September 2nd 9:26am

A Stroll Down Lover’s Lane: Swizzy, A Keys, And Her Impregnated Thunder Thighs Spotted In Matrimonial Bliss In NYC

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are enjoying married life…taking walks hand-in-hand, eating healthy meals, and the whole nine:

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September 2nd 9:05am

Count Cirocula Strikes Back! Diddy Says Ex Employee Got Fired For Gettin’ Ripped Not Gettin’ Old

And he won’t stop…cuz he can’t stop. Count Cirocula is not going to let some old hag sully his enterprise. We told y’all about the old bird who claimed Diddy fired her for being 51 and white. Well Diddy’s people say she was fired alright… for everything BUT being an old ornery bird.

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September 2nd 7:53am

Black Woman Allegedly Tosses Acid In White Girl’s Face: “Hey Pretty Girl, Do You Want To Drink This?”

An innocent woman was the target of a vicious attack after a random woman allegedly walked up to her and tossed a cup of corrosive liquid in her face for no apparent reason.

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September 2nd 7:01am

Pole Dancing Becky Says Wesley Snipes’ Sweaty Goons Are Following Her

If Wesley Snipes thought this b*tch was gonna help his shiny black azz, he’s got another thing coming. The wife of controversy laden lawyer Ken Starr says Wesley sent some private d*cks to uncover evidence that might help exonerate him from the tax evasion charges that will likely send him to the bing for 3…

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September 2nd 6:22am

T.I. And Tiny Popped For Posession Of A Controlled Substance!

Damn! T.I. just can’t seem to stay outta trouble. It seems like the only thing that changed since he got outta the bing is that he has someone to go to jail WITH him this time. Mrs. Ride and Mr. Die are in trouble with the law.

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September 2nd 4:03am

Beyonce: My Daddy May Have Cheated On My Mom But Still Remains The H.N.I.C. Of My Career

Even though band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have kicked manager Mathew Knowles to the curb that has not influenced Beyonce’s decision to switch management. Yesterday, Mathew Knowles decided to make it clear that his loving daughter that keeps his pockets on deck isn’t going anywhere.

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September 2nd 3:38am

Soulja Boy’s New Book: I Want Everyone To Be Rich Like Me, So I Give Step By Step Details!!!

Soulja Boy’s new book about his rise to fame, fortune and Kat Stack type b*tches has finally hit the book stores. “Teenage Millionaire” is set to release in conjunction with Soulja Boy’s new album.

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September 2nd 2:53am

President Barack Obama Is A What?!??

On the cover of the most recent issue of Newsweek, they have taken all the recent headlines targeted at President Obama and have listed them on the cover. Now, some may say that this cover is completely rude and utterly ridiculous

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September 1st 11:10pm

SMH: California Man Holds Girlfriend Captive And Tortures Her Over FACEBOOK Post!

We’ve heard of jealous possessive boyfriends but this one takes the cake. Police arrested a California man for holding his girlfriend hostage for several days, forcing her to call out of work sick while he beat and tortured her over a Facebook message from another man!!!

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September 1st 4:20pm

Dr. Dre And HP Unveil New Laptop

He has not dropped an album in over a decade but legendary beat maker Dr. Dre continues to co-sign high priced gizmos.

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