April 5th 10:06am

Usher: “I’ve Decided, If There Is Anybody That’s Going To Sh*zzz On Me… It Will Be My Kids”

Usher made an appearance on Lopez Tonight promoting his album, Raymond vs. Rayomond, and speaking on being a father. Also, Usher admitted to having 3 kids!!! Flip the Lid for a Little Mornin’ Laugh…

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April 5th 10:01am

Baby Mama Drama: Brian McKnight Heads To Court For Child Support

Looks like Brian McKnight is a daddy. He’s paying child support for a 1-year-old named Evan Brian McKnight. The child’s mother is using K-Fed’s lawyer to represent her. Details under the hood.

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April 5th 9:37am

True or False???: Keri Hilson Calls Her Mother A B*tch On Twitter

There are certain things you should give attention and then there those things you should probably just ignore.Keri Hilson was on Twitter the other night and someone referred to Keri’s mother as a “B*tch”. Instead of Keri just ignoring the psycho chick who just wanted some attention, she decided to respond. She really should have…

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April 5th 9:24am

BeyBey And Camel Lovin’ It Up On Easter

Aren’t BeyBey and Hov just the perfect picture of matrimony-dom??? Somebody sure looks happy — we’re not sure if Bey Bey is so giddy because she skipped the makeup and 5 inch stilettos or if Camel promised her a ride on his hump when they get home… Pop the hood for more.

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April 5th 9:03am

Nicki Minaj: “I Don’t Respond To Strawberry Shortcake Bum B*tches… They My Sons!!!”

A couple of weeks ago, a chick by the name of Keys, by way of Baltimore, went all the way in on Nicki Minaj and her bubble gum, weird face making lyrics. Nicki Minaj has decided to break her silence but she really should have just remained silent. Flip the Lid for Nicki’s “So-Called” Statement…

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April 5th 9:00am

Larda$s Steals Beef Jerky, Too Fat For Jail

Meet George “Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy” Jolicoeur, a Florida man, who got busted scamming restaurants and convenience stores out of snacks. Pop the hood.

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April 5th 8:56am

Poor Thang: Philadelphia Eagles Trade Donovan McNabb To Washington Redskins

Looks like the Campbell Soup Mama’s Boy is trading in his green and white jersey for burgundy and gold: Donovan McNabb is changing uniforms and staying in the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles traded McNabb to the Washington Redskins

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April 5th 8:52am

Some Morning Baby And Cakes

Kourtney Kardashian, her little precious fellow Mason Dash Disick, and Kim and her cakes were spotted having some family fun at a pool in Miami. More pics including Kim in a kini on the flip…

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April 5th 8:49am

Bossip Tweetstakes: Mo’Nique Live In Augusta GA!!!

For all you Southern Belles and folks in the Augusta, GA or South Cackalack area, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Academy Award Winner Mo’Nique perform live at the James Brown Arena. Pop it for the details: Continue…

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April 5th 8:49am

Murder Murray’s Defense: MJ Killed Himself In The Two Minutes The Doc Left The Room

Dr. Conrad “Murder” Murray’s Richie Rich legal defense is that Michael Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of Propofol. Pop the hood.

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April 5th 8:13am

Was Oprah Out Of Pocket For Bringing Up MJ’s Death During Janet’s Interview For Tyler Perry’s Movie???

Janet Jackson hit up Oprah’s show to promote Tyler Perry’s new movie, “Why Did I Get Married Too?”. Now, we all know Oprah has her own agenda and we were not surprised one bit that she talked to Janet about Micheal Jackson’s death but… Was Oprah Out of Line?!?!

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April 4th 4:48pm

Vivica Fox Has Something To Tell You Guys…

Vivica Fox has a special message for you. Pop the hood to find out what it is.

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April 4th 1:32pm

Sunday Swirl: Hugh Hefner’s Old Ho Turns The Streets Out

We were going to make a comment on how all Hugh’s ex girls are going for brothers, but then we took a close look at this picture… and really don’t know if this is a “brother” or not. SMH Pop the top for more pictures and a better look

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April 4th 12:55pm

The Moscow Bombers Met Their Lover’s-Crew From The Internet While Living In Northern Caucasus Region!

This chick was from the Northern Caucasus region originally…talk about Bonnie and Clyde: This is the chilling pose that a baby-faced 17-year-old Moscow subway bomber once struck with her terrorist chieftain husband, whose recent death she avenged in a horrific suicide attack last week.

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April 4th 12:26pm

Coco And Her Suspect Backs Are Looking A Little “Tranny-ish”

Nicole “Coco” Austin celebrated her birthday last night with her pimp/husband Ice-T. Something is looking a little strange here in this pic of Coco, we’re not quite sure what it is, but she’s looking awfully trannyish. Pop the hood to view more flicks…

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