May 12th 10:20am

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Footage of Nas and Kelis Reality Show Revealed (GO) Man Has Acid Poured On Head For Meeting With A Married Woman (GO) Lawrence Taylor — I Pleasured Myself, Not Her (GO) The Black Chefs of The $600-Billion Dollar Industry (GO) ‘Iron Man 2′ Best Quotes and Quips (GO) The Black Community’s Birth Control Blind Spot…

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May 12th 10:15am

Miley “Skank Booty” Cyrus Twerks That Thang On Grown Azz Adam Shankman!

SMH… This so-called child will never learn. Sweet little Miley Cyrus loves shakin’ her cakes so much she just can’t control herself. Miley was caught twerkin’ it for 44-YEAR-OLD choreographer and producer Adam Shankman at the wrap party for her movie The Last Song. Pop the hood to watch!

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May 12th 9:59am

“Give Us Free”…Gucci Mane Released From Jail

Gucci Mane is officially a free man after being released at midnight from Atlanta’s Fulton County jail. “Now that I am free, ironically I’m the most wanted man in Georgia. I’m hungry for success and ready to compete, so may the competition begin…” Continue..

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May 12th 9:42am

Dr. Anti Gay To Stop Talking Smack About Gays, Still Into Driving Stick

Holing up in hotel rooms with boys makes it a little tricky to run with the anti-gay National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, so Dr. George”Nancy Boy” Rekers is stepping down. Pop the hood.

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May 12th 9:33am

Plane Crash In Libya Kills 103, 8-Year-Old Is Lone Survivor

A young child has miraculously survived a deadly plane crash in Libya, which claimed the lives of everyone else on board, Libyan officials said Wednesday.

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May 12th 9:20am

Why The Fu*k Is Mariah Carey Always Seen Leaving A Medical Building???

Uhhhh…here is Mariah Carey spotted leaving a medical center, AGAIN. This time her little love slave was in tow, and they had their little coupled up in sweats steez in full effect. For real, something must be going on with MiMi…all these doctors visits can’t be for nothing. More when you…

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May 12th 9:16am

Tyra Wants To Sprinkle Fairy Dust All Over EVERYTHING — Banks Empire Expands Into Books

As if fifty million seasons of “America’s Next Top Model” and the “Tyra” show weren’t enough, Tyra Banks is now taking her obsession with beauty, fantasy and “fierceness” (her words, not ours) into the literary world. The model mogul made the announcement via her website earlier this week. Her message to the world on the…

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May 12th 9:06am

Barack To Racist Rush Limbaugh: “Go Eff Yourself”

Well those weren’t his words exactly, but pretty much in a nutshell, our President Barack Obama is clearly NOT feelin Rush Limbaugh:

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May 11th 6:31pm

He’s Got A Big Ego, But Wouldn’t You If You Were At The Center Of Your Very Own Universe?

Kanye West posted some of the visuals taken by Nabil Elderkin from his Glow In The Dark book today and most of them were so stunning we had to share them with you. Pop the hood for more.

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May 11th 6:29pm

Kelis Out In London While Poor Little Nasir Is Going Broke Trying To Support Her And His Son That He Doesn’t Get To See

Kelis was seen in London rocking those Mickey Mouse Adidas and the black version of her crazy a$s mullet ‘do… More images on the flip.

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May 11th 5:55pm

Supermodel Beverly Peele In Critical Condition

Former Model Beverly Peele was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a car accident last night.

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May 11th 5:34pm

‘Pretty Wild’ White Chick Soon To Be Sitting Not-So-Pretty In Jail

Alexis Neiers was just sentenced to some serious time, for a white chick from the burbs. Alexis is the sister of the Pretty Wild teamstress pictured here doing black tar heroin last week. They are obviously thuggin:

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May 11th 5:09pm

Twitter Files: Will Ferrell Got Jokes Son!!!

Drizzy has been bragging about his acting chops lately but he may want to start crafting some comedic skills cuz Will Ferrell took a crack at him on Twitter that hit right on the mark. Pop the hood for a chuckle Continue

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May 11th 5:01pm

It Aint My Fault! Oil CEO’s Point Fingers At Each Other Over Gulf Spill

‘It’s their fault!’ Three of the major oil companies in the world, BP America, Halliburton, and Transocean went in front of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee early Tuesday morning to testify about the disastrous oil-rig explosion that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The CEO’s went in front of the Committee and pointed…

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