April 26th 9:55am

In Guido News: Snooki Swirlin With “Priddy Fresh”???

Okay, lil Snooki, we see you. The drunk little “Jersey Shore” reality show attention whore was spotted on the beach in Miami with a brown fella by the name of “Priddy Fresh” More info on the flip…

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April 26th 9:24am

Armed Man Impersonating A Cop Busted Near Obama’s Plane

Just after President Obama and the First Lady departed on Air Force One from Asheville, NC, authorities nabbed, Joseph Sean McVey, 23 of Ohio, who was armed and riding around in a car made to look like a police vehicle with sirens, scanners and lights. He told an officer that he wanted to meet the…

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April 26th 9:22am

40-Year-Old Banger: Stacey Strips Down For The Prestigious “Smooth” Magazine

It’s painfully obvious that Stacey Dash is a beautiful woman, but we just wish that she would’ve evolved a little bit more by now. Come on, “Smooth” magazine is cool and everything for those booty broads and Flavor of Love type hoes, but it seems like our girl Stacey is whoring herself out now. More…

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April 26th 9:20am

Random Ridiculousness: Jesse James’ Whore Apologizes To Sandra Bullock Via Fax

Huh?? Who the fu*k apologizes to someone for sleeping with their husband by sending a fax? A fax?? SMH. One of Jesse James’ tatted up broads decided it was a good idea to say sorry to Sandra Bullock for screwing her husband, she also thought it was a good idea to send this apology by…

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April 26th 9:13am

Rihanna And BFF Melissa Have A “Color Purple” Moment…

Rihanna is known for using her body as a canvas with her ump-teen tattoos. Apparently when she got her latest one, so did her bff. Melissa’s tattoo was notice while these two were bopping around Sydney… Flip the Lid for a Peek

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April 26th 8:58am

Some Morning Fug

Here is ‘super producer’ Polow Da Don out in Hollyweird kickin it with what seems to be whores. SMH. Looks like Polow might need to clean himself up a tad…dude is looking scruffier than Jim Jones. Peep more images on the flip…

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April 26th 8:34am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvment: Trina Takes “Kontrol”

Trina is not missing a beat with promo for her new album “Amazin”. It looks like she has traded in her baddest b*tch threads and has graced the cover of “Kontrol” finally looking like a “Million Dollar Girl”. We have to admit, Trina knows how to clean up… Let’s just hope this new sound really…

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April 25th 12:11pm

Who Is My Mommy??

This cutie-patootie was spotted at a fun little family festival yesterday in Cali. Can you guess who his mommy is?? HINT: She’s not the smartest broad out there.. Pop it to peep..

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April 25th 12:08pm

Caught Creepin’

Why is it that these NBA Players can’t ever seem to keep their d*cks under control? BOSSIP has learned that Orlando Magic player Rashard Lewis has been getting it in with “Candy Girls” vixen Brooke Bailey. We’d wish them well, but there’s just one, no, make that two, problems. His fiancée and their daughter!!! Pop…

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April 25th 11:59am

British Scientist Explains Alien Life, Space Exploration, And Time Travel In New “Discovery” Series

For those of you interested in alien life: Aliens are out there… and we need to stop trying to talk to them. That’s the advice of famed physicist Stephen Hawking.

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April 25th 11:53am

Seen On The Scene: Amerie And Soon-To-Be Hubbykins Out In ATL

Amerie and her fiancé Lenny the Manager were seen in ATL being all lovey-dovey and stuff. Amerie is starting look more and more like a chocolate Kourtney Kardashian. More couples including John Legend and Christy Teigen, Randy “Dawg” Jackson, etc. when you…

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April 25th 11:20am

Those Lil Cheetah Checks Must Be “Aight”…Adrienne Bailon Drops $40K On Ring

Fu*kin for tracks pays off: MTV’s Adrienne Bailon treated herself to a $40,000 diamond ring

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April 25th 11:12am

In “Vert” News: Steven Seagal Is A Dirty Little Freakazoid

More and more lil jawns are coming out to put resident “Pervert” Steven Seagal on blast: Steven Seagal paged young actresses on his movies to come to his hotel room at night and demanded they undress in his trailer

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April 25th 11:03am

Some Sunday Preciousness

Here is Jennifer Hudson and David Daniel Otunga, Jr. taking a little stroll in LA. Awww, wook at wittle Punk…how sweet. More precious baby flicks when you…

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April 25th 11:02am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Hides From Cops In Manure & Still Gets Caught

Some people will do anything to get away from the cops! A man wanted in Indiana on meth charges was found hiding from the police neck deep in pig and dog feces. The manure was under an outbuilding on a farm an hour northeast from the courthouse. Continue…

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