July 10th 1:32pm

BOSSIP Exclusive: Music Producer Bangladesh Tells Us Exclusively If Beyonce Actually Writes Her Own Songs!!!

BOSSIP had the chance to chop it up with music producer Bangladesh. Some of you are probably saying… “Who the Hell is Bangladesh???” In a nut shell, he’s responsible for a lot of songs most people dance to, example: Beyonce’s “Diva and Video Phone”, Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”, Kelis’ “Bossy” and many many more. A…

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July 10th 1:27pm

“Short Bus Shawty” Parody Of Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Souljaboy & Waka Flocka Is Pure Comedy!

Makin’ fun of the short bus riders isn’t nice, but we don’t see anything wrong with having a little laugh at Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame as their shortcomings are put on blast in this hilarious parody. Pop it to watch Continue

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July 10th 1:11pm

La La And Carmelo Are Getting Married… It’s A Pre-Wedding Celebration B*tches!

LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony held a yacht party last night in celebration of their wedding tonight. Pop the hood for tons of photos of them partying with famous friends Ciara, Trina, Kim Kardashian, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenyon Martin, Fabolous and more

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July 10th 11:32am

Jay-Z Puts Illuminati And Devil Worship Talk To Rest On Rick Ross Track “Free Mason”

Jay-Z is doing his part to get us to retire his “Illuminati Hov” moniker! He lets it be known that he hears all the talk about him being part of the Illuminati and worshiping the devil and addresses it on Rick Ross’ new track “Free Mason” from The Boss’ upcoming album Teflon Don. Pop the…

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July 10th 11:10am

Considering They Haven’t Won Anything Yet, Is This Miami Heat Celebration Premature?

The Miami Heat celebrated signing free agents Lebron James, Chris Brosh and Dwyane Wade last night at American Airlines Arena and the fans went real hard at the pep rally with signs reading “Yes We Did” and “Say Hello To The Three Kings”. Pop the hood for shots of the celebration

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July 10th 9:24am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Ex Boyfriend Dismembers PREGNANT Girls Body And Stuffs Her Inside A Barrel At His Beauty Salon!

This story is as crazy as all hell. This beautiful ladies life was snatched from her in a disgusting way. Click Here To See What Happened On BossipVideo.com!

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July 9th 9:37pm

Rihanna’s SNL Skit With Shy Ronnie Receives An Emmy Nomination?!?!

Back in December, Rihanna hit up SNL and just like everyone else, she had her own little skit but who would have ever thought it would earn an Emmy Nomination!!! Pop the Top for More Details

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July 9th 9:11pm

Kelly Rowland Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Being Compared To Beyonce Even Though She Dresses And Dances Like Bey Bey…

Kelly Rowland is trying really hard to come into her own. Whatever she’s doing is working because she has made it to the UK’s Top 10. Kelly recently spoke on how she feels when people compare her to Beyonce and lets just say… Kelly’s not too happy about it!!! Flip the Lid More

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July 9th 8:23pm

Teairra Mari Tries Again With Another Single… “Body”

Teairra Mari is definitely confident when it comes to exposing her skin and singing about a man but that doesn’t always transfer into album sales. Teairra’s jawn “Sponsor” came and went so, now it’s time she gives it another try with this new jawn called “Body”… Sounds Like She Stole Beyonce’s “Diva” And Lil Wayne’s…

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July 9th 5:57pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

Rosa Acosta hit up Abe & Arthur’s in NYC last night with her cakes on full blast. Check the flippy for that DONK-EY KONG!!!

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July 9th 5:26pm

Fill In The Blank

Ciara Is _______ A) Like A Boy B) Still A Hollyweird B*tch C) A Certified Banger … Ciara stopped by Barney’s in Beverly Hills in her big black truck listening to music and rockin’ this bestial tee and leggings. Pop the hood for more shots and a look at her new album art but don’t…

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July 9th 5:06pm

Rick Ross Debuts Figurine, Accused Of Stealing Beat For “Maybach Music III”

The bawse Rick Ross is making headlines for more than just his ongoing lawsuit with the man from which he took this name, and this time is back in the news for being made into a figurine. Pop the hood for details Continue

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July 9th 4:54pm

Mario Walks His Lady Tramp

Mario brought his skeet slurper to New York City… Boy she’s a piece of work. Makes us wonder if “Love Is Blind” cuz it gave some folks syphillis. Pop the hood for the cake shot

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July 9th 4:39pm

New Music: Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Too Young To Die

Lindsay Lohan has received a 90 day jail sentence and now she’s finally crying out for help. She’s has a new jawn called “Too Young to Die,” but is it an attempt to sell albums or is she really ready to get her life together? Take a Listen

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July 9th 3:46pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Dad Charged With Killing 2-Yr Old Son and Burying Him in Concrete

The search for 2-year-old Rodricus Williams ended this week after police found his remains buried under 400 pounds of concrete in a trash can. Pop it to find out who was behind this horrifying tragedy.

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