September 9th 12:52pm

Top 10 Hottest NFL Wives And Girlfriends

As we kick off the NFL season tonight with a rematch of last years Saints Vs Vikings NFC Championship, many of the men have prepared through vigorous training and body abusing preseason games, hoping to take home the Lombardi trophy this year.

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September 9th 12:49pm

Certified Links

Willow Smith, Daughter Of Will Smith, Signed To Jay-Z (GO) Tom Brady — Unruffled at Crash Scene (GO) Lacey Schwimmer is Annoying for DWTS of the Day (GO) Lupe Fiasco Talks ‘Lasers’ Says It May Never Be Released (GO) African-Americans Still Nation’s Largest Ethnic Television Audience (GO) EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Britney Spears’ Ex-Bodyguard Speaks Out About…

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September 9th 12:10pm

Reggie Bush Says F*ck A Heisman… He Isn’t Even Thinking About That Trophy!

Reggie Bush says he hasn’t given the hoopla over him potentially losing the Heisman award any thought.

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September 9th 11:20am

Yeezy Is Suited, Booted And Sockless In The City

Kanye West was spotted strolling in Soho with a “respectable looking” woman… Looking pretty sharp, although he was definitely missing something! Ashy ankles coming right up…

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September 9th 10:45am

The 11 Most Important Policies For African Americans in The Last 50 Years

Although many believe the country has not changed much in the past fifty years, there have been several laws that counter those arguments. From affirmative action policies to voting rights ordinances to drug laws, these 11 policies have changed and impacted the African-American community for better or for worse.

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September 9th 10:17am

In Dumbazz Criminal News: Dude Gets Caught Due To Tats And Haircut

SMH: A woman who was robbed of $310 while sitting at a Seattle traffic light gave police a detailed description of the man who stuck a gun in her open window.

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September 9th 8:49am

RihRih AKA Lil Red Riding Hooker Unveils Cover For “Only Girl (In The World)”

Rihanna aka Big Red and her 5Head put to use her newfound Twitter skills to unveil the new cover art for her latest single “Only Girl (In The World)”. Check it out:

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September 9th 7:27am

One-Time On The Lookout For Ice Cube Obsessed Mom Accused Of Kidnapping 3 Kids

Police are looking for a woman named Oshea Jackson, who should be very easy to identify, considering she has her name “Oshea Jackson” and “Ice Cube” tatted on her forehead.

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September 9th 7:04am

T.I. Getting AXE’d? Body Spray Considers Dropping Alleged Pill Popper

Poor Thang! T.I. isn’t just in trouble with the law, he’s also facing the possibility of losing sponsors — again.

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September 9th 6:48am

More Basketball Baby Mama Drama… Royce Says Dwight’s Visits With Son Need To Be Supervised

Things continue to get uglier with Dwight Howard and his baby’s mother “Basketball Wives'” Royce Reed… Just two weeks after calling one-time when Dwight picked their son up from daycare outside of their agreed schedule, Royce is now filing to have the courts make his visits with the child supervised.

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September 9th 6:14am

What Is Wrong With This Video???

Out of all the things for this little girl to learn why did it have to be the dance moves for Strippin’ 101. Check out this video and tell us what you would do if your child broke out doing this dance moves at the family picnic???

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September 9th 5:54am

Lauryn Hill Is Back With A Duet With Old Solid Gold Ron Isley “Close To You”

Lauryn Hill, what exactly is it going to take to get this girl back to making music again. In this cover put together by Ron Isley featuring Lauryn Hill, it makes you want to yell at her and say “GET YO A$$ets BACK IN THE STUDIO AND BREAK US OFF AN ALBUM!!!” but until we…

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September 9th 5:36am

Rev. Run Says Nicki Minaj Is Pretty Amazing… Are We Suppose To Say Amen?!?!

Rev Run was seen doing his thing at the AXE Lounge in the Hamptons. During a quickie interview, he was asked who he thinks is the hottest MC in the game right now. Of course he names his son, Diggy, but low and behold, Rev Run is feeling Mz. Nicki Minaj’s Steez…

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September 9th 5:20am

Are You Feeling This Get Up???: Keyshia Cole In The Studio With Pharrell

Keyshia Cole is back in the studio after having a baby and mom dukes going to rehab. Either Keyshia Cole was under a rock that entire time she was taking care of her personal life or she has just decided not to give a damn… Either way, we are confused about what’s going on !!!…

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September 9th 5:09am

Good Thing Gloria Govan Got The Hell On: Matt Barnes Arrested For Domestic Violence!!!

First Matt Barnes was arguing with the chickens from VH1’s Basketball Housewives and then got in trouble for smacking up a coach… Guess he was just practicing for the real day!!! Matt Barnes was arrested in Sacramento County for laying hands on his “live in” chicken girlfriend. Los Angeles Lakers player Matt Barnes was arrested…

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