July 19th 3:15pm

Atheists Perform “De-Baptisms” With Blow Dryers

Atheists at the annual American atheists convention are making headlines after they underwent a “de-baptism”, and had the “offending waters” that were sprinkled on their foreheads as children dried up with blow dryers. Details on this random ridiculousness when you… Continue

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July 19th 3:06pm

Does Nick’s Cannon Shoot Blanks? Mariah Wants Twins But Still Can’t Get Pregnant

Trying to make babies might be harder than making good music for Mariah and Nick. The couple has been making that bed rock in the hopes of having twins. Pop it for details.

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July 19th 2:10pm

He’s Not Even A Citizen, But Drake Wants To Be President… Obama?

Drake couldn’t get top billing in Young Money so he’s set his sights on a much higher office — taking over the role of Barack Obama… on film of course. Pop it for pop-rapper quotes on acting, being shook and internet haters

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July 19th 12:43pm

108 Year-Old Woman Reunites With Her 38 Year-Old Husband

A 108-year-old woman has reunited with her 38 year old husband after a year of separation. That’s not a typo either, this couple is dealing with a 70 year age difference. Details under the hood Continue

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July 19th 12:40pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Shyne Covers September Issue of XXL Magazine (GO) BET Founder to Build Spa Resort in War-Torn Liberia (GO) Woman Stabbed In The Head While Reading Bible (GO) The Definition Of “Ghetto Parenting”? (GO) Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted To F*** F*** His Baby Momma (GO) Woman Pregnant With Two Babies Due A Week Apart (GO) Angelina Jolie’s…

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July 19th 11:49am

Kelly Rowland Takes Promo Pics For An Album That Has Been Pushed Back To Damn Near Neveruary

Kelly Rowland brought her favorite lace-front out to take some promo pics for her upcoming third album which she now admits won’t be coming out September 21st… We think they’re a little uninspired but we’ll let you be the judge. Pop the hood for another shot and more album news

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July 19th 11:14am

Sarah Palin Gets Clowned For Making Up Words While Criticizing Obama and the NAACP

Just when you thought she couldn’t get dumber, Sarah Palin surprises us again. This time, she’s not writing words on her hand, she’s making them up. Pop it to hear how huked on fonix didn’t wurk fer her.

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July 19th 11:02am

X-Tina’s “Bionic” Album Has Sucky Sales, Record Label “Panicking”

Poor thang: Christina Aguilera’s new album, “Bionic,” is doing so poorly, music insiders say her label RCA is in “rescue mode.”

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July 19th 10:39am

Nicki Minaj As A “Hood$tar” Before The Glitz, The T*ts, The Glam, And The CAKES!

We’ve been showing you pre-booty injected Nicki Minaj pics since day one, but if you still care to see more…Pop it to peep lil flattycakes Onika Maraj…

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July 19th 10:16am

Michael Jordan Takes Shots At “King James”… Would Never Have Called Up His Competitors To Build Team

His Airness Michael Jordan recently gave his opinion on Lebron James’ decision to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and it wasn’t exactly positive. Words from the NBA great and flicks of King James’ vacay when you …

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July 19th 9:10am

Certified Links

50 Cent Sends More Shots At Diddy: “Don’t Act Like A B*tch” [Video] (GO) ‘Jersey Shore’ Producers — They’re All Expendable (GO) Too Short Addresses Arrest, Underage Girl Allegations (GO) Katy Perry Big T*ts in a Bikini of the Day (GO) It’s The Return Of The Has Beens: Lil Kim Brings Out DMX For Performance…

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July 19th 9:00am

Some Monday Morning Preciousness

Halle Berry took little Nahla to the circus yesterday along with a few friends. Pop it for some morning preciousness

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July 19th 8:52am

Karma Is Crazy: EMT Who Refused To Help Dying Pregnant Woman Was Fatally Shot In The Face

Jason Green, the EMT who allegedly ignored a dying pregnant woman because he was on his “lunch break” is now dead:

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July 19th 8:40am

RihRih Does Vegas

Rihanna was in Las Vegas this weekend where she took her little “Last Girl On Earth Tour” to Mandalay Bay. She was also spotted kicking and flirting with the men folk at the pool at Hard Rock. Flip the script for more images…

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July 19th 8:36am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 64-Year-Old Man Popped For Having Sex With His Dog Named “Christie Brinkley”

Man, the world is full of sick f*cks: An Aventura man was arrested on Friday and charged with having sex with his dog, a Great Dane named Christie Brinkley.

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