December 16th 4:30pm

Back To The Drawing Board: Some Of Hip-Hop’s Worst Ideas & Marketing Strategies

Hip-Hop is no stranger to trying any and everything to switch up the game.

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December 16th 3:49pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Breaking News: Waka Flocka’s House Raided For Possible Prostitution, Gucci Mane Detained (GO) Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake – Fall For Your Type (Live On Ellen) (GO) Drake Named The Most Retweeted Rapper On Twitter (GO) Eva Longoria and Tony Parker ‘Not Getting Back Together’ (GO) Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Snubs LL Cool J…

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December 16th 3:35pm

10 Major Myths That Destroy the Black Community

It would be an understatement to say the black community is in shambles and needs to be repaired. At this point, it needs to be rebuilt on a solid foundation rooted in celebratory and functional morals and values. We need a regained sense of self-love, pride and worth.

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December 16th 3:09pm

Remember Ally McBeal’s Tatalalicious Token Homegirl??

WTF happened to you, Lisa Nicole Carson??? She was spotted last night at the “Tron Legacy” premiere in NYC. Her stylist clearly didn’t know she was attending.

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December 16th 2:26pm

Rep Louie Gohmert Says: ‘Those Gays Are Gonna Fawk Everything Up’

During the House debate over the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert basically stated that openly gay soldiers would eventually bring an end of our great country.

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December 16th 1:00pm

Some Afternoon Cakes: Keyshia Dior, XXL: Eye Candy Of The Year

Take a moment to appreciate the magnificence that is Miss Keyshia Dior, who XXL named ‘Eye Candy Of The Year’. We would say “clap for her”, but she should be the one doing the clapping…*Kanye shrug*

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December 16th 12:20pm

Ms. Jade Calls Out Timbaland And Says Missy Swagger Jacked Her Whole Style [Video]

In a recent interview with Star from the Star and Bucwild Show, Ms. Jade made it obvious that she is not to fond of her future label mates and friends Missy & Timbaland. During the interview, Star asked Ms. Jade about her previous relationship with Virginia hit makers Missy and Timbaland. However, her response came…

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December 16th 11:32am

“Real Men Drink Lattes”

Camel orders venti drinks just like the common folk: If you’re in a Starbucks and the guy next to you identifies himself to the counterman as “X,” it’s probably Jay-Z.

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December 16th 11:30am

Reassessing The Gentrification Debate: Is It All About Race or Just Economics?

Chris and Trey are brothers who grew up in mid-city New Orleans. Trey left home and became an attorney in New York City while Chris stayed behind and has long been dedicated to his neighborhood. But an impending building project is slated to transform their area, causing Chris anxiety about current residents being displaced because…

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December 16th 11:30am

“The Kang” Writes More Letters, Thanks Fans, But Still Sounds So Damn Pitiful…

*Sigh* Inmate Harris scribes yet ANOTHER kite from the bing.

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December 16th 11:15am

Which One Would You Hit??? Reggie Bush Vs. Chris Paul

Reggie Bush and Chris Paul did a little bowling for charity the other day in New Orleans along with Nelly and Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies”.

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December 16th 10:56am

The Hood Life: Brothers Fight In Ohio Over Fried Chicken, Mother Calls 911

Come on!! We gotta do better: An Akron man suffered severe head injuries after police said he was attacked by his brother, who wielded a crowbar during a fight ignited over a half-eaten piece of fried chicken.

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