September 11th 9:42am

Khia Goes To Jail… Rapper Arrested AGAIN

“My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia was arrested in Atlanta, Wednesday for “endangering security interest.”

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September 11th 9:11am

Remembering September 11

In Memory Of The Victims Who Died Nine Years Ago On September 11, 2001. May We Never Forget.

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September 10th 6:51pm

Ladies Love Low Fade Lloyd… Singer Slips Vixen Some Tongue On The Set Of His New Video

Lloyd Polite aka “Young Goldie” brought his new ‘cut swag to the set of his “Lay It Down” video in L.A. If you can’t tell, he recruited “Soul Plane’s” leading lady KD Aubert to play his love interest. More photos when you continue!

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September 10th 5:55pm

Twitter Files: Swizz Beatz No Longer Hiding His London Girl

Now that Mashonda has confirmed what the whole world already suspected, Swizz Beatz has decided to act like a proud papa!

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September 10th 5:46pm

Does He Still Have It? Check Out Behind The Scenes Of Usher’s VMA Rehearsals

Usher is continuing to prepare to hit the stage Sunday at this year’s MTV Video Music awards.

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September 10th 4:50pm

New Black Kid On The Block: Rosa Acosta Is Tweeting About “SIX” [Video]

Bossip: So, Rosa Acosta was tweeting about you. How old are you- 20 SIX. 20 Bossip: How long have you been pursing your music? Six: Since I was 16. But I moved to LA from The Bay Area and I met my label owner Mack YOLO Music Group LLC Bossip: That’s our boy Christopher Mykel…

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September 10th 3:47pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Fantasia Makes Light Of Suicide Attempt (GO) Kim Kardashian Forgets Why She’s Famous (GO) Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Climbing Out Of Debt (GO) Megan Fox Struts Her Stuff In Armani (GO) Tiye Phoenix Clarifies Nicki Minaj Statement: “Y’All Actin Like I Snatched Taylor Swift’s Award” (GO) Playboy For The Blind Is The Greatest Innovation…

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September 10th 3:07pm

Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Files Restraining Order; Says He Tried To Knock Her Out! (Mugshot Inside!)

Floyd Mayweather is looking like a world class a$$hole right now! The mother of his three children, Josie Harris just filed for a restraining order following her allegations of domestic abuse and the details are absolutely INSANE. Deets and mugshot when you continue!

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September 10th 1:34pm

Sextra: I’m Not Into Booty Play . . .

This is so ironic! The article about the lady who grew up in the church and was taught to save herself for marriage is very similar to my own. I grew up in a small town in MIssissippi

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September 10th 1:22pm

Are You Sure You’re Ready To Shack Up?

Are you so in love that you can’t imagine another day apart from your guy? Is your drawer at his house turning into a dresser full of clothes and vice versa?

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September 10th 12:21pm

Top 10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums Of 2010

As we turn to the 4th quarter of the year 2010, there have been many great 2010 hip-hop albums that were highly anticipated.

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September 10th 11:58am

Pure Comedy: Chris Brown Goes In On Kat Stacks Via Twitter!!!

Last night Chris Brown gave Kat Stacks the attention she’s been looking for and the two had a Twitter spar that we think was Pure Comedy. Check it out below:

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September 10th 11:19am

Not All Poor People Need Our Help

Why is it that we are supposed to feel sympathetic and feel sorry for poor folk? In America, a conundrum exists because integrating the desire of liberals to hold the poor close to their bosom while wiping the sweat from their brow with the Darwinist desire of conservatives to throw all weaker and feebler segments…

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September 10th 11:03am

Study: Overweight Men Can “Lay The Pipe” For Long Periods Of Time While Lean Men Ejaculate Prematurely

According to a recent study, “plus-sized” men can pleasure women for longer periods of time when compared to athletic types: Fat men last longer in bed, while lean gym jocks are prone to premature ejaculation, a new study has found.

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September 10th 10:26am

Proud Parents, Paula Patton And Papa Thicke Leave Julian At Home To Celebrate Chanel Boutique Re-opening

Paula Patton, where have you been???? Last time we saw her, she was toting around a gut full of Julian Fuego. Here she is with husband, Robin Thicke, at the Chanel Soho Boutique re-opening last night looking awfully good for just having a baby. More pictures…

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