July 13th 12:00pm

Kimmy Cakes Debuts Her New Baller Boo Miles Austin At Pre-Espy’s Bash

Kim Kardashian brought her new jock out to play just in time for the ESPY’s! The couple has been photographed in public before, but this is the first time we’ve seen them on the scene together, are things getting serious? Pop the hood for more shots of Kimmy and Miles, Brandy, Serena Williams and other…

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July 13th 11:55am

Certified Links

The Game Disses The Dream For Leaving Christina Milian (GO) Star Witness In Mel Gibson Case — Oksana’s Dentist (GO) Ryan Seacrest Pretends He’s Not Gay Of The Day (GO) Can We Respect Tyler Perry For His Business Savvy, Despite Mediocre Artistic Skills? (GO) Dr. Drew Says Jail Won’t Help Lindsay Lohan “Let Me Help…

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July 13th 11:49am

Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Responds To Messy Jesse, Gets Fined 100K For Remarks Regarding BronBron’s Decision

Dan Gilbert’s out of pocket comments have gotten him into a bit of trouble with NBA commissioner David Stern, and he has responded to Jesse Jackson’s “Runaway Slave” comparisons: Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert

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July 13th 11:17am

Michelle Obama Tells NAACP Slavery’s Over… Let’s Move On!

Michelle Obama is tired of the NAACP pissin’ and moanin’ about slavery. At the NAACP Convention, she told them the greatest challenge to our children isn’t Jim Crow, its Little Debbie! Pop it to see her put the smack down.

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July 13th 11:09am

Christina Milian And Violet Were All Smiles In LA While That Shady Muthaf*cka Was Doing Her Dirty….

We have some adorable photos of Christina Milian (still wearing a wedding ring) and little baby Violet in LA over the weekend looking happier than ever, while that dirty dog ‘husband’ of hers “The Dream” was getting it in with his assistant in the Caribbean. Pop it to peep the images…

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July 13th 11:00am

This Is Someone’s Mother!

We knew the “White Parties” were a bad idea, but damn! This piece of work’s backshot is that much more disturbing… not to mention her friends, family, and peers below. Pop the top to see her backshot and her team of friends

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July 13th 10:11am

SMH: Will And Jada Scientology It Up With Tom “The Couch Jumping Weirdo” Cruise

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith spent several hours at Saddle Ranch Restaurant in West Hollywood doing Scientology shizzz with Tom “The Couch-Jumping Weirdo” Cruise yesterday. SMH. More Hollyweirdo action when you

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July 13th 10:00am

R.I.P. Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies At 80

George Steinbrenner, whose tumultuous 37-year reign as owner of the Yankees resulted in 11 pennants, seven World Championships and two suspensions from baseball, died this morning from a massive heart attack in Tampa, Fla.

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July 13th 9:43am

Kush Chronicles: Tons And Tons Of Marijuana Hidden Inside Railroad Tanker

Damn, that’s a whole LOTTA weed: Thousands of pounds of marijuana were found hidden inside a petroleum railroad tanker

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July 13th 9:37am

Chad OchoCinco Is A Wankster: Tweets About Fake Fight In NYC, Causes Big Stir

Hardy-har-har…Chad is such the jokester: Chad Ochocinco’s response to speculation he tweeted a tall tale about a run-in with an NYC club bouncer is as strange as one of his end-zone dances.

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July 12th 9:48pm

LeBron James Is Now A Miami Heat… Will Savannah Brinson End Up Gagged Like Royce Reed Or Official Like LaLa Vasquez???

Lebron James has signed with the Miami Heat which probably means he’s on the road to his first ring but what does that mean for Savannah Brinson… Is Lebron Gonna Put A Ring On It???

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July 12th 9:12pm

Recognize This Little Chocolate Kiss???

This little baby, cute as ever, was seen at the airport with his mommy that did not conceive him. Yes, his mom is holding him and NOOOO it’s not Angelina Jolie… she has not adopted another baby to add the rainbow coalition. Pop the Top for a Peek

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July 12th 9:01pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Lady On Baton Rouge Roller Coaster Falls To Death When Restraint Bar Opens Up: CLICK HERE Michelle Williams Talks Destiny’s Child Reunion And Essence Atkins Talks “Are We There Yet”: CLICK HERE Worst Parents In The World?: 10-Yr Old Bashes Baby’s Head In After Babysitting… For 7 Hours!: CLICK HERE New Black Party Leaders Threatens…

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July 12th 8:26pm

Should Toni Braxton Be Flattered That White Boy Asher Roth Named A Song After Her?!?!

First Hurrican Chris came out with a jawn praising Halle Berry now, Asher Roth has chosen to rap about Toni Braxton. After watching the video, we are not so sure that this is something Toni should brag about… Don’t Think Toni Braxton Will Be Dancing to this on Ellen’s Show

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July 12th 7:56pm

Whoopi Goldberg Says There Is No Way Mel Gibson Is A Racist, He Spent Time With Her Kids In Her Home… GTFOH?!?!

Mel Gibson racist rants keep digging him into a bigger hole. Danny Glover still has spoken on behalf of his cast member but Whoopi Goldberg has decided to come to his defense. Whoopi says that she can’t say that Mel is a racist but he is definitely a bonehead. Hmmmmm… Explain this please because we…

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