December 16th 11:32am

“Real Men Drink Lattes”

Camel orders venti drinks just like the common folk: If you’re in a Starbucks and the guy next to you identifies himself to the counterman as “X,” it’s probably Jay-Z.

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December 16th 11:30am

Reassessing The Gentrification Debate: Is It All About Race or Just Economics?

Chris and Trey are brothers who grew up in mid-city New Orleans. Trey left home and became an attorney in New York City while Chris stayed behind and has long been dedicated to his neighborhood. But an impending building project is slated to transform their area, causing Chris anxiety about current residents being displaced because…

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December 16th 11:30am

“The Kang” Writes More Letters, Thanks Fans, But Still Sounds So Damn Pitiful…

*Sigh* Inmate Harris scribes yet ANOTHER kite from the bing.

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December 16th 11:15am

Which One Would You Hit??? Reggie Bush Vs. Chris Paul

Reggie Bush and Chris Paul did a little bowling for charity the other day in New Orleans along with Nelly and Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies”.

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December 16th 10:56am

The Hood Life: Brothers Fight In Ohio Over Fried Chicken, Mother Calls 911

Come on!! We gotta do better: An Akron man suffered severe head injuries after police said he was attacked by his brother, who wielded a crowbar during a fight ignited over a half-eaten piece of fried chicken.

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December 16th 10:46am

The Celebrity Gay Rumor

If you’re an attractive male R&B or hip-hop artist who’s had a successful single, a large female fan base and lyrics that don’t center solely on misogyny and criminal pursuits, you now have ingredients for your very own gay rumor.

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December 16th 10:40am

Caption This

Owen Wilson and Dustin Hoffman were “nose-to-nose” at the premiere of the movie “The Little Fockers” in New York last night.

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December 16th 10:17am

Random Ridiculousness: Violating TSA In LAX Spreading Cheeks And Spreading Holiday Cheer With Choir

Nice that TSA is trying to make people’s “rape-ish” pat-down experiences more cheerful: Travelers passing through Los Angeles International Airport are finding that security officers have more than a scan or pat-down for them this holiday season.

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December 16th 10:03am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Ciara “Basic Instinct” Edition

A giddy Ciara celebrated the release of her album “Basic Instinct” in Hollyweird with Julissa Bermudez.

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December 16th 9:43am

It Pays To Hold Mike Vick Down…

Kijafa Frink may have had to share her man’s DNA with other broads, and she may not have a wedding band yet. But she’s certainly reaping the benefits of being Michael Vick’s down-azz chick.

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December 16th 9:33am

What Were You Thinking??? White Weather Woman Caught Fabricating Rape Allegations

SMH: For months, weather babe Heidi Jones had convinced sympathetic colleagues at WABC/Channel 7 that she had nearly been raped while jogging in Central Park.

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December 16th 9:20am

Some Morning Lovin: Kimora And Djimon Publicly Pucker Up For The Paps

We really like these two as a couple: The 35-year-old, Kimora Lee Simmons, joined her partner, Oscar nominated actor Djimon Hounsou, for an adults only lunch

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December 16th 9:04am

Jennifer Hudson Is Addicted To ________________….

Everyone has their vice, and for J-Hud it’s….

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December 16th 8:48am

In Teenagers With Babies News: Teen Mom Amber Portwood Denies Pregnancy Rumors

This is good news about that shady boyfriend-beating Amber: Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is slamming two new tabloid claims that she’s expecting her second child.

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