December 2nd 3:09pm

They’re Heeeeeeeere!!! NASA Discovers New Alien Life Form… On Earth!!!

We’ve always thought it would be a ridiculous waste of space for Earthlings to be the only life form in the entire Universe. We just didn’t think they’d find the aliens secretly living among us….

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December 2nd 2:37pm

The NAACP Tackles Resegregation

Today, for the first time in three years, the NAACP will begin their three-day national education summit in Raleigh, NC to address the problems within the nation’s educations system, particularly as it relates to re-segregating schools. It’s a fight the civil rights organization is no stranger to since they have been advocating against segregation since…

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December 2nd 2:31pm

Put On Blast: Sammy Exposes His Janky Ex-Manager’s Suspect A$$ For FAWKING Up His Career

Singer Sammie had some ISHT to get off his chest last night, which these days means a Twitter Tirade, of course. Not only did we catch all the juicy details behind the ridiculous hiatus he’s been on for the last two years, we’ve got our own exclusive details to add.

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December 2nd 1:21pm

Kurtis Blow Popped At LAX For Trying To Transport The Kush: “We Found An Anomaly In His Pants!”

Kurtis Blow, the OG Rapper, was just busted at LAX for trying to transport the dro… TMZ Reports:

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December 2nd 12:22pm

Man Accused Of Killing A Woman For Answering The Phone During Sex

A Milwaukee man is accused of killing a woman because she answered her phone while they were having sex. 46-year-old Garron Lewis has had a criminal complaint filed with charges of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of 44-year-old Sharron Dorsey over the Thanksgiving weekend. Read the rest of this fu*ked up story at

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December 2nd 12:16pm

Certified Links

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Has The Second Highest Debut Week In History Of Female Rap (GO) Magic Johnson — Raiders in L.A.?? That’s Funny … (GO) Denise Richards Looks Like Michael Jackson Of The Day (GO) The Two Faces of Terror, Black and Brown (GO) Yung Berg Claims Kanye West Stole “Jesus Walks” From Him…

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December 2nd 11:40am

Debunking Myths About African-American Haircare

No matter how bad the economy plummets, one thing that won’t hit rock bottom is the maintenance of a black woman’s hair. It’s almost an obsession to grow, color, or change our hair to complement our moods. Most of us have conducted our own research, consulted our stylists, and even trusted some of our girlfriends.…

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December 2nd 11:34am

WTF!?!?!? Man-H*es Popped For Tricking And Raping Young Boy

We’ve heard of a lot of sick and twist ISHT throughout the years but this is above and beyond anything that we’ve ever fathomed.

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December 2nd 11:27am

Some Mid-Morning Cakes…And Biscuits

This amazing specimen named Laeann Amos is actually a 2-for-one, with cakes and motorboat potential. Make you wanna sop her up with a biscuit, cotdamn! Sidenote: Does anyone else think she favors Lauryn Hill a little bit?? Source

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December 2nd 11:25am

The Value of Investing in African and African-American Art

The House of Art opened its doors in 2007, contributing the cultural restoration of the Bed-Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn. Along with partner Renarda Boddie, Richard Beavers serves as the co-founder and director of the gallery which promotes the work of artists  throughout the African Diaspora. The art expert talked to The Atlanta Post about the…

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December 2nd 11:20am

We Told You: Kelly Rowland’s Given Up On Brothas For Good!!!

It’s been about two years since we’ve seen Kelly Kel with a brotha. It’s also been a full year since she we’ve seen her with a man who wasn’t old enough to be her daddy.

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December 2nd 11:01am

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Gets Drunk, Makes Out With Girl

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kris has been out of control for a quite some time now, but it maybe time for her parents to reel her in ASAP!!!

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December 2nd 10:24am

Would You Hit It: Cee-lo Green On His Freaky Deaky Lady Killer Ish After His 4 Grammy Noms!

After being nominated for 4 Grammy Awards this year, Cee-lo Green and company was spotted out and about in Hollyweird to celebrate.

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December 2nd 9:48am

Thanks Eminem!!! Urban Music Owns The 2011 Grammy Awards

The 2011 Grammy Nominees were announced yesterday. And thanks to Eminem and his “quitting-drugs-makes-you-better” opus “Recovery,” urban music is nominated in almost every single category… you know, except for the categories where Hip-Hop and R&B don’t qualify. ‘Cause, duh!

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