January 29th 5:44pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Criminals Prey On Female Earthquake Survivors, Raise Fears Of Child Trafficking

Criminals in Haiti are preying on vulnerable earthquake survivors, even raping women, in makeshift camps set up in Port-au-Prince after the disaster.

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January 29th 5:30pm

Doctors Complain Law Named For Kanye’s Mom Isn’t Necessary

California government passed the Donda West Law in honor of the late mother of Kanye West in Fall of 2009. Now that the law is in place some cosmetic surgeons claim it is ineffective and unnecessary. Continue

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January 29th 4:07pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

This lil banger is a birthday girl! Dollicia Bryan turned her cakes to the camera for her Grammy night birthday party flyer. Look under the hood to find out which superstar rapper she chose to co-host her bash, and the lil subliminal she may have been sending with that heater.

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January 29th 1:47pm

Rumor Control: Are Usher And Chilli Back Together???

After internet rumors surfaced linking old flames Usher and Chilli, BOSSIP got on the case to find out if they were True or False. Look under the hood for the answer.

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January 29th 1:20pm

Tila Tequila is Pregnant by Game?!?!

Tila Tequila is always doing some kind of dumb shizzz to keep her name floating around. This time she has claiming that Game may be the father of her GUT FULL OF HUMAN???? GTFOH… Pop it for the Tweets

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January 29th 1:00pm

Former DAY 26 Member Que Strikes Back With Great Vengeance And Furious Anger

Gay 26 reject Que isn’t letting Diddy’s little “boy band” get in his way. This week he posted a “listening party” for his new material. Look under the hood to witness his lil’ coming out.

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January 29th 12:22pm

True or False: Taylor Swift and Kanye West are Working Together on a New Jawn…

After the stunt Kanye West pulled at the VMA’s, no one would expect Taylor Swift and Yeezy to ever be in the same room again. Thanks to Quincy Jones and him wanting to re-record “We are the World” because of the Haiti disaster, it might happen. Details Under the Hood

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January 29th 11:26am

New Music: Sade “Skin” And “Baby Father”

Real music is officially trying to make a comeback people. Flip the script to listen to two new joints from Sade:

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January 29th 11:20am

Random Ridiculouness: Heidi Montag is Getting Her Mom Some Plastic Surgery for Mother’s Day

During an interview, Heidi Montag revealed that her mother wants to follow in her knifed-up footsteps and get some plastic surgery to enhance her looks for Mother’s Day.  Details under the hood.

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January 29th 11:14am

Oprah To Reveal All of Her Deep, Dark Gay Secrets in New Tell-All Book???

Oprah Winfrey is set to spill the beans in a new book??? According to recent reports, media titan Oprah Winfrey will be publishing her very own “Tell-All” where she will dish on her shady relationships with Steadman Graham and Gayle King.

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January 29th 11:13am

Chop ‘Em, Drop ‘Em, Pass ‘Em Around: BDR’s Ex Now Jason Kidd’s BabyMama

BDR wrote another letter on his public diary… This week’s entry “My Sincerest Congratulations To Porschla Coleman & Jason Kidd For Their New Baby!” allowed BDR to dig deep down into his wise old soul and pour out nice things about his sloppy seconds, which have now been passed on to Jason Kidd. Keep reading…

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January 29th 11:10am

Certified Links

Drake, Eminem And Lil Wayne To Perform At The Grammy’s (GO) South Carolina Lt. Gov. Compares Welfare Users to Stray Animals… Dr. Boyce Watkins Weighs In (GO) Memphis Bleek & Damon Dash Make Amends??? [Video] (GO) Fabolous To Headline Nike Concert For Africa (GO) NFL’s Steven Jackson Accused Of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend (GO) Man Burns…

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January 29th 11:01am

Bow Wow: Women Can’t Handle Having “JUST SEX”… They Become Jealous and Obsessed

According to Shad Moss [Bow Wow], when women decide to have a “SEX”-relationship or “Casual Sex”, things always end up complicated. A woman tends to catch feelings and become jealous if she sees the man that she just had sex with out with someone else. Bow Wow: I’ve noticed over my 22 years of living…

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January 29th 10:55am

More Help for Haiti: Diddy and Queen Latifah Hosting a 2nd Telethon

More stars are coming forward to do their part and raise money and awareness for the people in Haiti who suffered from the tragic earthquake.  This time around Diddy and Queen Latifah will be hosting a telethon in conjunction with BET.  More details under the hood.

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January 29th 10:43am

In Little People News: Omarion Has a Hissy Fit About Not Being A Part of the MJ Tribute at the Grammys

Poor thang: “If I’m not a part of that, then that’s not… I’m not gonna say it’s wack,” he says.

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