Mike Starr, Alice And Chains Bassist Dead At 44

Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr died in Utah

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March 9th 9:59am

True Or False: Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kicking Nene Leakes To The Curb

Looks like instead of getting a new nose, Nene should have got a new attitude.

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