February 6th 9:34am

Hi Hater: Fergie Ferg Throws Shade At Janet Jackson

Here goes Fergie bringing up old sh*t.

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February 6th 1:50am

We Only Know One Dude Who Would Walk Around The Mall In His Boxer Briefs…

If you’re in the NFL, then you’re in the nasty full of snow and black ice Dallas, TX.

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February 6th 1:17am

Elton John Says “Who The FAWK Is Kim Kardashian? Some Old Tart…”

Elton John may love Lady GaGa but he has NO love for chicks like Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview with British Word Magazine, Elton John expresses his thoughts on reality stars that are just famous for no reason and pop singers that is killing the music world…

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February 6th 1:02am

Kanye West Loves Himself Some “Drunk & Hot Girls”… Lindsay Lohan Is The Perfect Prospect

Kanye West made an appearance at a cocktail reception and dinner for Giuseppe Zanotti’s new store opening in Beverly Hills. Lindsay Lohan was also seen on the scene looking quite clean and sober, which is not normal for her but…

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February 5th 3:12pm

Breaking News: The Majority Of The Ruling Party In Egypt Has Resigned!

Alright, alright, there’s some progress being made, hopefully Hosni Mubarak realizes that its a wrap and throws in the towel soon.

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February 5th 2:42pm

Some Multi-Cultural Cakes: Gianna DeNinno

In an effort to heat up some of you that are snowed in we presently bring you the warm Italian and Lebanese buns of one Ms. Gianna DeNinno.

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February 5th 2:00pm

Saturday Style: Clubbin’ Made Easy By Amailia Mattor

Ladies, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your purse in VIP again for those thievin’ folks looking to snatch your goodies!

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February 5th 1:57pm

Oh Na Na, What’s Her Name? A History Of Men Linked To Rihanna

When you’re one of the hottest pop stars in the nation your name is often associated with a number of people in the industry,

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February 5th 1:51pm

Kush Chronicles: Dumba$s Dude Growing Marijuana Puts Himself On Blast

How dumb can you be???? A Connecticut man’s plan to grow marijuana went up in smoke after he called 911 and asked how much trouble he would get into for growing the drug.

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February 5th 1:41pm

How To Break Up Via Text Message

Usually you like to be a woman about yours; but some people you just have to cut off with a quickness.

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February 5th 1:30pm

Who Looked More Bangable???

Here is Mehcad Brooks and lil 21-year-old Tristan Wilds at the Soho House in NYC sippin on some Hennessy.

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February 5th 1:20pm

New Music: Mike Posner Featuring Lil Wayne “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” (Remix)

The white guy that we all think we’re cooler than and Lil Tunechi come together for an ode to the nasty.

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February 5th 12:28pm

Epitome Of A Bad Mother/Babysitter: Kristal Khan Falls Asleep While Baby Drowns In The Next Room

This is one of those stories that will piss you off as much as it will make you sad.

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February 5th 12:04pm

Mubarak Quits As Head Of Egypt’s Ruling Party

Egypt’s hated President Hosni Mubarak has quit as head of the country’s ruling party.

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