April 15th 7:02pm

Khloe Wants To Be A ‘Bloody’ Spokesperson Too!

We hate to keep raggin’ on her, but she makes it WAY TOO EASY! Khloe Kardashian-Odom and her ovaries are attention whoring again, but only this time it’s for Kotex. Pop the hood for more shots of Khloe and her fire engine booty giving the real deal on her monthly visit from Aunt Flow…

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April 15th 6:34pm

What In The Name Of BeyBey Is Going On With Wendy’s Hair?

Wendy Williams rocked an … interesting … look today. Is this another lacefront? How you doin’, Wendy?

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April 15th 6:19pm

Random Ridiculousness: Tiger’s Widdle Feeling Were Hurt

We don’t know if Tiger’s claims of being tied to a tree are true, but he reportedly suffered another grave injustice: Yes, he was called “Urkel.” Pop the top.

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April 15th 5:39pm

SMH: RihRih Isn’t A Fan Of Product Placement But G-Shock And Baby-G Are Proud She’s Reppin’ Them Anyway…

We thought it was really interesting that RihRih would go on record about her distaste for product placement, when Casio made sure to let everyone know how proud they were Rihanna was reppin’ their G-Shock and Baby G Watches in her “Rude Boy” video. Pop the hood for closer look and proud statement from the…

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April 15th 4:37pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Ginny Cha’s Father Thinks Tiki Barber Is “Just Sick”

Looks like Tiki Barber’s father-in-law is purely disgusted with all the recent drama revolving the divorce, especially the part about him leaving Ginny Cha while pregnant. More details on the flip…

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April 15th 3:40pm

HHWired Exclusive: Tiny Says “Everything Is Lovely” With T.I., OMG Girlz And Foundation

Tiny caught up with HipHopWired at the premiere party for the new season of “Tiny and Toya” in Atlanta. The former Xscape hitmaker and songwriter divulged details on her hubby-to-be saying that she was happy to have him home and the King was back in the studio sounding great. Details when you Continue

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April 15th 1:48pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Bossip Is Four-Years-Young!!!

If you remember this nice little picture of Wesley Snipes above, then you have been riding with BOSSIP for a minute!!! For those of you who didn’t know, BOSSIP was conceived 4 Aprils ago, and to celebrate we would love for all of our loyal readers to send in their favorite BOSSIP Jesus Take The…

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April 15th 1:43pm

Kelly Rowland Turns Into A Diva On A Flight To Sydney

Kelly Rowland got into a verbal altercation with the flight crew on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney.  According to Kelly her and her entourage were treated unfairly. More details on the flip.

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April 15th 1:14pm

A List of Ways to Enhance Your Orgasms

Good Day Bossip Readers! What’s better than sex? An orgasm. What’s better than an orgasm? A full-body one! Orgasm, by definition, means “a climax of sexual excitement characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the…

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April 15th 1:03pm

Bird Chest Anyone???

Terrence J celebrated his birthday at NYC hotspot Amnesia and a lot of people came out to show love including Trey Songz and groupies galore both male and female.  BOSSIP was also in the building. Check under the hood for more pics and details.

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April 15th 12:25pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 3rd Grader Brings Heroin To School And Passes It Out To Students?!?!

We were completely speechless when we heard about this 3rd grader in Pittsburgh bringing approximately 60 baggies of what is suppose to be heroin to school labeled… “TRUST ME”. Then had the nerve to pass them out to the students… JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!

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April 15th 12:13pm

Ignorance At Its Best: Cam’ron Says “I Bought My GED for $600 When I Was 17 To Make My Mom Happy…”

There are certain ignorant statements that one should keep to themselves but for some reason Cam’ron just couldn’t help himself. He decided to share with the world exactly how he made his mama proud… Pop the Top for Pure F**kery Continue

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April 15th 11:58am

*Bossip Exclusive*: Nicki Minaj Tells Rihanna To Kiss Her A$$ And Is Going On Tour With Lady GaGa?!?!

Nicki Minaj politely declined to go on tour with Rihanna and Kesha about a week ago because she is focusing on her album. Bossip.com just got word that Nicki may be going on tour with Lady GaGa… If that’s not a slap in the face then what the hell do you call it!!! Check Out…

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April 15th 11:51am

Bill O’Reilly Gets A ‘Ho Sit Down’ From Crowd At Sharpton’s NANW Conference

Faux News Bill O’Reilly made an appearance at Reverend Al Sharpton’s conference for his National Action Network Wednesday and received a less than warm welcome. Pop the hood for details on the bulldookie this mark azz buster came with this time. Continue

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April 15th 11:24am

Some Belated Easter Bunny Rabbit Cakes

Here is luscious booty model Maliah Michel all festive for Easter. SMH. Fellas, this one is for you..so hop the hatch if you want some more…

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