February 3rd 11:44am

For Discussion: Should Schools Punish Students For Something They Do At Home??

The internet has created all kinds of new issues for parents and teachers to deal with… some, way more valid than others.

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February 3rd 10:25am

Habitual Texter And Convicted Murderer, Charles Manson Is The Man In The ‘Pen’…

Need to send that urgent text message form behind prison walls? No problem, Charles Manson has got you!

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February 3rd 10:25am

Where Are These 10 One Hit(ish) Wonders??

Whether you’re part of the industry or listening from the outside in, everyone knows how fickle mainstream music can be.

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February 3rd 10:05am

Reason #214 Why The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Aren’t Going Anywhere

Apparently, more people cared about Cynthia and Peter’s wedding drama than anything that has ever happened in any other Bravo Housewife’s life.

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February 3rd 9:47am

Juelz Santana Popped! Thrown In The Slammer For Havin’ Them Grams And Blam-Blammers!!

Looks like the Dipset reunion album may be put on hold because it sounds like the Bergen County prosecutor has a Jones for Laron James…

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February 3rd 9:45am

Tracy Morgan Drops Ex-Girlfriend For Another Woman And She Rewards Him With A Kidney?!

When Tracy Morgan is in a life or death situation, who does he call?

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February 3rd 9:40am

Boostin': White Girls Who Love to Steal

According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention retailers lose $13 billion annually due to people utilizing the “five finger discount”

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February 3rd 9:18am

Halle Berry To Gabriel Aubry: “You Were Only Good For One Thing… Thanks For The Donation.”

These two are going in on each other!! Halle Berry sent the father of her daughter a scorching email that said, “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.”

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February 3rd 9:02am

Bossip New Music Exclusive!: Tyga Featuring Snoop Dogg, Game, And Pharrell “Really Raw”, Disses Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose?!?!?

Damn, that was quick. Seems like Young Money’s young spitter from the left coast has heard the mumblings that Wiz Khalifa has a problem not being the only light skinned ninja with tattoos.

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February 3rd 8:17am

This Is Kim Kardashian’s Way Of Encouraging You To ___________

Here’s a screen shot from Kimmy Cakes‘ latest promotional spot. Can you guess what she’s selling?

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February 3rd 7:00am

Baby Violet Pulls In $10,000 While Mommy Christina Pulls In $3,500 And Justin Bieber’s 10%!!!

With all this talk of The Dream stopping some of the payments to ex-wife Christina Milian, we knew the details of their divorce settlement would pop up. According to Radaronline, Christina receives a good amount to take care of baby Violet every month and for herself as long as she doesn’t date anyone in the…

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February 3rd 6:49am

More Aubry-Berry Baby Daddy-Mama Drama: Gabriel’s Best Friend Throws Him Under The Bus

This thing gets uglier and uglier each day…and now Gabriel’s bestie is saying what we were saying back in ’07

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February 3rd 6:37am

SMH: WikiLeaks Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

We bet this has some folks’ panties in a bunch right now: A Norwegian politician said he has nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize, citing the website’s contribution to “democracy and freedom of speech” worldwide.

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