October 21st 1:40pm

*Bossip Exclusive* The Reality Swirl Between “For The Love of Ray-J 2″ Cast Member and Who??

A very close inside source has spilled the beans to BOSSIP about the cast member from For the Love of Ray-J 2 known as “Fetuccini.”  We found out that Fettucini’s “star” pimp boyfriend will be addressed on the first episode along with some other things. Pop the top to find out what high profile swirl…

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October 21st 1:35pm

Chris Brown’s New Album is a Plea to Get Rihanna Back

Chris Brown just released his new single Crawl. This is the video that he was shooting this past weekend with Cassie. Pretty much all the songs we’ve heard are messages to little Ms. Rih Rih… Take a Listen and See What You Think: With everything that happened… How many of you would support them getting…

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October 21st 1:30pm

Certified Links

The REAL Rick Ross Speaks (GO) The Shady Doctor Of Donda West To Write Book (GO) Best Selling Author Sues Racist Club For $1 Billion (GO) Chalie Boy – “I Look Good” Video (GO) Bronson Pinchot Sez: Tom Cruise Hated Gays, Denzel Washington Was Mean (GO) “I’m in a Box” Is Our First Balloon Boy…

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October 21st 1:20pm

Hi, My Name Is Kaienja and My Mom Is Going Through A Divorce…

This young lady’s name is, Kaienja and Kaienja’s mother is a well known C-List actress. Kaienja is 20 and loves long strolls in the parks. Pop the top and find out who her momma is

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October 21st 1:15pm

Cry Me a River: Michael Jordan Hurts Chamillionaire’s Feelings

The other day, Chamillionaire was on U-Stream Live chatting it up with his fans. It must have been a venting session because he was telling them how he would like to swing on Michael Jordan… “Even as a man I felt like it should steal on him right now, I’m just going to steal on…

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October 21st 1:10pm

Love and Relationships: Do I Leave or Stay?

Good morning Bossip readers! We have a very interesting plight that needs some attention from you all. Dear Bossip, I wanted to know what you and your readers think about this crazy situation I have going on. I have been with my kids’ father for almost 7 years. We have two beautiful girls and I…

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October 21st 1:05pm

Kim K and Reggie B are Having Kids…

We just got wind that Reggie Bush is back on the leash and the couple is planning to have babies sooner than you think: Kim Kardashian has just watched her two sisters go through major life changes. Her younger sister, Khloe, recently wed L.A. Laker Lamar Odom. Her older sister, Kourtney, is expecting her first…

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October 21st 1:00pm

Twitter Files: Que Puts Dawn on Blast

Que from Day 26 was accused of cheating, but apparently, Dawn isn’t squeaky clean either. Pop the hood.

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October 21st 12:55pm

Julia Hudson Gets a Makeover and Jennifer, David & Baby David Bare it All for People Magazine

After the devastating loss of her family, Julia Hudson is reinventing herself and she started with a makeover. Julia has new clothes, new make-up and a new lace front. The make-up needs to be toned down and the lace front needs better coverage, but we’re just happy she is moving forward in a positive light……

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October 21st 12:50pm

Freaks: Former Morgue Worker Pleads Guilty to Choppin Down Corpses!!

This pervert, Kenneth Douglas, just admitted to having the most sickest sex fetish (it and bestiality) in the world: A former morgue worker pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually abused two corpses. Kenneth Douglas, 56, was already in prison after he was convicted in 2008 of having sex with the corpse of…

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October 21st 12:45pm

**Update** Amber Tweets on Kanye’s Fake Death

There were Twitter updates from people around the world mourning the death of Kanye West; we later found out that it was all a big rumor.  Flip the hood for the details.

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October 21st 12:35pm

Let Me Get 2 Legs and A Buttered Up Biscuit…

This lil banger was spotted getting her new found shine on last night in Hollyweird at the STK Burlesque Show. All of Hollyweird’s elite were there. Pop the Top to See the D-listers That Made it Out

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October 21st 12:03pm

Shyne’s Daddy has No Pull… He’s Getting Deported to Belize

Shyne’s father is the Prime Minister of Belize and wrote a letter to the Governor of New York asking him would to allow Shyne to stay in the United States. Even though Shyne has been in the USA since he was 13, the governor was not trying to hear it. Question… Where is Diddy??? SMH…

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October 21st 10:55am

What the Heck is Up With All The Violence These Days?????

Three teenage girls were shot in a ‘drive by’ yesterday afternoon in Georgia:

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October 21st 10:30am

Who Looked More Bangin’??? The Creme De La SLIM Edition

Between Sherri and Star, they both have lost a whole human of weight. Both ladies stepped out to the 2009 Angel Ball to Benefit Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. We all know, one lost it naturally and the other one lost it surgically, BUT all we want to know is… Who Looked More Bangin’???

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