December 8th 9:17am

Dirty Female Dog Diaries: Tony Parker Says Eva Longoria Is No Angel, Was Chopping Down Lance Armstrong???

We knew this would get even more interesting: When it comes to cheaters, Eva Longoria’s estranged husband Tony Parker hinks it takes one to know one!

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December 8th 9:03am

Fawking For Publicity: Attention Whores Evelyn Lozada & Chad OchoCinco Celebrate Fellow Attention Whore T.O.’s Birthday

Here is “Beyonce and Jay-Z 2.0” better known as Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé Chad OchoCinco

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December 8th 8:36am

Oklahoma Woman Popped For Killing Her Female “Domestic Partner” & Fellow Teacher

This is Seidah Vaughn. Apparently, Seidah was unhappy with her lover, Judy Bell, who was also her co-worker at a Middle School in Texas

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December 8th 8:18am

A Stan Match Made In Heaven: Glee x Beyonce Coming Soon!!!

Some of you probably created shrines, hoping and praying this would happen. Well stans and gleeks: your dreams have come true. Beyonce is finally heading to “Glee!”

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December 8th 2:45am

E-V-E Is Back With A New Jawn “Hot Steppa #1″… Lil Kim And Nicki Minaj Make Room, She Gotta Lil Somethin’ For Ya’ll!

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have been the center of attention when it comes to females in Hip-Hop for the past couple of months. Since they’re on some tit-for-tat type shizzz, Eve felt it was the right time to creep up on these chicks and throw out a new track featuring Swizz Beatz called “Hot…

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December 8th 2:12am

Couple Baby Mamas + 1 Baby Daddy + Siblings + 1 Fiance = Reginae’s 12th Birthday Dinner

Lil Wayne’s first born, Reginae Carter, just celebrated her 12th birthday at Straits, Ludacris’ restaurant, in Atlanta,GA. Looks like Lil Wayne made it out just in time to celebrate the holidays with his “families” and a very special day for his #1 girl.

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December 8th 12:23am

In Case You Haven’t Seen It: Keri Hilson’s New Video The Clean Version “The Way You Love Me”

So much controversy has surrounded the dirty version of Keri Hilson’s video for “The Way You Love Me”, we’re trying to figure out if anyone even cares that the official one was released today.

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December 7th 11:37pm

Ain’t No Sunshine Where This Former Band Member Is Going

Monday, former KC and the Sunshine Band bassist and producer Richard Finch was sentenced to 7 YEARS in prison for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. What. The. Fawk!? Maybe there is a down-low gay illuminati in the music industry that has all these grown men loooking for little boys. His voice breaking, the 56-year-old…

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December 7th 11:16pm

Mariah Carey’s Stunt Double Spreads A Little Christmas…. Huh?!?!

The androgynous, hair flowing B. Scott certainly has been busy this year. He’s gone from blogging to radio host to the Tyra Banks Show to being Mariah Carey’s new best friend. At the top of the year, B. Scott made an appearance in Mariah Carey’s “Up Out My Face” video ft. Nicki Minaj and it…

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December 7th 10:33pm

Caption This…Angelina Jolie And Her Benetton Babies

Fresh off being suffering the wrath of Chelsea Handler, Angelina “Fawking ITCHBAY, fawking c*nt” Jolie took her little motley crew out for a day of cultural enrichment at an art shop in NYC.

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December 7th 8:03pm

The Hard Truth: Bitter Black Women Do Exist

“Les, it’s 2010 you can’t be writing about bitter black women. Combining those words alone will get people enraged.”

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December 7th 7:35pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Jessica Simpson Finally Found Something She’s The Best At

Her musical appeal may have gone down (she hasn’t had a Gold album since her 2004 Christmas CD); and she may not be the brightest crayon in the box. But Jessica Simpson‘s fashion empire is making it monsoon on the rest of these wanna be celebrity designers.

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December 7th 7:09pm

Name The Tiny Tooted Up Cakes

One of our nominees in the “Attention Whore of the Year” category for this year’s Bossip Awards assumed this classy position in a recent photo shoot with Can you name those tiny tooted up cakes?

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December 7th 6:43pm

Prosecuting Attorneys Refuse To Speak To Judge During Texas Death Penalty Trial

After a judge granted the defense attorneys for John Edward Green a hearing to challenge the constitutional merit of the death penalty, the prosecution decided they would no longer participate in the proceedings. What part of the game is THAT?? After defense lawyers had questioned an expert witness who runs an anti-death-penalty group, Fine asked…

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