July 29th 10:12am

Did Kristina DeBarge Get a Record Deal Because She’s Fair Skinned and Her Name?

Lil Kristina DeBarge, the daughter of James DeBarge, is doing big things nowadays. She is only 19 and is the spokesmodel for Baby Phat shoes and she recently released her debut album called, Exposed. Her music is not the business, so how did she get here? Question: Is Kristina DeBarge considered black? Pop it for…

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July 29th 9:53am

Plastic Surgery: Kim Kardashian’s Nose…

If you guys want to see Kim’s old Pinocchio nose before the plastic surgery, just pop the top.

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July 29th 9:48am

Shout Out to the 80′s Baby… Saved By the Bell Reunion… Lisa Turtle

The cast of Saved By The Bell did a special reunion cover for People Magazine.  How many dudes out there wanted to and still would bag Lisa Turtle? Pop the hood to find out what Lisa’s working with now…

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July 29th 9:45am

Out of Pocket: NYC Giving Away Free Airfare to Homeless to Leave the City!

It seems like the homeless of NYC will no longer be able to put on for their city. The Bloomberg administration is giving any homeless family who wants, a free one-way ticket to anywhere they wish to go.  

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July 29th 9:41am

Legs Worth Millions

These legs made $15 Milli last year. The way they are greased and smoothed out lets you know they cost a pretty penny. Pop the top to reassure yourselves of who owns these.

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July 29th 9:40am

Oh My God Girlz…

The OMG Girlz are for real. Tiny is going to the bank with this group, watch. It’s actually a smart business move because there is a void in the music business for kids around this age and urban. Might make some loot… Pop it to see what Tiny & Toya were looking like, as well…

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July 29th 9:39am

Katherine Jackson’s Official Statement!

Katherine Jackson has made an official statement. Pop it and peep it..

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July 29th 9:38am

A Little Morning Tranny in the form of He by Sheree

The Real Housewives of ATL’s Sheree Whitfield attended her premiere party for the second season with her Tranny steez on full throttle! Check out how Sheree changes to Sherman under the hood!

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July 29th 9:32am

Watch your Tweet… Woman gets Sued over Twitter Post!

We all knew the day would come when a twitter fanatic would cross the line and bring on a lawsuit. You’ll never guess why…

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July 29th 9:25am

Trina May Not Be The Baddest B*tch … Kenyon is All Scrippered Up

The Diamond Princess Trina and her NBA boy toy Kenyon Martin may not be the happy couple that they portray to be. We heard his lips were all over the wrong b*tch instead of the “Baddest B*tch” in Fifth Nightclub in Miami on Friday.

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July 29th 9:00am

President Barack Obama Has Handles At the Ambassadors’ Reception

That’s right. This is not an impersonator, it’s just that our Black President has game on and off the court. He and his pretty wife attended the Ambassadors’ Reception. Pop it and see for yourself

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July 29th 8:15am

Bebe’s Kid: Need A Laugh to Get You Going

This little kid is too funny. This is what we call Bebe’s Kid. Note the little white girl being drawn to him at the 2:20 mark. Hopefully, this little boy knows his ABC’s and 123′s the way he knows those dance moves.

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July 28th 12:51pm

Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Tells Bossip: “I Think We Will Get Back Together, He Wasn’t Cheating with Vanessa Manillo

Although BOSSIP originally reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up due to his cheating ways, BOSSIP was on the phone with Kim last night and she is sticking to her story that their conflicting schedules caused the split. Kim K exclusively tells BOSSIP

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July 28th 12:38pm

Are You Feeling This Steez… Estelle Isn’t?

We know you are thinking it was drizzling out in NYC seeing Rihanna with a rag and all to keep the moisture out, right; wrong. It’s a trendy lil cap. Pop the top to see the back of her dome and to see the backhand Estelle gave her on her twitter as well.

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July 28th 12:20pm

What’s The Big Deal When Non-Black Women Have A Nice Ass?

We noticed some people give a “premium” value when other women have bodies that are usually found on Black women. Are some Black men appreciating nice bodies when they are found on white, latina, and asian women more than when found on their own women? Discuss.. Go under the hood for more pics of Annie…

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