October 31st 10:44am

Some Morning Preciousness: Lil Baby Hank And Him’s Lil Pumpkin Face

Kendra Wilkinson and her lil baby boy Hank Jr. took some “Mommy and Me” pics with a pumpkin and stuff…

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October 31st 10:07am

Acupuncture? Celine Dion Got Me Pregnant? How Many More Months Of This Do We Have Left, Mimi?

Warning: now that Mimi‘s let the cat out of the bag, she’s not gonna stop talking about it.

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October 31st 10:00am

Sunday Surgery Slips: Lisa Rinna’s Husband Is Worried His Wife Will Look Like A Knifed Up Weirdo For The Rest Of Her Life

Poor thang: They say beauty is pain, and Lisa Rinna really is learning that the hard way.

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October 31st 9:44am

Nick Cannon Speaks On Being A Father, His Career, And His Upcoming 2-Disc Album Dropping Next Year…

Lil Nicky Cannon embraces fatherhood, but has no plans on ‘slowing down’ his career: “I’m doing so many things right now I don’t have time to slow down,” says Nick Cannon, who spent the day he talked to The News promoting DJ Hero 2.

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October 30th 2:41pm

Bombs Away? Another Suspected Al Qaeda Attack Barely Averted

SMH. This ish is insane. Nobody is safe from terrorism and these fu*kers will not stop trying to bring us down. President Barack Obama declared Friday that authorities had uncovered a “credible terrorist threat” against the United States following the overseas discovery of U.S.-bound packages containing explosives aboard cargo jets.

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October 30th 2:39pm

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Drugs Found Inside Jailed Pregnant Woman During C-Section Birth

A Cincinnati giving birth while locked up also made another delivery.

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October 30th 2:14pm

Poor Thang! Janet Jackson Traces Body Issues Back To Childhood Breast Binding On “Good Times”

When Janet Jackson stepped into NYC’s Lanvin store for their very fashionable Halloween party outfitted with a mustache in menswear, it wasn’t her first time masking her womanly assets…

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October 30th 1:35pm

Diddy D*ckRides Thanks Drake For Help On “Last Train To Paris”

Diddy recently spoke to MTV about his collaboration with Drake and the making of “Loving You No More.”

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October 30th 1:27pm

Who Told Rocsi To Rock This Isht???

BET “106 & Park” host Rocsi Diaz is only about a 6.5 on an average day — so we’re not sure why she decided to take the plunge and wear this unflattering “Avatar” costume for the Halloween edition of the show earlier this week.

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October 30th 11:55am

Baracka Flacka Flames and Hip-Hop Minstrelsy

Hip-hop minstrelsy, taken to an extreme, has repeatedly outdone all crude, vindictive and simply clumsy whites whenever it comes to dehumanizing black people. Hip-hop obviously, and no less insultingly, does it better. Read More…

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October 30th 11:25am

Some Saturday Swirl

Halle Berry enjoyed a romantic dinner date at Xandros in West Hollywood last night with her French boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

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October 30th 11:13am

Chris Tucker Performs Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” [Video]

Chris Tucker recently stunned fans of the King Of Pop, when the actor took to the stage at a New York city club and belted out a rendition of “Remember The Time.”

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October 30th 10:55am

Shape Magazine Editor Apologizes For Putting Homewrecker Leann Rimes On Their Cover

Homewrecker extraordinaire Leann Rimes at the center of controversy again, this time over her latest SHAPE Magazine cover.

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October 30th 10:12am

The 13 Most Horrific Horror Films Starring Rappers

When it comes to picking horror movie roles, rappers turned actors’ judgment is about as good as Nas’ when it comes to picking beats—down right frightening.

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October 30th 9:57am

Dayuuuum Son! This Newborn Weighed A Whopping 13lbs AT BIRTH!!!

This crazy story should hopefully inspire more pregnant women to stick to the salad bar while “eating for two”. A woman in New York gave birth Thursday to a baby that weighed not nine pounds, not ten pounds, not even eleven pounds… but 13 freakin’ pounds. WTF!

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