June 4th 8:20am

What is Going on in the Bossip Forum?

If you’re looking for a place where you can really voice your opinion and take your comments to the next level – head to Bossip Forums. Whether you’re in the mood to talk sports, love, sex or gossip, there’s something for every Bossip reader in Forums. Game 1 NBA Finals – Lakers vs Magic How…

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June 4th 8:19am

WTF? Amber Seeks Spiritual Guidance from BDR Regarding Cassidy Rumors

We don’t know what to think about BDR giving Amber advice about how to best use her celebrity.

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June 4th 8:12am

Some Morning Smut

Myamee from Flavor of Love and the winner of I Love Money is showing her true talents in Black Men Magazine. Pop it for the spread

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June 4th 8:09am

Freaks: Man Arranges Wife’s Gangbang-Rape-Sexual Assault on Craigslist

Some people have some weird @ass fetishes. A husband recently put an ad on Craigslist seeking to have his wife raped:

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June 4th 8:08am

Question of The Day: Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Really Half-Black?

Michael, come on man, we know how biology works. Man, them kids don’t look half black, y’all! Damn, maybe they just stay out of the sun a bunch, eh? What do you think??

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June 4th 8:07am

Bobby Brown Makes Yet Another Baby’s Mama

How is it that the ‘King of R&B’, Bobby Brown, is still out there procreating and spreadin’ his disease infested, crack addicted seed around? SMH. We guess congratulations are in order since he’s created yet another baby’s mama.

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June 4th 8:06am

Adrienne Bailon: Drops Dirt at the Honey Magazine Photo Shoot

Adrienne Bailon talks about a lot of things in the interview. She talks about her being signed to Def Jam without an audition, her love life, her new album, but doesn’t address her aggressive move out of the Cheetah girls.

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June 4th 8:02am

Are You Feeling This Get Up??

The Simmons sisters were spotted in West Hollyweird yesterday. Angela was not hittin’ in a pair of pink tights, Ugg low-riders, pull-over sweatshirt and a golfer’s hat. WTF?

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June 4th 7:59am

What the Hell? Unconscious Black Man Beaten Down

This man took the police on a high speed chase. As you can tell, they were not happy with him when they caught up with him, even after he was ejected from the car and knocked unconscious.

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June 4th 7:58am

Calling All Whitney Stans

Whitney’s new album is coming out in the early fall. Her stans have been waiting for this moment ever since the ink dried on her divorce papers from crackhead @ss Bobby Brown. Whitney Houston’s new album will be released worldwide September 1, 2009 on Arista Records.

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June 4th 7:57am

Fathers Lock Up Your Daughters

David Hernandez lives in Orange County, Southern California. He is a private trainer for girls soccer which is a very popular sport in Southern California. He has been privately training girls and was just popped Tuesday for having sex with one of his “trainees”: MISSION VIEJO – A soccer coach posted bond early this morning…

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June 4th 7:55am

Fabolous Stars in His Own Biopic: “Loso’s Way”

F.A.B.O. is tryin’ his hand at the actin’ thing with a new movie that will drop with his new album “Loso’s Way’.

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June 4th 7:35am

In White Folks News: A-Rod Chops Down Kate Hudson

ARod must really be workin’ with something other than his multi-million dollar bankroll since he was choppin’ down Madge and now he’s bustin’ down Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson paid a visit to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night to enjoy America’s pastime — and to keep an eye on her new man, Alex Rodriguez.

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June 4th 7:15am

Who Looked More Bangin’? Cougar Edition

Auntie Viv has her ta-tas on full alert in her bedazzled little black dress while Vanessa seems to be gettin’ her 80′s glam on with the sparkly jumpsuit and purple extensions. Not sure which way we’d go with this one so we’ll leave it in your hands Bossip readers. Who Looked More Bangin’?

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June 3rd 8:35am

Beyonce is a Witch?

A recent twit pic of Bey dressed up like a witch surfaced on her assistant/cousin Angie’s Twitter page. We have to say…the look suits her really well. The witch steeze seems to come a little too natural for her. Pop the hood for Bey’s witchy vibe

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