November 22nd 11:07pm

New Music: Jay-Z, Kanye West & Laroux “My B*tch”: Go Harder Than A N*gga, Then A N*gga Go Figure

Jaz-Z and Kanye West have hit the streets with their new jawn featuring Laroux call “That’s My B*tch.” Jay-Z and Kanye’s word play keeps us entertained but is the title seems like it’s missing a little… maybe creativity??? Take a Listen:

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November 22nd 10:15pm

Akon’s Off Lady GaGa And On New Artist Jeffree Star, A Chick With A D*ck… Wait Maybe It’s The Other Way Around!??!

Akon has stop depending on his own music and has started putting his future in the hands of new artist like Lady GaGa. He has made so much money off of Lady GaGa, Akon could probably retire now but not quit yet. Akon has stumbled upon a new YouTube phenomenon by the name of Jeffere…

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November 22nd 10:14pm

Abortion… Right Or Wrong?!?!: Fantasia Confesses She Did It To Antwuan Cook’s Seed

Fantasia is weathering through the bittersweet storm that she calls life. Currently Ms. Barrino is in court defending her right to love and have sweaty a** relations with boy toy Antwaun Cook. Apparently Fantasia had soooo much that she forgot to have Antwan put on a condom… SMH!!! Fantasia Barrino has admitted she got pregnant…

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November 22nd 9:17pm

Actions You Should Not Take On Facebook If You’re Over 25

Trifling. Trifling. And more trifling. That’s how to describe some of these grown-behind adults on Facebook who don’t know how to control their emotions–or act their age in a social media setting. It does NOT matter one lick if you access Facebook in your drawers or behind closed doors, you STILL need to maintain your…

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November 22nd 8:50pm

Kimmy Cakes Scoops Up Halle Berry’s Sloppy Seconds!!

Turns out Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry’s courtside canoodling was a little more than we thought.

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November 22nd 7:19pm

Behind The Scenes: Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent & E-40 Show Love For New Black Kid On The Block YG

West Coast New Black Kid On The Block YG spent last Thursday and Friday shooting the video for his “Toot It And Boot It” remix, and E-40, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent were all on the set to support the kid.

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November 22nd 6:19pm

Hide Your Sons! Miley Cyrus Is Less Than A Day Away From 18, And She’s Already Getting Busy

You hear that? That’s the sound of Billy Ray Cyrus’ achy-breaky… Nevermind. We forgot he encourages his daughter’s slutliness.

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November 22nd 5:29pm

Quote Of The Day: Jay-Z Says “We Were Kids Without Fathers, So We Found Our Fathers On Wax”

With Jay-Z’s new book Decoded now on shelves, over the last few weeks we’ve been deluged with many of the same excerpts and anecdotes over and over. The New York Times tackles the book in a story today titled “Jay-Z Deconstructs Himself” and while much of it recycles the same stories of crack era poverty,…

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November 22nd 4:16pm

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Talks Domestic Violence, “I’ve Been Whipped With Belts, Raped…”

Karinne Steffans better known as “Superhead” is back in headlines, this time not for exposing rappers but exposing years of physical abuse she’s endured.

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November 22nd 3:50pm

Looking Beat Up: Chris Brown’s 11 Biggest Fashion Fails

Chris Brown has made a lot of mistakes in his short career. Not the least of which is his decision to go out in public looking like a plum fool.

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