January 24th 11:50am

Random Ridiculousness: Cat-Cooker Cheyenne Cherry Gets Two Years in Prison

PETA must be happy about this one: A remorseless cat killer who helped roast a kitty in a 500-degree oven was sentenced to two years in prison.

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January 24th 11:38am

Osama bin Laden Responsible for Detroit Bomb Attempt, Threatens the U.S. with Future Attacks

This guy again: Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt in Detroit, in a audio message released Sunday, and vowed further attacks on the U.S.

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January 24th 11:29am

Hey Breezy, is This Your Brother???

Some pics of this “happy fellow” have hit the net and he claims he’s Chris Brown’s brother.  Check out the details and more pics on the flippy.

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January 24th 11:22am

Ho Sit Down: Bristol Palin Preaching Abstinence Now

Bristol Palin’s new goal is to not have any more pre-marital sex. Bristol took the Chasity oath on the Oprah Show Friday and says other women should do the same.

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January 24th 10:41am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Kills His Girlfriend and 2 Kids

A New York man was charged with murdering his girlfriend and her two daughters ages 2 and 5.  More details under the hood.

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January 24th 10:39am

Are You Feelin Gaga’s Get Up???

Lady Gaga performed at Radio City Music Hall and showed up wearing this shiny thing and some black boots…this is actually a wee bit on the normal side for Gaga, but are you feelin it??? More pics when you…

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January 24th 10:37am

Another Day, Another Reality Show: Brandy in Hollyweird

Brandy was seen on the scene walking around town with the cameras rolling.  Word is that she’s shooting for a new reality show. More flicks of Brandy on the flippy for your viewing pleasure.

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January 24th 10:24am

Justin Combs Turns 16 and Brings Nicki Minaj and Her Cakes as His Date (Over 30+ Pics Inside)

Diddy’s first born Justin Dior Combs turned 16 and celebrated in NYC at M2 lounge with a ton of celebs and Nicki Minaj by his side.  SMH. Pop the top for more exclusive pics inside.

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January 24th 10:20am

The Baddest B*tch Does Some Good: Trina To Adopt Child From Haiti

Here’s a “lil positivity” for you: While Trina’s known for her undeniable rap skills and baddest b*tch mentality, unbeknownst to many the 305 representative is also heavily involved in charity initiatives. Continue…

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January 24th 10:14am

Poor Thang: Evander Holyfield Cannot Afford to Pay His Child Support Payments

Damn, Evander Holyfield still can’t pay his child support: Former boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield is attempting to change up his child support payments

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January 24th 10:10am

Some Sunday Vomit

This is a prime example of why Black women need to embrace their skin. Here is Donatella Versace’s old saggy over-tanned body on vacation looking grosser than ever. Yikes!! Pop it for more views…

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January 24th 9:52am

Bey Bey Wins “Best Artist of the Decade,” Pharrell Presents the Award Rockin Some Crazy ‘Stache

Beyonce won the award for “Best Artist of the Decade” at the NRJ awards in Cannes…congrats to her…she sho is one hardworking broad. Peep images from the show below: More images from the show, an up close and personal view of Pharrell’s stache, and video of Beyonce’s award acceptance when you…

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January 24th 9:17am

Who Looked More Bangin??? SAG Edition

A knocked up Paula Patton and a butterfly adorned Mariah Carey attended the Screen Actors Guild award last night in LA. We gotta ask…are you feelin’ Paula’s motherly glow or MiMi in all red??? Pop it for more pics…

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January 24th 8:59am

Mo’Nique is Still Raking in the Accolades: Wins SAG for her Role in “Precious”

Mo’Nique has won yet another award for her role in the movie “Precious”….Last night she received a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Female actor in a supporting role. Flip the script for a pic of Mo and her SAG…

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January 23rd 11:48pm

24-Year-Old Hotel Clerk Saved After Search And Rescue Called Off In Haiti

Haiti has another miraculous survival story. A 24-year-old hotel clerk named Wismond Exantus was pulled from the rubble alive today, even after the government officially called off the search for survivors. After 11 days trapped beneath the rubble, a 24-year-old Haitian man was pulled out alive near a hotel here Saturday. The dramatic rescue is…

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