July 30th 7:50am

Fee-Fee Sighting!

The ATL Housewives had an after party the other night and guess who showed up in go-go boots? Not Tweet, it was Fee-Fee himself.  Fee-Fee was accompanied by Lisa and Kim. Pop the top to see more from the event

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July 30th 7:27am

Joe Jackson’s Emotional Interview: You Will Never Believe What He Says About Michael’s Alleged Son!

Joe Jackson is sitting down with Access Hollywood in a NON-paid interview. Joe breaks down talking about him and Michael’s beef and if those handlers killed him. Joe also talks about Michael’s handlers as well as Omer Bhatti being MJ’s son. Peep what Joe thinks of that! Pop it and watch the video

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July 30th 7:06am

Out and About: Ci-Error and Her Wig

Ciara and her chopped up wig were spotted shopping in Santa Monica this week. Pop the hood for more of Ciara and her ganked swag of a wig on the red carpet too.

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July 30th 7:00am

Jeezy says… “Give Vick a football and a Gatorade… Let’s Get it” What?

Young Jeezy did an interview with Sway and says that Pacman should take the advice of a professional before entering scrip’ clubs. Jeezy also talks about Michael Vick. Pop the top to see the interview

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July 29th 11:20am

Is Katy Perry Turning Rihanna Out, Hollyweird Style?

Some folks are worried that Rihanna is kickin’ it with the wrong Hollyweird folks, and that she is going to wind up “turned out” like so many young girls that come to Hollyweird.

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July 29th 11:19am

Jesus Take The Wheel: White Folks Are Taking Stuff Too Far

A clear sign the world is coming to an end and America is turning into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

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July 29th 10:51am

Ho Sit Down: Fox’s Glenn Beck “Obama Hates White People”

In the wake of Obama’s recent statement towards the Cambridge Police in regards to the Henry Louis Gates incident, every Obama hater is coming out the woodworks. So, it’s only natural that FOX is the leader of the pack. 

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July 29th 10:45am

NeNe Wears Her Horse Teeth and Sheree Debuts New Tranny Look at the ATL Housewives Party

All of the Atlanta Housewives were in attendance last night with friends and family. NeNe Leakes seems unable to keep her teeth in her mouth, while Sheree debuted her newly inspired Dwight Eubanks Tranny look. Pop it for More Pics…

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July 29th 10:38am

Throwback Beyonce Nips Anyone?

Beyonce was spotted “letting them breathe” last week, and we couldn’t help but think of the false confidence it takes to rock something like this. Wonder what the bodyguard was thinking when he saw her in this. Pop the top to see the pictures of Bey’s bologna nips without the BOSSIP stamp

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July 29th 10:32am

Who Looked More Bangin?: Lance & Eva Vs. Melo & Lala

Last night, BOSSIP was at the L.A. TAG launching of a new body spray and exclusive DUB/TAG Signature Series Cars debut. Carmelo Anthony attended with buxom buddy, LaLa, and Eva Pigford showed up with Lance Gross, her beau. We think they knocked it out the park with these looks, but we must ask… What Couple…

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July 29th 10:30am

True or False: Miley Cyrus Disses The CAMEL…

Miley Cyrus’ new song has been leaked, Party In The USA, very catchy, bubbly type song… BUT… Some folks are saying one part of the song is dissin’ Jay-Z. Check the lyrics… This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous, My tummy’s turnin’ and I’m feelin’ kinda homesick, Too much pressure and I’m nervous,…

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July 29th 10:28am

Certified Links

Bangin Candy: Love Barnett (GO) Details on Slaughterhouse Debut Album Emerge (GO) Saigon Sending “Warning Shots 2″(GO) Israeli Rabbi Calls President Obama a ‘Slave’ (GO) Convicted for Wal-Mart Hate Crime (GO) Former ‘Oz’ Star Set To Star In “Black Panther” Marvel Flick (GO)

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July 29th 10:26am

Looks Like Rocsi Can Fly With Those Ears!!!

Rocsi is taking in everything Fabolous has to say and is about to take flight. Yesterday on 106th & Park, Fabolous was promoting his new album Loso’s Way. He brought out The Dream and Ne-Yo for live performances. Also The Dream and Keri Hilson performed at “Rising Icons.” Pop the Hood for More

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July 29th 10:24am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Deaf and Mentally Disabled Man Tasered and Pepper Sprayed By the Police

The police keep messing up but they are the ones that we pay to protect us. Antonio Love is deaf and mentally disabled, and he was tasered and pepper sprayed by the police. Now, all of this really wasn’t called for at the General Dollar Store… Mobile police used pepper spray and a Taser on…

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July 29th 10:20am

Quote of the Day: Colin Powell on Henry Louis Gates: “He Should’ve Chilled Out!”

Colin Powell was on Larry King Live yesterday, and he discussed the Henry Louis Gates’ incident and said this: I think he should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal…There is no African-American in this county who has not been exposed to this kind of situation.…

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