August 20th 3:52pm

Blackberry BBM Lounge Event… iPhone Step Ya Game Up!!!

Since the Apple iPhone stepped on the scene, Blackberry has consistently been stepping it’ game up. One of the many reasons that most people keep their Blackberry and never want to let it go is because of the exclusive app Blackberry Messenger better known as… “BBM.” Bossip was invited to be a part of the…

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August 20th 3:36pm

Gucci Mane Brings Out Lil Kim During Secret Show

Gucci Mane brought out Lil Kim for a secret performance at Nike stadium in New York city last night.

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August 20th 3:14pm

Guess Whose Little Brother This Is?

This handsome guy is the lucky little brother of an international pop star, can you guess which one? This should be a cinch.

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August 20th 12:35pm

US News & World Report Weighs In On The Top 20 HBCU’s In The Country

U.S. News & World Report has released their official list of the top 20 historically Black colleges and universities in the country.

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August 20th 12:24pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Here is Kelis in Saint Tropez at the VIP Room rocking a shorter version of her crazy Rick James looking chandelier wig. We know Kelis’ stay reaching in the style department, but we still gotta ask: Are You Feelin’ This Get Up??? More picturas:

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August 20th 12:22pm

Teens Are Dying Trying To Get High By Playing The “Choking Game”

This is really sad, and very serious. In recent years, nearly 100 young teens have lost their lives to something many of them thought of as a game. The recent deaths of two young Chicago area girls has prompted police to issue a warning to parents about what has been going on.

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August 20th 12:04pm

Told You So!: Wyclef Jean Not On The List Of Haitian President Candidates!

We told you earlier this week… that Wyclef was not going to be on the list of candidates for Haitian President. Now it’s almost official:

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August 20th 11:29am

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Returns For A Third Season… What Kind Of Drama Can We Expect?

Bravo’s most successful Housewives franchise, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are preparing for their return this Fall. As usual, there are some new faces in the bunch and one of the original wives has gone missing. Keep reading for an early scoop on the action.

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August 20th 11:14am

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What could POSSIBLY be wrong with THIS pic?

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August 20th 10:44am

Matt Kemp Defends His Suckiness In Baseball, Doesn’t Blame Rihanna Because She’s Helpful & Supportive

Matty-poo Kemp is still having to defend why he’s lacking in the Baseball playing skills department as well as his Hollyweirded-out relationship with Rihanna:

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August 20th 10:08am

Roger Clemens INDICTED!!! Federal Perjury Charges Could Land Pitcher In The Pen For Lying About Steroids

Baseball is taking another mighty hit… Roger Clemens is the latest MLB legend to fall from grace, and this time it’s not for using steroid and HGH use — it’s for allegedly lying about not using them!

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August 20th 9:53am

In Crazy-Sicko News: Man Found Guilty For Hogtying, Shooting, And Stuffing His 21-Year-Old Daughter In The Freezer

This guy is sick. He hogtied his daughter, shot her seven times in the leg, foot, knee and side of the head to torture her, and then stuffed her into the freezer…WTF????

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August 20th 9:33am

MiMi’s ChubbyLumpkins Are On Overload

Dayuuummm, MiMi sure is looking awfully hefty these days. She was seen in Brazil the other day with her chubbylumped out steez in full effect. More details and photos…

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August 20th 9:09am

Is Irv Gotti Choppin’ Down __________________ Fine Cakes???

Irv Gotti had quite a hot date when he headed to Katsuya (aka Paparazzi Central) last night for dinner. Keep reading to find out who the banger is on his arm.

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August 20th 9:09am

Some Morning Smut

Happy Friday, party people! Last month BOSSIP gave you a sneak peek of Dollicia Bryan covering the Fall 2010 issue of the prestigious King Magazine along with all her jibber jabber about Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, and Darren Sharper. Well, we now have her full spread and we would like to share them with our…

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