July 18th 9:15am

CiCi Has A New “DO”… MMMM… Looks Suspect

Last night on Twitter, Ciara tweeted pics of her new “DO”… The word “WIG” comes to Mind. Who thinks it’s a WIG and Who thinks its REAL???? Pop the Top for a CLOSER Look

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July 18th 9:12am

JD, Nelly, and Pacman Jones Make It Rain In the Club… Before Shooting

Pacman Jones, Jermaine Dupri, and Nelly are all seen in this video footage from 2007 All Star Weekend, in Las Vegas, Making It Rain on strippers. This video was shot shortly before a gun man shot up the club. Pacman Jones reportedly spent $100,000 dollars at the scrip club that night and reportedly socked up…

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July 18th 9:10am

Hey Chris… WTF Does That Chain Mean??

Chris Brown’s new chain that he was sporting at the White Party last week is being exposed. You all knew the jeweler was looking for some type of shine by alerting everybody to his work. It looks like the chain is sort of clowning the fact he punched a girl…”OOPS!”(??) WTF is that supposed to…

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July 18th 8:30am

Talk About Trash:3 Month Old Baby Is Killed By Rats In Crib…Family Knew About Rodent Trouble!

The poor couple pictured above have let one of their children be killed by rats and the other taken into custody by social services. You won’t believe what the dad said about this incident: The father of a 3-month-old who was discovered dead in her crib and covered with rat bites on Thursday told WRNO…

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July 18th 8:25am

Walter Cronkite Passes Away At Age 92

Walter Cronkite, the esteemed and veteran journalist, has died at the age of ninety two: Walter Cronkite, the longtime CBS News journalist…

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July 18th 8:03am

Here We Go Again: Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri

It has been reported AGAIN that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have split AGAIN… Here are the reasons: JD didn’t accompany Janet to Michael’s funeral and Janet feels they should have never mixed business with pleasure. What do ya’ll think… Think it’s possible or is it a stretch??? Pop the Top for more Clues

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July 18th 8:02am

Who Looked More Bangin? Predator vs Fraggle Rock

Here’s another one… Melyssa Ford in her Bo Derek twist looking like the Predator and Tiffany Pollard aka New York looking like a muppet from Fraggle Rock. Both made an appearance at the premiere party for The T.O. Show wearing dresses that make them look as if they can’t breathe…BUT… WHICH ONE LOOKED MORE BANGIN???…

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July 18th 8:01am

Katt Williams Shuts Down Bankruptcy Rumors and Tells Bossip: “I’m Very Solvent”

A comedy magazine called the HumorMill reported that Katt Williams filed for bankruptcy and Bossip can confirm this is a straight-up lie

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July 18th 8:00am

Saturday Style: Camille Yvette

Camille is a designer/stylist out of L.A. and has styled magazines like J’adore along with many others. We got the real deal from her about the African influenced styles she uses : Bossip: Who would you like to work with? Well of course the list is long but I hope to very soon work with…

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July 17th 11:25am

Barack Obama at NAACP Convention: Stop Making Excuses, Black Kids Need Aspirations Beyond ‘Ballers and Rappers’

Barack Obama spoke at the annual NAACP convention and we have the highlights and the entire video under the hood

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July 17th 11:25am

Changing It Up On You Hoes: Rihanna Takes It Further Than Cassie With New Hair…Or Lack Of It!

Rihanna was out in West Village yesterday showing off her new crop, boots, and simple swag. If you thought Cassie’s buzz was taking it too far, wait until you see what Rihanna did to her hair under the hood. Let’s just say we won’t be talking about her kitchen again anytime soon… Pop it and…

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July 17th 11:24am

A Tiny Birthday Party

Tiny turned 12 yesterday and received jewelry fit for a queen. Even though we disapproved of the Tiny and Toya show initially, after taking another look, we have come to the conclusion that she is just trying to raise a family the best way she can. We can get over her twang and grill being…

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July 17th 11:20am

A Lil Positivity: Reggie Bush says Africa is Life Changing

Reggie Bush, his mom, Kim K. and Khloe K. are on a trip in Africa. Helping and assisting with Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) that assist with the improving education in Africa. It is life changing to be in the Motherland with my mom, as well as Kim and Khloe, and Ray Crockett, on behalf of…

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July 17th 9:15am

SMH: Ne-Yo Is More Sensitive Than a Grandmother and Has a Nervous Breakdown On Stage

Ne-Yo was on stage last night balling like a school girl. The show had to be postponed leading the crowd to boo the sensitive crooner. This metro-mess is going too far… Act like a man for Petes sake!

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July 17th 9:14am

Rapper N.O.R.E: I Got Songs With GAY RAPPERS… Google It!!!

N.O.R.E. is really putting it out there. In an interview he did, they asked him if he thinks there will ever be an openly gay successful rapper??? His response was, “There is, there is and you won’t get me to say the name but there is… Not openly. Once he is a success story and…

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