October 12th 10:12am

Jesse Williams Sure Is Handsome

Jesse Williams, who was a member of our wonderful list of shirtless man-bangers, attended some polo event in Cali looking good enough to eat.

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October 12th 10:06am

Soulja Boy Before The Blow, Hoes And Twitter Beefs

Back in the day when Soulja Boy was just a baby baller, way before we watched him become a teenage millionaire, Soulja Boy was just a little kid making his parents mad with rap and tattoos.

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October 12th 9:51am

Love Lessons From Some Of Our Favorite Films

We’ve seen a plethora of love stories each year; but occasionally a film that reflects our lives and our stories seeps through the Hollywood cracks and into theaters.

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October 12th 9:50am

Fellas, Would You Hit This If She Wore A Bag Over Her Head???

La Toya Jackson hit up the premiere party for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night with her knifed up/bangin for an old broad (body though, not grill) steez in full effect.

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October 12th 9:18am

Lil White Chocolate AKA Justin Bieber Is Pimping The Sh*t Out Of These Little Girls Pocketbooks

The name of the game is branding, and we s’pose we should be more understanding that now that lil Justin Bieber is at the top of his game it’s time for him to make some of that merchandising bread.

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October 12th 9:08am

To Bishop Long-Stroke: A Formal ‘Dirty Ho Sit Down’ Request

Just when things were starting to quiet down for Daddy Long Dong Stroke-em, a Dallas-based talk-show host has done what has yet to cross the minds of anyone at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

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October 12th 8:27am

Some Morning Fug: Aaron Carter Is Not Aging Well…Puts His Skinny “Yuck-Yuck” Muscles On Blast

Damn, we know times are rough for these child stars trying to make it in Hollyweird, but geeze…Aaron Carter looks like he’s either missed a few meals, needs to stay away from the gym for a minute, or should invest in some “Weight-gainer 2000″ pronto.

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October 11th 6:43pm

Pay Yo Bills! Boris Kodjoe Gets Caught Out There By The IRS For Over $230K In Back Taxes

For as long as he’s been in the limelight, we’ve never really noticed the checks stop coming in for Boris Kodjoe, who is reportedly the lastest Hollyweird actor to get caught out there by the IRS for failing to properly pay his taxes.

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October 11th 4:31pm

Kimmy Cakes Goes Bucky Nekked Again!!!

Kim Kardashian has said more than once that she regrets disrobing for Playboy, but we’re not exactly sure why, since not only does she seems pretty comfortable in her own skin, but she’s actually gone on to go even more naked for the latest issue of W Magazine!

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October 11th 4:22pm

Woman Wakes Up In Motel Room With ‘Hoe’ Carved Into Her Chest

Talk about rude awakenings; a Kansas City, Missouri woman is claiming that she woke up in a motel with the word ‘hoe’ carved into her sternum.

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