December 5th 11:50am

Shady “Serial Sexual Harassing” Philly Housing Authority Outed For Uplifting Diversity In PHA With Pricey Bellydancers And Bullsh*t

SMH: With the federal government cutting housing subsidies in 2006, Philadelphia Housing Authority managers spared no expense to take “diversity awareness to a new level.”

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December 5th 11:40am

Clearly, Usher Didn’t Understand What He Signed Up For…

With their grand total still sitting at less than $300,000, we’re sure a few of the celebs who let A. Keys-Dean convince them to swear off Twitter are plotting their return to the web as we speak. But in the mean time, it looks like Ursher just said fawk it.

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December 5th 11:26am

How To Move To The Big City

It all seems so glamorous. You can just see yourself writing the great American novel on the stoop of a New York City brownstone, acting out a scene in an Oscar-worthy movie on a Hollywood soundstage or heading back to Chicago on a first-class flight from an international business meeting.

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December 5th 11:21am

Michael Vick May Be Ballin’ On The Football Field, But On A Modest Budget Due To Stacks Upon Stacks Owed To Creditors

Damn: Michael Vick paid his debt to society. Now he’s trying to pay back his massive debt to creditors.

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December 5th 11:07am

Nicki Minaj Featured By The ‘NY Times’ Says Lil Kim Can Be A “Nasty Character”

Nicki Minaj was recently tapped the New York Times’ style magazine for a feature story and in it, the Young Money emcee who previously released a MAC lipstick to coordinate with her Pink Friday album,

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December 5th 9:40am

The Epitome Of A Bad Brother

Meet Keith. Keith murdered his 4-year-old sister, and wait until you hear why…

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December 5th 3:49am

Johnny Depp Thinks Angelina Jolie And Elizabeth Taylor Are Two Of A Kind And Every Role He Plays Is Gay… Agree Or Disagree?

Johnny Depp covers the most recent issue of Vanity Fair speaking on the usual… life, what’s inspiring it, what new projects are coming up but just when you thought he would continue with the ramble… Johnny Depp opened his mouth and felt it was sane to compare Angelina Jolie to Elizabeth Taylor and also state…

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December 5th 3:13am

In Case You Missed It: Diddy On His Yeezy Sh*zzz & The Dirty Money Cheerleaders Perform On SNL

Diddy and his Dirty Moeny crew hit the SNL stage to perform their two latest singles… “Coming Home” and “A** On The Floor” ft. Swizz Beatz. These three were made for each other, Kaleena is the singer, Dawn has the look and Diddy is the “SHOW ME THE MONEY” man. Take a Peek at Diddy…

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December 4th 11:10pm

Jagged Edge Takes It Back In New Jawn “My Baby”… A Hint Of 80’s Hit “Happy” And A Splash Of Jodeci’s “Come & Talk To Me”

Jagged Edge has been on a roller-coaster ride when it comes to their music career. One minute they were running ‘thangs’ then next thing you know they were selling their sneaker collection for extra dollars. On their new label, Slip-N-Slide Records, Jagged Edge may be on to something with this new jawn “My Baby”. If…

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December 4th 10:52pm

Behind The Scenes: Jamie Foxx On Set For His New Video “Fall For Your Type”

Jamie Foxx is preparing for the release of his new album “Best Night of My Life” that we think most of the world doesn’t know about… Well, Now You Know! Jamie just shot the video for his latest single featuring Drake “Fall For Your Type” with little vanilla drop Jessica Burciaga as his side piece…

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December 4th 7:38pm

Still No Suspects In Ronni Chasen Murder Case, “Person Of Interest” Commits Suicide In Front Of Police

Although it isn’t quite clear what ,if any, role he played in the murder of famed Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, it’s would seem obvious that Harold Martin Smith felt that whatever he knew about the slaying would land him back in the bing.

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December 4th 6:48pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

We’re just gonna get right to it, this bish is ORANGE!

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December 4th 2:34pm

Happy Birthday Young Hov!

Today Shawn Corey Carter celebrates his 40-*mumbles* birthday. According to the “facts” the God MC is 41, but we all know how that goes! We hope that its a great one for ya old man, we’re positive that the pretty young thing on your arm (and we ain’t talkin bout no Rolex) will have something…

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