December 2nd 12:03am

Guess What R&B Star Made Drizzy Drake Cheese This Hard At The Knicks Game This Past Weekend?

Old-Boy loves the rappers, doesn’t he? First Nas, now Drake

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December 1st 9:16pm

Would You Buy A Book From Erykah Badu??

Jay-Z’s “Decoded” is sitting firmly inside of best-seller lists, so it only makes sense that other celebs might be thinking about typing up a page-turner as well. Here are few celebs who we think should consider penning a tale or two. Oh the fun! See if you agree with the title suggestions at

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December 1st 7:54pm

When Fawkin’ For Tracks Goes Wrong: Ciara’s Trying To Rap Now???

We blame 50 Cent. Because for one, we hope she’s not fawking Terius. And two, we can tell EXACTLY which songs from “Basic Instinct” have his sent on them.

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December 1st 7:25pm

In White Folks News: Surprise, Surprise Christina Aguilera Has A New Man Already

Is it just us, or does this lil ITCHBAY move faster than a speeding bullet?

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December 1st 7:19pm

Some Early Evening Desperation

Can anyone explain to us what Nicole Scherzinger‘s life is about right now? Seriously.

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December 1st 6:58pm

College Student Googles Name And Found Out That He Was Wanted For Murder!!!

Man, Google might have actually saved this kid’s life.

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December 1st 6:37pm

GASP! Is Sheree Whitfield About To Get Bounced On Her A** Out Of Her House AGAIN???

Looks like somebody is BACK in financial trouble, and damn near about to be evicted!

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December 1st 5:08pm

Which One Would You Hit? The Milano vs. Minnillo Edition

Since we had so much fun trying to say their names back to back – Alyssa Milano, Vanessa Minnillo (say that three times fast), we figured we’d put Nick Lachay’s Jessica upgrade and the childstar cutie of your teenage wet dreams on your mind too. So…

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December 1st 3:57pm

Lisa Raye’s Daughter Models For Nelly’s Apple Bottoms

Lisa Raye’s daughter Kai Morae has become one of the newest faces of Nelly’s Apple Bottom clothing line. The Black and Japanese plus size model was shot by famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks alongside her mother who watched from the sidelines. Check out Morae’s final pictures which will be part of a Macy’s ad campaign…

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December 1st 3:51pm

Oops!! Can You Catch PETA’s Fawk Up??

Last week when we showed you this ‘Ink, Not Mink’ ad OchoCinco did for PETA last week, we almost didn’t notice something was wrong with this picture. But clearly, the people at PETA were a little off their normal animal-loving antics. Do you see what minor detail they ignored?

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December 1st 3:25pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Ray-J Calls Raz-B To Clear Up Gay Rumors, Validates Marques Houston Allegation: “He Didn’t Deny The [Molestation] Sh*t Dawg” (GO) Christina Aguilera Met Her New Man’s Mom Already (GO) Round 3: Freeway Ricky Ross vs William Roberts…The Name Battle Continues (GO) Scott Disick Gives to the Homeless (GO) ‘Sneaka-Freaks’ Hope To Start Nonprofit Organization (GO)…

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December 1st 2:00pm

Dear Bossip: I’m in Love With Another Man

Dear Bossip! I need some advice. I am 34 and I am currently dating my Boyfriend of four years this past October. He is 26 and in the military great guy!. We have been living together for the last 2 years.

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