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February 15th, 2014
4:28 PM EST
February 15th, 2014
3:42 PM EST

Celebrities At The Airport: 13 Fly Families

Ready to take off? The following celebrities at the airport love to travel in style.

February 13th, 2014
4:09 PM EST

Beyoncé 101: Celebrities With College Courses That Study Their Lives

Not only can we watch celebrities in movies and on TV, but now we can also study them in college.

February 11th, 2014
6:39 PM EST

Black Celebrities Who Don’t Look Alike AT ALL But Are Mistaken For One Another

Here are 10 cases of mistaken black celebrity identity that were just a little too foolish for us.

February 6th, 2014
2:17 PM EST

Flattery & Foolery: The Funniest Photos Of Celebrities Impersonating Each Other

J.Lo, Fabolous, Kevin Hart, Chris Brown and more do hilarious impersonations of their famous friends…

February 5th, 2014
3:19 PM EST
February 2nd, 2014
12:09 PM EST

Seen On The Scene: Celebrities Party It Up In NYC For Super Bowl XLVIII [Photos]

Check out pics from Super Bowl XLVII festivities in the Big Apple!!!!!

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