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August 31st, 2013
8:23 AM EST

He Still Sounds Real Compton!: Kendrick Lamar’s “Awkward” Interview On Chelsea Lately [Video]

This is not like your usual Chelsea Handler interview. Kendrick is still hood!

April 20th, 2012
8:14 AM EST

Gabrielle Union On Chelsea Lately Talking Past Relationships And Chelsea Cracks Distasteful “Boat” Joke [Video]

Side note: What the fck is Chelsea Handler wearing… are those galoshes and a jumpsuit?

December 17th, 2010
7:52 PM EST

50 Cent New B*tch Chops It Up With His Old B*tch: Ciara Hits Up Chelsea Lately

Ciara is on her west coast promo for her new album “Basic Instinct”. She did the usual run down… Ellen DeGeners, Lopez Tonight, then Jimmy Kimmel is probably next but she also payed a special visit to “Chelsea Lately”! Chelsea

December 15th, 2010
10:25 AM EST

Did Nicki Minaj’s “Chelsea Lately” Get Up Look Familiar???

When we saw Nicki Minaj on “Chelsea Lately” the other night, we had a nagging suspicion we’d seen that Figoni and Shane peacock dress she was wearing before. And now we know where…

December 9th, 2010
5:04 AM EST

Keri Hilson On Chelsea Lately: I Play With A Man’s Ball Which Is Heavier And Bigger

Keri Hilson was out in L.A. making her rounds on the late night talk show circuit. As creative as this chick is with the lyrics, her conversation is not as, what’s the word, intriguing.

August 5th, 2010
4:37 PM EST

Fat Joe Popped Chelsea Lately’s Cherry?!!?

Fat Joe went on Chelsea Lately, just like every other rapper, to promote his new album “Darkside” that only sold 11,180 copies in it’s first week. Turns out, Fat Joe is the reason for Chelsea’s obsession with the rap game

July 22nd, 2010
1:01 PM EST

Chelsea Lately Blames Black Men For Kim Kardashian’s Success And Says She Would Sex Up Rick Ross

Chelsea Handler, by this point, has really expressed her love for black men in more ways than one. She had Lil Jon, Big Boi and Rick Ross on her show for the rapper roundtable and they taught Chelsea

April 14th, 2010
9:54 AM EST

Did Tiny Propose A Threesome To Chelsea With Her And T.I.???

Tiny and Toya hit up Chelsea Lately to promote season 2 of their reality show. Chelsea tells Tiny that she had no idea that her and T.I. were engaged and admits to Toya that she has sexual feelings for Lil’

February 3rd, 2010
9:24 PM EST

Chelsea Lately Got Jokes on Bey Bey and Twitter Fans,Tells Beyonce… “B*tch Take a Break!!!”

Bey Bey was spotted promoting her fragrance at the Herald’s Square Macy’s in NYC today.  Looks like those Grammys got Beyonce throwing that break ish out the window.  Speaking of Grammy’s late night tv host Chelsea Handler of “Chelsea

October 31st, 2014
1:10 PM EST

Bronx Middle School Girls Accuse Classmates Of Rape

Two sixth grade girls, ages 12 and 13, have accused two

August 22nd, 2014
1:05 PM EST

Quote Of The Day: J.Lo Would Marry For Fourth Time, Says “I Am Not One To Slore Around” [Video]

J.Lo went on “Chelsea Lately” and talked about her dating preferences


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