November 23rd 7:25pm

Why We Need To Create Black-Owned Banks

It is readily acknowledged that Black Americans have some catching up to do when it comes to income and wealth. Often, Black Americans focus much of their explanations for these circumstances on racism and discrimination. We, straightaway, argue that the solution is for Black Americans to start our own businesses. Any kind of business will…

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November 23rd 6:41pm

Bad News For Basketball Wives… Possible NBA Lockout Puts Ballers On A Budget

Not all basketball players are living the Shaquille O’Neal lifestyle of fancy cars, multiple palatial homes and enough money to pay sidepieces to keep quiet.

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November 23rd 6:03pm

New Music – Trey Songz vs. R. Kelly: Who Owns It??

We all know Trey Songz has been gunning for R. Kelly’s R&B crown for a minute. Since they both dropped new music today, we figured today was as good a day as any to see who really runs it in 2010. R. Kelly – Taxi Cab Trey Songz – Don’t Forget Ya Ring So: Old…

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November 23rd 5:32pm

Poor Thang! Is Lil Willow Smith A Swagger Jacker???

We didn’t much care for Willow Smith’s American Music Awards get up in the first place, but now poor Willow is getting a taste of the negative side of fame.

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November 23rd 5:31pm

For Discussion: Brides-To-Be Competing To Get Knifed Up??? Has Reality TV Finally Gone Too Far??

With all the actual shows on T.V. this season, and by that we mean shows with a plot written by real writers and acted out by real actors, we thought we had passed the most ridiculous of reality show concepts.

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November 23rd 5:07pm

The Sweetest Ways to Make Up After a Break-Up *Sob*

So you and your man have decided to make amends and get back together. With plans of finally trying to ‘get it right’, you’ve decided that you want your make-up to be special and not consist solely of the infamous ‘make-up’ sex.

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November 23rd 5:01pm

For The Stans: Fake Break Beyonce’s Talking New Album Talk Again!

In case you weren’t sure, the Beyonce sabbatical that really wasn’t now truly is no longer.

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November 23rd 3:34pm

Nick Cannon Talks Going Broke At 19, Says Will Smith Tried To Help Him

Actor, comedian, and husband to Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon is speaking on the lessons he’s learned on money management.

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November 23rd 3:27pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kanye In Talks To Have His Own Cologne, Clothing Company (GO) Fase2Fase, A Social Network for Minority Business Owners (GO) Drake And Fuse TV Team Up To Air Concert On Thanksgiving [Video] (GO) Charlie and The Hooker: The Texts (GO) Richard Seymour Fined $25,000 Dollars For Punching Ben Roethlisberger [Video] (GO) Carey Mulligan’s Part In…

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November 23rd 2:52pm

Daaaaayum! Who Knew Michael Jackson Had It In Him?!?!

This random – and definitely real – candid shot of Michael Jackson popped up on the web today. And left us absolutely speechless.

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November 23rd 2:14pm

Are Selita Ebanks Cakes A Good Luck Charm For A Certain NFL Team???

Selita Ebanks’ resume probably reads something like this: Victoria’s Secret model, Kanye’s phoenix, Industry skeezer, and NOW….New York Jets newest good luck charm!

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