October 17th 12:00pm

SMH: Steve McNair’s Widow Has To Beg The State Of Tennessee For Money

When Steve McNair‘s psycho mistress ended his life last summer, the former Tennessee Titan and Baltimoe Raven’s estate was valued at $19.6 million. So why is his widow struggling to raise their two sons?

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October 17th 11:47am

Julez Santana And Video Vixen Girlfriend Celebrate Birthday With Lil Kim, Lloyd Banks

The video vixen mother of Julez Santana’s baby boy recently celebrated a birthday in NYC.

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October 17th 11:29am

Get This: NY Woman Who Saved Her Dead Husband’s Sperm Wants His Mistress To Be Her Baby’s Mama

Remember the woman who fought to rescue her husband’s sperm after his suicide, even though she can’t carry his baby herself? Her story just took an even weirder turn.

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October 17th 10:08am

Guess What T.I. Did After His Sad Sad Moment In Time Friday

Faced with 11 months in jail – including Christmas without the Cottle-Harris brood – and, we’re sure, subconscious thoughts about time that his gangsta b*tch boo might have some time away from the kids too, T.I. had a moment of super normalcy on Friday night. Can you guess what he did?

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October 16th 9:40pm

A Moment Back In Time: Usher, Taraji P. Henson, Samuel L. Jackson And More Recreate Legendary Ebony Covers For Its 65th Birthday

Ebony is celebrating its 65th Birthday by recreating legendary covers like Duke Ellington, Martin Luther King Jr, Diahann Carroll, Diana Ross and more with some of the biggest names of today.

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October 16th 8:09pm

Diddy Talks Sex-ting: If You Take A Pic With Your Blackberry At An Angle Your _______ Will Appear Larger In Size…

Diddy is in the full swing of things and is ready for his album “Last Train to Paris” to drop on December 14th. While on Letterman the other night, Diddy spoke on his son Justin and how he wants to play pro football and own a NFL team. Some how the conversation went from wanting…

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October 16th 7:10pm

Cry Me A River: Another Remember Me And I’m Sorry Jawn From TI Featuring Chris Brown “Get Back Up”

Yesterday it was announced that Clifford “TI” Harris’ probation was revoked and he will be returning back to the concrete walls with metal bars for another 11 months and then once he returns home… AGAIN, he will be back on probation… AGAIN!

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October 16th 5:08pm

Nicki Minaj Flyin’ Off At The Mouth In Keyshia Cole’s New Jawn: “EFF YA’LL WACK B*TCHES, OLD A** B*TCHES!!!”

Keyshia Cole is back with a new jawn with Nicki MInaj on the track. Now, some may call “I Ain’t Thur” a single but it sounds more like a PSA. Seems like Keyshia felt the need to get a little something after off her chest and so did Nicki Minaj!!!

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October 16th 4:20pm

BET’s Top 10 Rappers Of The 21st Century… Do You Agree Or DisAgree???

BET released a list of the Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century, a list of rappers who have made the biggest impact in the past ten years. The panel consisted of: Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL) * Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (AllHipHop.com) * Boy 1da (Producer) * DJ Diamond Kuts (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia)…

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October 16th 3:27pm

Ya Don’t Say: Burger King Hush-Mouthed Over Unwrapped Condom in Whopper Scandal

Yesterday we posed the question: How much do you think Burger King paid to settle the lawsuit over the unwrapped condom in this kid’s whopper? Well, as it turns out, the alleged victim has dropped the lawsuit!

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October 16th 2:13pm

What Attracts Hypocrites to Religious Leadership and What The Eddie Long Case Reveals About Homosexuality in The Church

  The jury is still out on Bishop Eddie Long, who is facing charges of sexual coercion from four men. And as time passes for the religious leader, accusations continue to mount. Besides the sensational value of the scandal, the Eddie Long issue has put some of the most serious questions about organized religion on…

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October 16th 2:10pm

Kim Kardashian Finally Realizes It’s Not Ya Booty… It’s Ya Beauty And She’s Perfectly Happy Being Single!!!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t turn 30 until October 21st but she just celebrated her birthday last night at TAO in Las Vegas. They say with age comes wisdom and it seems that Kim is making smarter decisions when it comes to her personal life. In a recent interview, Kim talks about her new soulmate, dating in…

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October 16th 1:59pm

Why The Sour Puss, Raggedy RihRih … Crotch Rot Got You Down Again?

Rihanna was spotted in Beverly Hills looking like Matt just told her he has herpes she lost her best friend…

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October 16th 1:44pm

Disgruntled Mother Files Lawsuit Against Tyra Banks After Show Peddles Her 15-Year-Old Sex Addict Daughter Without Permission

SMH… Tyra Banks has fu*ked up in a major way by booking a teenage guest to appear on her show without gaining the parental permission first!

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October 16th 1:33pm

Kat Stacks Says “She Was Turned Out At 14 When She Started Working At Strip Clubs”

Kat Stacks hit Atlanta this week and did her first radio interview with Hot 107.9’s The DurtyBoyz.

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