July 15th 2:34pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Too Short Arrested For Battery (GO) Road SMS Might Not Be Such A Great Idea Come To Think Of It (GO) Mother Ordered To Stop Breast-Feeding Her 6-Year-Old (GO) Christina Milian Goes Shopping With Her Sister (GO) Delonte West To Plead Guilty To Weapon Charges (GO) Bangladesh Discusses Lawsuit With Cash Money Records (GO) Will…

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July 15th 2:33pm

Lindsay BloHan Seeks Treatment, Enters Rehab Early

Lindsay Lohan headed to a rehab clinic yesterday, conveniently owned by her new lawyer Robert Shapiro. Details on the flipside

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July 15th 2:12pm

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: “If My Mama And Grandma Don’t Have A Problem With My Johnson’s Preference Then Why Should It Matter”… Child Please!!!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has gone on Wendy Williams, Angela Yee and now Global Grind to explain why there are no black women on his show. This time he is blaming it own his “Johnson” and also says that his mama and grandma are fine with his choices so… “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!” Imagine if…

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July 15th 12:46pm

Sean Garrett Feat. Nicki Minaj “Get It All”

Nicki Minaj and Sean Garrett give it another try after the failed “Massive Attack”. See if 2nd times a charm as they drop “Get It All” when you… Continue

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July 15th 12:38pm

To Whom Does This Butterflied Back Belong?

Check out the butterfly tattoo on this multi-talented Hollyweird fixture. Can you guess who she is? Pop the hood to find out!

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July 15th 12:28pm

Oh Snap! Airport Closes After A UFO Flies Over It!

Aww shoot! A UFO hovering over the Chinese airport caused authorities to stop all operations. This may be one of the most authentic UFO sightings to date. Get in here and check out these pics!

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July 15th 12:03pm

Kimmy Cakes Makes A Pass At Kiyan In Her Wedding Toast To LaLa And Melo

No wonder Kiyan be giving Kim Kardashian the dooky face! Kim Kardashian made a toast to LaLa and Carmelo at their wedding, but something was a little off about it. Pop the hood to watch

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July 15th 11:15am

Certified Links

Alicia Keys, Sade And Jay-Z To Perform At HIV/AIDS Charity Ball (GO) Lindsay Lohan Concerned About Viruses (GO) Irina Shayk Topless In GQ Of The Day (GO) Is Obama Over Reaching With His New Strategy For HIV/AIDS? (GO) Michael Jackson’s Alleged Son Planning To Join Wrongful Death Suit (GO) Man Killed After Asking Friend To…

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July 15th 10:56am

Who Is My Dad?

This handsome young man was spotted vacationing with his family, including his incredibly famous father who is an accomplished actor, director and producer. This should be an easy one. Pop the hood for the answer

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July 15th 10:40am

SMH: Vaseline Is Trying To Make Facebook-ers In India Look Like Sammy Sosa

Vaseline ought to be ashamed of themselves: Skincare group Vaseline has introduced a skin-lightening application for Facebook in India, enabling users to make their faces whiter in their profile pictures.

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July 15th 10:15am

Poor Thang

Damn, Kelis!!! You moved like ZERO units, son!!! The results are in, and in the first week…Fleshtone has sold…

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July 15th 10:14am

Ne-Yo Drops 2-Videos For “Beautiful Monster & Champagne Life”

It looks like Captain Ne-Yo’s newest videos for Beautiful Monster and Champagne life are a little star struck. We think that is Columbus Short in one of them with the weird accent holding The Baby Daddy’s hand. Click Here To Watch The Videos On BossipVideo.com!

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July 15th 9:59am

A List of Ways to Control Your Stress Levels (Part 1)

Happy almost there Thursday, Bossip readers! Let’s dive into today’s topic, shall we? Did you know that stress kills? And the worst part of it is, it kills you slowly. True story. Okay, so it can’t, literally, make anyone keel over and expire but it can be the sole cause of deadly health issues.

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July 15th 9:50am

Sorry Kobe: Raja Bell Going To The Utah Jazz, Getting 10 Milli For 3 Years

Raja Bell is going to the Utah Jazz: Looks like Kobe Bryant and Raja Bell will get to keep battling with each other and not have to become best buddies.

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July 15th 9:22am

Jaden Smith, Man Of Style, Hits London To Promote “The Karate Kid”

Lil Jaden Smith hit up BBC Radio One studios in London to promote “The Karate Kid” in this interesting ‘fit. Are you feeling his little leather vest, open grey boots, shades and blowout? Pop the hood for more shots of him, Jackie Chan and Jaden’s lil fan

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