February 4th 8:49am

Bron Bron Goes Ham Last Night Against The Orlando Magic, Puts Up Fiddy-One On That Azz!!

Say what you want to about Lebron and his “decision” but when he gets it goin’ there’s not a lot anybody can do to stop him.

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February 4th 8:43am

Director Says She’s Glad Rih Rih’s “S&M” Video Is Banned In 11 Countries

Immediately after Rihanna dropped her “S&M” video on Tuesday, people started talking about how controversial it was

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February 4th 8:38am

Mommy-Mili Spotted Looking Happy And Casually Fine In Los Angeles

Here is Christina Milian out shopping with a friend in LA looking relaxed and comfortable.

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February 4th 8:28am

‘Tis The Season For Thievin’ And Deceiving: Steve Harvey Pays Off Fan To Cover Up Theft!

Steve Harvey’s on the hunt for thief and plans on making them pay!

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February 4th 8:21am

Random Ridiculousness: Teenager Arrested For Throwing Snowballs At Mailman

Since when are snowballs considered a “criminal weapon”?

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February 4th 7:46am

WTF Is Wrong With This Guy?!?! Gabriel Aubry Gets Angry When Nahla Is Referred To As “Black”

Clearly both Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are both two crazy and interrupted motherfuggas: Halle Berry ex, Gabriel Aubry, “went nuts” whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as “Black”

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February 4th 3:58am

Jennifer Lopez Has Landed On Planet Earth And Discovered Lil Wayne: “He’s Really Good, He Might Be The Best…”

Being on American Idol has really opened up a window for Jennifer Lopez, so she can know what’s going on. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, J.Lo speaks on Lil Wayne as if she is hearing his music for the first time… SMH

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February 4th 2:58am

Bossip Exclusive: Will The Real Man Meat Choppin’ Down Claudia Jordan’s Cakes Please Stand Up?!?!

Yesterday a source informed us that Claudia Jordan was gettin’ it in with Michael Jai White for the past 3 years during his marriage. With a little investigating one of our certified Bossip spies has found out the real deal on who has been soaking up Claudia Jordan’s panties…

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February 3rd 8:13pm

10 White Boys Whose Babies Black Women Wouldn’t Mind Having

We’re sure all this Halle v. Gabriel drama is doing more than a little damage to Swirl crushes and relationships across the country right now.

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February 3rd 7:54pm

Can the Love Last Once Trust Has Been Broken?

Good day, Bossip Fam! Here’s to another ‘Almost There Thursday!’ One of our readers, who would like to remain anonymous, sent an e-mail about his current relationship. He described a few incidents that have taken place in the last few months that have him questioning whether he wants to continue the relationship. In short, he…

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