November 27th 8:52am

Music Swirl: New Timbaland Featuring SoShy

Timbaland has himself a new Nelly Furtado by the name of SoShy. This is their new video “Morning After Dark” where Timbo is making all of his usual crazy facial expressions while…singing?? Click Here to Watch

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November 27th 8:27am

Keyshawn Johnson Put On Front Street By White Woman And Sister He Is Playing On BOTH COASTS

Keyshawn and his finagling ways are being put on blast. The white woman pictured up top, Jennifer Conrad, is holding a gut full of human that is due next month. Jen reached out to a woman that she saw pictured with him  about a year ago, a sister named Kristine Coleman. Turns out, Keyshawn is still…

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November 27th 8:20am

Melyssa Ford Lends a Hand Feeding the Homeless in Atlanta

Melyssa Ford spent her Thanksgiving holiday in Atlanta. She helped the organization, Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, celebrate its 40th Anniversary by feeding  30,000 people. The organization itself has helped approximately 250,000 people that are in need.

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November 27th 7:46am

Random Ridiculousness

Some people really shouldn’t have children: A man was arrested after police said he left his 5-year-old son in a tractor-trailer while he ducked into an Indianapolis strip club to drink.

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November 27th 7:30am

Wanna See What Big Pun Looked Like Before Obesity???

Just in case you were ever curious as to what famed rapper, Big Pun, looked like back in his hay day…we have some shots of him all skinny and debonair. Pop the top for the couple of photos of Pun suited and booted

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November 27th 7:18am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Dubai is in Debt By More than 50 Billion

Once looked at as the premier hotspot for celebrities to vacay at, Dubai is now under financial scrutiny for a massive amount of debt.  More details under the hood.

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November 26th 9:56am

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bossip would like to wish you and yours a Happy Turkey Day!!!

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November 25th 3:45pm

Google Apologizes for Michelle Obama Monkey Picture in Images Gallery

Google recently released a statement apologizing for the monkey image with the First Lady’s face altered into it that appeared in search results when Michelle Obama was entered.  Read the details under the hood.

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November 25th 3:30pm

Coupled Up: Mr. and Mrs. Nash

Christina and The Dream were spotted at the Hawks vs Miami game the other night. Just when we almost forgot about these two they come back out. More flicks of them cakin under the hood. Christina should be ready to drop that load soon.

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November 25th 3:15pm

Bossip has Lady Gaga Clarifying her Gender and The Queen of Britain is Feeling Gaga’s “Shermie” Steez…

Lady Gaga, as weird as she is, is loved by many and that includes royalty. Queen Elizabeth of Britain has summoned Lady Gaga to perform for her in December. Also, Gaga speaks on Bey Bey haunting her down to do Video Phone…

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November 25th 3:00pm

Brand New Music: Usher and T.I. “In my Bag”

Usher is really on one with this new jawn with him and T.I. He is definitely feeling himself when it comes to this singing/rapping freestyle whatever you want to call it. Pop the Top for “In my Bag.”

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November 25th 2:40pm

Stevie Wonder Kicks it Court Side with his Seed

Stevie Wonder took his son, Kailand Wonder, to the Lakers vs. Knicks game in Los Angeles. Of course Spike Lee was there reppin’ NY, looking like an NY umpire. Also Donald Faison, remember him, was swirlin’ and laughing on court side with his pale cakes. Pop it for Pics

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November 25th 2:35pm

True or False: Britney Spears was Molested by her Father

According to Courtney Love’s facebook page, she alleges that Britney Spears was molested by her father. More details under the hood.

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November 25th 2:15pm

Dear Bossip: I’m Secretly Diggin’ My Co-Worker

Good day, Bossip crew! We have a tricky situation that needs addressing! Take a look and leave your feedback in the thread! Dear Bossip, I need your advice. I met this guy at work about 2+ years ago. We exchanged numbers a became pretty good friends. Over the past years I’ve caught very STRONG feelings…

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