September 18th 11:08am

Kid Rock Must Pay Up For Beatdown Of Man In Georgia Waffle House

A jury ruled that Kid Rock will have to pay $40,000 to a man who says he was assaulted at a Waffle House in 2007 in Georgia by Kid Rock and his entourage who also smashed his cell phone.

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September 18th 11:00am

Should Ladies Looking To Tie The Knot Young Move Where Numbers Are In Their Favor?

This one seems kind of like a no-brainer for us, but a recent study shows that women who live in places where they’re outnumbered marry earlier! Wedding bells ring sooner for women in places where single ladies are scarce, according to a new study of metropolitan areas in America. Where single women are rare, women…

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September 18th 10:25am

16 Cool Careers for the Millenium Professional

Ever sit at your desk and contemplate having another career? We’ll, if you do, don’t let your boss know before looking at this list. With the changing economy and the shift to a more technologically advanced society there are a plethora of new opportunities in the work force. We included some of the more interesting…

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September 18th 10:08am

Chatty Charles Says He’s “Sorry For Ugly Women,” Backs Reggie Bush By Admitting He Also Took Agent’s Money In College

Charles “Jabberjaws” Barkley is back at it again, talking all kinds of yang yang on Dan Patrick’s radio show Friday morning about Reggie Bush forfeiting his Heisman Award while also keeping it 100 on the Jets/Ines Sainz locker room situation.

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September 18th 2:36am

Ice Cube Talks With Bossip About His Classic Controversial Hit “Enemy,” Putting His Son’s On, And More! [Video]

So The Young Generation Will Know: “Bossip Reveres Cube For Helping Mold Our Generation With His Political And Conscious-Militant Rap.”

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September 18th 1:09am

Kelly Rowland Puts On A Janet Jackson Smile With A Ciara Vibe In New Video “Forever And A Day”

Kelly Rowland just released the video for “Rose Colored Glasses” and now she’s already moving on to the next single “Forever and a Day” that was dropped overseas less than 48 hours ago. The urban world may not catch on to Kelly’s new vibe but that doesn’t matter as long as somebody is buy the…

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September 17th 9:25pm

Bossip Exclusive: Bokeem Woodbine Was Jaded When It Came To Role In New Movie “Devil” But Freaked Out By The Illuminati…

Bokeem Woodbine… even though he lives his life under the radar, there’s never a dull moment when he comes across the movie screen. He’s starred in a handful of unforgettable movies, Jason’s Lyric, Dead Presidents, Ray and Gridlock’d, just to name a few. In a exclusive interview with Bossip, Bokeem gives us a little insight…

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September 17th 7:15pm

Bossip Exclusive: Meet The Man Responsible For Nicki Minaj’s Billboard Chart Hit “Your Love”

Some of you would say that Lil Wayne is solely responsible for Nicki Minaj’s fame and you would be right. However, if it wasn’t for a music producer by the name of Pop from Philly that produced “Beam Me Up Scotty”, which was the name of her mixtape that help create a buzz for the…

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September 17th 5:59pm

Lil Wayne Will Be Giving Fans “Gonorrhea” From Behind Bars

Lil Wayne fans are in luck! While Weezy F. won’t be freed until November 5, he will be releasing a new album before then, on September 27.

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September 17th 5:11pm

Tweets Is Talkin’… What Did Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett Have To Say About Ines Sainz Harrassment?

Clinton Portis wasn’t the only one with something to say about booty tooting reporter Ines Sainz…

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September 17th 4:45pm

10 Rappers With The Most Ridiculous Chains In Hip-Hop

Rappers are notorious for rocking iced out chains but what happens when they take flossing too far?

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September 17th 4:02pm

Hide Your Grandkids: Morgan’s A Free Man Again

After two post-scandal years and a bit of swirl action, Morgan Freeman is officially back on the market.

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September 17th 2:50pm

Shannon Sharpe Returns To Work; Friends Say He Was The One Being Stalked

Now that his swirl-gone wrong situation is out of the courts, CBS has asked accused rapist NFL Hall of Fame candidate Shannon Sharpe to come back to work before he even had a chance to miss a day.

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September 17th 2:47pm

New Music – R. Kelly “Can You Feel It”

The pied-piper is back with another spiritually uplifting anthem for dat azz! You can tell the time spent in South Africa for the World Cup this year has added some zest to R. Kelly’s music. Let’s just hope he didn’t have any young ladies from Soweto pole dancing and pissing on themselves for sandwiches!

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