September 8th 2:24pm

20 Makeup Free Celebrities

What you’re about to see may cause a sense of confusion and fear.

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September 8th 1:28pm

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Rutina Wesley wore her black and white ensemble to the premiere of The Romantics while Janelle Monae was spotted in the streets of London in all black everything. If you had to choose between the two ladies, Who Looked More Bangin’?

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September 8th 1:11pm

Dear Bossip: ‘I Just Don’t Like His Daughter’

Dear Bossip, I’ve been dating this man for a little over five months now and things are pretty serious. I wanted to get to know him when I met him because he seemed like a standup guy.

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September 8th 1:08pm

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

Every year it seems that the most dangerous cities continue to be dangerous and never get better, so which cities are currently leading right now as one of the worst cities to live in?

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September 8th 10:30am

Hubby Hov Throws His Baby BeyBey A “B-Day” Bash

Camel sure knows how to treat his wife: Jay-Z threw an intimate party to celebrate wife Beyoncé’s 29th birthday on Saturday.

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September 8th 10:19am

Halle Berry Is No Longer Single?? Caught Swapping Spit With French Actor Olivier Martinez In Paris

Here we go again…Halle’s got a new swirly-poo: The City of Lights has become the City of Love for Halle Berry. Berry, 44, has been spotted cozying up to her Dark Tide costar Olivier Martinez, 44, in his hometown of Paris. The two have been seen smooching and exploring the city, embracing a Hollywood-style romance…

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September 8th 9:59am

Are Cockroaches The Cure For What Ails Mankind?

l This is kind of disgusting… Apparently cockroaches may hold the answer to our prayers when it comes to modern medicine. It turns out that these filthy insects contain material that could fight off potentially lethal drug resistant bacterial infections!

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September 8th 9:55am

Dennis Rodman Is One Nasty Motherf*cker

Dennis Rodman needs an intervention: Hamptons partygoers got to listen to a little Dennis Rodman lovemaking after he took six girls up to his bedroom with a cordless microphone switched on in his pocket.

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September 8th 9:41am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Stabs And Strangles His Girlfriend To Death After She Shouted Another Man’s Name During Sex

This story is an extreme case of lover’s rage: A man stabbed his girlfriend to death after she accidentally blurted out the name of another man as they made love.

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September 8th 9:28am

Some Morning Half-Naked Breezy With Water Trickling All Over His Body

Good morning Bossip Fam… We got your morning mancandy right’chere!!!!!!!!!!! Courtesy of Chris Brown taking a lil dip in Miami’s warm waters. Breezy six pack and a set of nipples coming right up!

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September 8th 9:09am

Coupled Up: Monica And Her Boo Shannon Brown Swimming With Dolphins And Ish…

Awww…look at Monica and her fine a$s boyfriend Shannon Brown pictured on vacation. It’s so wonderful to see Monica looking happy with a dude who doesn’t look like he’ll mug your Granny or shoot your brother. SMH. That’s right Monica, “F*ck A Thug!!!” Peep their tweets…

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September 8th 8:09am

It’s Official! Georgia Mayor Makes Saggin’ Pants A Crime

Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground! A Mayor out in Dublin, GA agrees and has officially made saggin’ pants a crime.

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September 8th 7:52am

Boxing Babymaker! Mike Tyson Adds An 8th Child To His Brood

Iron Mike is crankin’ em out faster than we can count ‘em. He and his wife are expecting another child, making this baby numero ocho for the boxing baby maker.

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September 8th 7:33am

Judge Lets Foxy Brown Off The Hook For Showing Her Azz

Finally, Fox Boogie get’s a break. Prosecutors have decided to end their witch hunt against the ever- aggravated rapper. Although she did show her azz (literally) the courts decided that although it might have been ashy and offensive, it wasn’t felonious.

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