November 22nd 12:00am

This Week’s Lopez Tonight Has A Dope Line Up, Plus Some Bonus Photos Of Last Week’s Show Inside!!

In case you missed all the crazy shenanigans earlier this month, the photo above is a skit where George Lopez gets busted for trying to hotwire the Bat Mobile, and funny man is at it again this week on his late-night television TBS series, Lopez Tonight,

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November 21st 10:50pm

Crotchy-licious: RihRih Pops That Thang For The AMA’s

The American Music Awards opened with a performance from RihRih… who did what she does best.

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November 21st 10:28pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up? American Music Awards Edition (Photo Gallery)

The American Music Awards went down Sunday night at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and music stars from Willow Smith to Nicki Minaj were in the building expressing their artistry through some pretty interesting get ups. Have a look below:

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November 21st 3:26pm

Snoop Dogg’s Got A Royal Gig In The Works

Before the formal shi-shi froo-froo celebration of Prince Williams’ engagement, his brother Harry will be throwing the couple a Hip-Hop themed party, headlined by none other than Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle.

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November 21st 3:07pm

Teen Shot And Crippled By Son Of A Police Officer Files Lawsuit

A teen in Queens, New York will never walk again after being shot by the son of an officer.

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November 21st 2:36pm

DeShawn Snow’s Bringing Her Divorcee/Single Mom Swag Back To Reality TV

DeShawn Snow has finally accepted that cute and positive doesn’t sell on the Reality TV circuit.

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November 21st 2:15pm

Does A Woman With A Past Deserve A Second Chance?

All too often we hear terms like ho, slut and skank used to describe women who have made some (or several) less than admirable sex-related decisions in life.

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November 21st 1:45pm

Who Is My Old School R&B Daddy?

This thirteen-year-old has been getting quite a bit of attention this year, belting out R&B remakes on YouTube. With her dad’s support, she could create a classic of her own, like he did. Do you know which 80’s R&B singer is her dad?

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November 21st 1:28pm

Tichina Arnold Has Come A Long Way From Being “Beady-Bead Pam”

Tichina Arnold was out getting her promo-ho on for the off Broadway play Love, Loss, And What I Wore at Planet Hollywood in Times Square and we must say that she’s looking pretty damn good.

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November 21st 12:55pm

Jenny From The Block & Kids Celebrate Gucci Children’s Collection (Photo Gallery)

Jennifer Lopez celebrated the launch of Gucci’s Children’s Collection with a handful of adorable kids!

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November 21st 12:53pm

Pay Yo Bills! Chaka Khan Gets Hit With Small Claims Lawsuit

We don’t know what’s more surprising: that Chaka Khan‘s still doing shows (only because we haven’t heard about a performance in a while). Or that she’s not paying her bills.

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November 21st 12:46pm

Antoine Dodson Spotted Attention Whoring It Up In “The D”

Antoine Dodson was seen in Detroit signing autographs and ish with his long flowing locks and lil Louis Vuitton bag swag in full effect.

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November 21st 12:03pm

For The Stans: Beyonce And Julius In NYC

Here is your girl Beyonce showing up at a photo shoot in NYC this week with everyone’s favorite bodyguard, Julius.

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November 21st 11:46am

More Dirty Dog Divorce Drama With Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Looks like someone is ready to speed this thing right along: Tony Parker has countersued Eva Longoria for divorce

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November 21st 11:32am

Haterology 101: What You Should Know About Your Haters

For the big dreamers out there, I thought I would create a how-to guide on understanding the haters in your life.

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