October 10th 2:02pm

The Kardashian Fam’s Tag Team Fight And Flee

Last week, one of Kim Kardashian’s haters decided to cool her down with a drink in the club.

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October 10th 1:53pm

Guess The Droopy Dookie Drawled Jeans

This ISHT is not cute. Someone was spotted in NYC desperately needing to pull his motherfuggin pants up!! This isn’t the first time he’s been seen like this…can you guess who?

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October 10th 1:28pm

Who Is My Daddy?

This cutiepie was seen leaving the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollyweird with her daddy. Do you know who he is???

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October 10th 1:12pm

Something’s Fishy About Clarence Thomas’ Swirly Wife’s Nonprofit Group “Liberty Central” That Opposes President Obama’s “Leftist Tyranny”

Seems like shadiness runs through the Thomas family: As one of the keynote speakers here Friday at a state convention billed as the largest Tea Party event ever, Virginia Thomas gave the throng of more than 2,000 activists a full-throated call to arms for conservative principles.

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October 10th 12:53pm

Top 10 Cities For African-Americans To Live In

These cities were selected by Black Enterprise (BE) magazine as the top ten places for African Americans in the United States.

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October 10th 12:20pm

Usher Raymond IV Forgets To Shave

Usher is in London doing radio interviews and such with his scruffy-grizzly bear steez in full effect.

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October 10th 12:04pm

Athletes And Hoes: Brett Favre Caught Sextin’ Nasty Stuff With Sideline Slut…Proof Hits The Net, NFL Reviewing Reports

Happy Birthday Brett Favre. When are these athletes gonna learn that dealing with hoes is never prosperous?: The National Football League said Saturday that it is reviewing reports involving Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre after a sports website posted naked pictures, text and voice messages it alleges he sent to a model and former television…

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October 10th 11:06am

Are You Feelin This Get Up?? Blurple Lipped Ye’ In A V-Neck, Leather Pants, And Gold Chains

Kanye West is in Tokyo promoting his short film “Runaway” that he directed “all by him own self”…

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October 10th 10:43am

Halle Berry Getting Serious With French Jawn?? Introduces Dude To Her Mother

Halle sure moves fast with the men-folk: Halle Berry and her new beau Olivier Martiez seem to be taking their romance to the next level.

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October 10th 10:14am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Latino Gang In The Bronx Torture Gay Recruits, Sodomizing With Baseball Bats & Plunger Poles

This is crazy: The members of a sadistic Bronx crew accused of torturing a man and two teens because they were gay claimed the gang’s leaders forced them to participate – or become victims themselves.

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October 10th 3:34am

10 Things You Can Learn From A Nigerian

Happy Anniversary Nigeria! It goes without saying: Nigerians are plentiful. In fact, one in five Africans is Nigerian and they certainly represent throughout the Diaspora.  Much of the time, however, the over 150 million Nigerians in the world are unfairly associated with 419 email scams.  More often than not, Nigerians are contributing to the international…

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October 9th 5:50pm

Boris Kodjoe Is JET Beauty Of The Week Along With ‘Undercovers’ Co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Boris Kodjoe and his Undercovers’ co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw cover the upcoming issue of JET Magazine.

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October 9th 4:29pm

Is Jimmy Henchmen The Target Of A Smear Campaign By An Angry White Journalist Seeking His Payback???

What if Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, isn’t a government informant after all, but the target of a smear campaign by Chuck Philips, the journalist who ruined his own reputation, by writing a farfetched expose in the Los Angeles Times charging that Biggie, Puffy and Rosemond were part of a team that orchestrated the 1994 attack on…

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October 9th 3:27pm

German GQ Cheek Checks Rosario Dawson For Some Cover Cakes

Rosario Dawson brought her backs to the cover of the latest issue of German GQ. Check out lots more photos below:

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October 9th 2:52pm

Flavor Of Love Girl “Deelishis” Makes Viral Comeback With Cake Shaking Video For Usher’s “Hot Tottie”

London Charles, better known as Deelishis from the VH-1 buffoonery reality show “Flavor of Love” is back with a new video—no she’s not singing, well literally.

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