November 3rd 10:16am

Camel’s Presidential Plans: Jay-Z And BeyBey To Be First Couple Status In 8 Years???

We watched Shawn Corey Carter transition from rapper to music mogul to illuminati business titan…but what do you think about this US President business??? Jay-Z plans to run to be US President.

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November 3rd 9:59am

How To Tell If Your Husband Is A Liar

I once saw a strip club called Working Late. If a wife ever asked her husband where he was, he could honestly say “Working Late.”

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November 3rd 9:29am

SMH: There Will Be No African Americans In Senate Next Year

The place where President Barack Obama first gained attention as a politician will no longer have black representation for the next term.

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November 3rd 9:08am

Slick Willy Wants Weezy To Be Free And George Bush Still Doesn’t Like Yeezy

Who knew former leaders of the free world had rap on the brain? On Election Day, no less.

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November 3rd 6:27am

Warm It Up: Celebrities Looking Incredibly Stupid In Fur

The weather’s changing, kids. This means it’s time to bust out that fancy jacket you bought for cheap over the summer. It’s also time for our beloved celebrities to look like damned fools in ridiculous fur jackets.

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November 3rd 2:49am

Prop 19 Goes “Up In Smoke” In Cali!

With all the ruckus around the midterms for the Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party loons, folks in California just wanted to vote on that ‘bud!!!’ And vote they did!! In order to make California the first state to legalize weed! Weed heads from the Bay down to Compton went out to vote! Well all…

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November 2nd 7:21pm

Amber Rose Struts It Up Around Miami In Her Leggings But… Is She Toting A Lil Somethin’ Extra In Her Belly???

Amber Rose was spotted in Miami getting Middle Eastern takeout with her homegirl and her new puppy Frankie. She’s still sporting her blond baldie and leggings but something about the beast is looking a lil different and we think we know what it is…

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November 2nd 5:55pm

BREAKING NEWS: Gucci Mane Arrested…AGAIN… AND Pepper Sprayed For Riding Dirty & Reckless!!!

It hasn’t been six months since Gucci Mane came home from a bid swore his life was about something better! And he’s already heading back to his second home: the Fulton County Jail.

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November 2nd 5:36pm

Do People Still Care About Marion Jones??? Her ESPN “30 For 30″ Special “Press Pause” Directed By John Singleton Airs On Tonight

ESPN has unrolled some really special programming with their “30 For 30″ series and tonight’s episode focuses on one of histories worst sports scandals — Marion Jones’ steroid use at the Olympics and her subsequent admission of using the banned drugs which resulted in her having her medals stripped and being sent to prison.

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November 2nd 5:34pm

Antoine Walker’s Checks Have Officially Stopped Coming In. Should Evelyn Lozada Give Up Some Of Those VH1 Stacks To Upgrade Him?

While Evelyn Lozada is off selling shoes and reaping the benefits of VH1 Celebreality stardom- including letting OchoCinco blow her back out – her ex-fianceAntoine Walker can’t catch a break.

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November 2nd 3:17pm

R.I.P.: 11-Year-Old ‘Lion King’ Star Shannon Tavarez Taken Way Too Soon

Shannon Tavarez, the little girl who’s brave battle against leukemia prompted more than 8,000 people to become bone marrow donors across the country lost her fight to the disease yesterday.

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November 2nd 3:14pm

Willow Smith Gets Diamond Encrusted Neck Brace From Ellen Degeneres [Video]

Willow Smith appeared on the “Ellen Degeneres” show Monday to perform her hit single.

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November 2nd 3:13pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Mariah Carey Talks About Pregnancy (GO) Birth of Black Film a Reaction to Hollywood Racism (GO) Foxy Brown Performs During New York Fashion Week (GO) Heidi Montag is Researching Stripping (GO) Nicki Minaj Considers Name Change:”I Hate The Name…” (GO) Cher Still Dealing With Chaz’s Sex Change (GO) South African Pastor Under Fire For Claiming…

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November 2nd 2:06pm

WTF? Ron Artest Raffling Off NBA Championship Ring With $2 Tickets?!?!

It took Ron Artest 10 seasons in the NBA to get a ring. And now, he’s willing to give up for to you, and fly you to L.A. to come pick it up, for $2.

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November 2nd 2:01pm

Twitter Files: Midterm Election 2010

Your favorite celebs have turned to Twitter to help motivate and urge people to vote in the Midterm Election today. Continue…

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