December 9th 2:55pm

The Brothas Are Winning!! Life Expectancy For African-American Men At An All Time High

Congratulations, brothas! You are now officially living longer than all other Black men in the history of these United States.

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December 9th 1:55pm

Hatin’-A$$, Anti-Gay, Church Group Plans To “Protest” Elizabeth Edwards Funeral

There are so many levels of fkery in this story that it’s hard to decide where to begin.

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December 9th 1:20pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Michelle Williams Reduced To Doing Radio…In The U.K.???

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams hasn’t really done a whole lot since her days kicking it with Bey Bey and Kelly Rowland, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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December 9th 1:08pm

Certified Links

Trinidad Officials Facing Audit For Spending Over $800,000 On Nicki Minaj Concert (GO) Miley Cyrus — I Got Homes in Different Area Codes (GO) Lindsay Lohan Topless for Inferno (GO) Fabolous Talks Facebook With Inner City Kids (GO) Dropout Rate For Blacks In California High Schools Hits 37 Percent (GO) Angry Julia Roberts Protects Her…

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December 9th 12:25pm

Jay-Z Talks Childhood And Near Prison Miss With Charlie Rose

Legendary emcee and Roc Nation mogul Jay-Z recently decided to pay a second visit to veteran journalist Charlie Rose to discuss his book Decoded, as well as discuss his past, present and future in Hip-Hop.

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December 9th 11:40am

Employees Wanted: Top 10 Cities To Find Jobs

It’s still rough out there for those who are hitting the pavement in search of employment. Sometimes, finding an opportunity may require being more flexible than you had originally intended—including relocating to a place that off hand you wouldn’t have before. But you may be surprise about where you could find your next job prospect.…

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December 9th 10:38am

Is Brandy Hittin This???

Brandy and Terrence J were seen sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden looking like they are “more than just friends”…

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December 9th 10:37am

Is Your Boss Stalking You?

You perfect your cough and sniffle before you call in “sick,” but that little trick doesn’t work on all employers.

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December 9th 10:26am

What The Fawk Kind Of Professor Does ISHT Like This???

Raymond Devaughn Taylor is one freaky motherfugga:

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December 9th 10:16am

Name That Waxy Cake ‘N Bake

This lil waxed out donk was revealed at the Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany. Can you guess who it is???

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December 9th 9:45am

For The Stans: Gold Coast Waiters Literally Stanning & Stalking BeyBey And Camel In Australia

We know Julius had to hold his baby Bey down here: Wait staff at Omeros Brothers were left star struck with celebrity juggernaut couple Jay Z and Beyonce dining at the Main Beach restaurant this afternoon.

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December 9th 9:28am

Random Ridiculousness: Indian Ambassador Is Not Feelin The TSA Feel Ups, Refuses To Return To The US

SMH at TSA and their violating procedures pissing off Indian ambassadors and ish:

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December 9th 5:28am

Kanye West Kissing Dead White Girls + Rick Ross + Jay-z + Nicki Minaj’s CoCo Cheeks = A Hell Of A Sneak Peek At “MONSTER”

Kanye West titled his new album “MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY” and if this is what he meant…

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December 9th 5:04am

Keri Hilson On Chelsea Lately: I Play With A Man’s Ball Which Is Heavier And Bigger

Keri Hilson was out in L.A. making her rounds on the late night talk show circuit. As creative as this chick is with the lyrics, her conversation is not as, what’s the word, intriguing.

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