February 25th 7:47pm

Another Day, Another Unnecessary Hollyweird Remake

We’re not quite sure why, or whose career they’re hoping to save, but Warner Bros has decided to remake it’s 1992 Grammy Award-winning, “cult classic” flop, The Bodyguard.

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February 25th 4:12pm

Billionaire Jeffrey ’14’ Epstein: “I’m Just A Sex Offender, Not A Predator”

This guy only chops down young tenders… and we are talking some 12 yrs of age: Billionaire pervert is back in New York City — and making wisecracks about his just-ended jail stint for having sex with an underage girl.

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February 25th 3:22pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Foxy Brown Gives Her Input On Lil Kim, Nicki MInaj Beef (GO) How Knockoffs Actually Pay Off For Authentic Brands (GO) Charlie Sheen ‘HBO Will Pay Me 5 Million For My Fire Breathing Fists’ (GO) Cali Rap Group, Odd Future Debut On MTV After Kanye West Cosign (GO) How To Make Amends With People You…

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February 25th 2:08pm

Are You Feeling This Get Up? Amber Rose Seen Leaving The Mayfair Hotel In London

She likes to think that she “dress her a** off and her walk is mean”, but would you rock this “outfit”?

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February 25th 2:01pm

Come On, Man!!! You Cannot Be Serious…

This is a real product. Spotted on the shelves of our neighborhood superstore.

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February 25th 12:49pm

Certified Links

Antoine Dodson Leads Cast Of Youtube Stars Featured In Film (GO) Dr. Drew — Charlie Sheen Has a Point About AA… (GO) Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy cuz Melissa Molinaro is Hotter than Her (GO) SoulBounce Editor on Building an Online Niche (GO) Killer Mike Bumrushes MTV’s “Made” Today & Takes White Youth Through Hip-Hop…

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February 25th 12:36pm

For The “American Idol” Stans: AI Season 10 Top 24 Contestants

For those of you who never miss a season or even an episode for that matter, of American Idol

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February 25th 12:08pm

50 Cent Movie “Things Fall Apart” Premiering In Miami Film Festival

50 Cent underwent a serious weight-loss transformation for his role in the film, Things Fall Apart, and finally the world will get to see if the sacrifice paid off.

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February 25th 11:58am

Freaks: Christina Aguilera Caught Having Sex With Boyfriend In A Bathroom At A Party

Won’t be first time, and damn sure won’t be the last…

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February 25th 11:00am

Sole Providers: 9 African-American Shoe Designers You Should Know

Black men and women are behind some of the most finely crafted footwear on the market.  A few have always known that they wanted to design shoes, some stumbled upon the industry while tending to other business, still others were recruited by loved ones eager to establish an entrepreneurial outlet for their artistry.  Whatever brought…

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February 25th 10:34am

Husband Jumps Off An 80 Foot Cliff To Evade Police And Questions About His Wifes Murder!

Any detective worth his or her badge should pretty much assume that this guy is guilty as sin.

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February 25th 9:54am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Sammy “Soft White” Sosa spotted out with some lovely ladies.

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February 25th 9:53am

For The Fellas Still Holding On To Those Rudy Huxtable Fantasies

Keisha Knight Pulliam is Rolling Out Magazine’s latest cover model.

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