June 15th 9:49am

Who Is My Daddy???

Last time we saw this little girl, she was just a baby. She made her television debut on a reality show but she doesn’t really resemble her parents. We can tell you that her daddy use to be a rapper and her mom makes appearances on the home shopping network… Flip the Lid for a…

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June 15th 9:06am

Beyonce Out And About In All Black Everything And Jay-Z Rockin Camel…

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in Tribeca after dinner at Pepolino with Steve Stoute last night… Wonder what ways they cooked up to make a few million this month? Pop the hood for a closeup of BeyBey in her all black everything

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June 15th 8:40am

Who Looked More Bangin??? J Lo Vs. Jada

Jennifer Lopez attended the Apollo Theatre Benefit Concert last night and Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted outside of the David Letterman show. Out of these to ladies, we gotta ask….Who Looked More Bangin???? Check out more images including Angela Bassett, Jamie Foxx, Aretha Franklin, Estelle, Marsha Ambrosius, and much more!!

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June 15th 8:12am

Remember Me, Quincy???

Kim Porter’s first baby daddy, Al B. Sure! hit up Omarosa’s premiere for her new show “The Ultimate Merger” last night in NYC. Pop the top to peep our boy Al B. all pudgy and chubbylumpkined out

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June 15th 7:42am

Gary Coleman’s Ex Shannon Price Is Shady As Hell, Denies Selling Deathbed Photos

Shannon Price, Gary Coleman’s shady a$s ex-wife is speaking out on his deathbed images being sold, and denies that it was her:

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June 14th 11:46pm

Lakers May Be Up Sh*t Creek… Lamar Odom Has The Flu?!??

Los Angeles Lakers are two games away from possibly winning the NBA Championship and Lamar Odom has suddenly come down with the flu. Dayyumm, we know Kobe Bryant is probably on his period about this, especially since they lost the other night in Boston. Lamar Odom: I haven’t been sick all season …

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June 14th 11:21pm

Joran van der Sloot Gives Gory Details On How He Killed Stephany Flores Ramirez

Joran van der Sloot supplied the sordid details on why and how he murdered the young Peruvian girl last month:

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June 14th 8:36pm

Kelly Rowland Edition: Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Kelly Rowland performed on the same stage as Kelis and her floral panties at the L.A. Pride Festival. Last week we showed you some behind the scenes pics of Kelly Rowland’s ELLE magazine photo shoot. Obviously she didn’t take our advice and add that stylist to payroll… on stage looking like Michael Jackson from The…

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June 14th 6:54pm

*Bossip Exclusive* Nicole Lyons Is The First Black Woman EVERYTHING In Racing Cars!! Danica Who??

Nicole Lyons is doing big things in the NHRA circuit and for black women globally. By winning, challenging stereotypes and by being a banger that is so easy on the eyes… Nicole has nowhere to go but the top. We got the scoop on Nicole and  MORE bangin’ pictures. Pop the top and peep the…

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June 14th 5:36pm

Who Is My Daddy?

This lovely young lady is the daughter of a rapper, can you guess which one? Here’s a hint, he’s very politically aware and even named her after a well known political exile

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June 14th 5:06pm

Kelis Puts Her Milkshake On Blast… Get Your Fresh Snatch Catch Of The Day

Kelis rocked this neon pink miniskirt for her performance at L.A.’s Pride festival this weekend and gave the audience quite the view… leading us to wonder if perhaps the recently divorced new mom was fishing for some fresh snatch catch this weekend. Pop the hood for an uncensored view and more goodies from Kelis

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June 14th 4:17pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Fat Joe Facing $139,000 Tax Lien

Fat Joe is the latest celeb in Hip-Hop to be hit with a hefty tax bill now that he reportedly owes the government thousands of dollars in back taxes. Continue

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June 14th 3:53pm

Abby Sunderland Is The Latest Another Day, Another Reality Show? Attention Whoring Daddy Claims Her Trip Wasn’t Just A Stunt For Cameras

Abby Sunderland may have had more motivation than just her “love of the sea” to take the sailing trip around the world that ended with her being stranded in the Indian Ocean… Her Daddy is an ATTENTION WHORE!!! Surprise Surprise. Pop the hood for details on the reality show Papa Sunderland was pitching

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June 14th 3:32pm

Lil Duval Puts Twitter Up On Game

Lil Duval took to Twitter to create a shorthand for all you dummies out there who actually take the things people say at face value. Pop the hood to decide if he’s Pure Comedy or just another Trending Topic Wannabe! Continue…

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June 14th 1:03pm

Trey Songz Tries To Sex Amerie In The “Let’s Chill” Remix

Trey Songz yells that his songs aren’t all about sex but every jawn he puts out involves him making the _________ wet and stroking a chick like he’s on a merry-go-round. Amerie has joined Trey in his efforts to try and sex the world by remixing the classic jawn… “Let’s Chill”… Pop the Top and…

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