January 13th 3:30pm

*Exclusive* Tameka Foster Joining the ATL Housewives!?!

Posted By Bossip Staff Y’all ain’t gon’ believe dis here. Bravo is really going after the ratings next season:

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January 13th 11:00am

Who Owns It?? Beyonce or Dawn?

Posted by Bossip Staff Danity Kane‘s Dawn Richard hit up the Oxygen Media’s Launch Party for ANTM ‘Obsessed’ wearing the same exact dress as your girl Sasha while she was on vacay in St. Barts. Both of these broads do their best to fill out the frock, but between the two: Who Owns It?? Dig…

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January 13th 10:52am

Myron Rolle: The Future

Posted by Bossip Staff A story from Livesteez highlights a young man that’s pursuing a Rhodes Scholarship instead of the NFL draft. Now, that’s something for kids to emulate:

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January 13th 10:50am

This is Your Brain On Drugs

Posted by Bossip Staff Part time birthday clown,Lauryn Hill, was spotted in Jersey yesterday getting back on the saddle:

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January 13th 10:42am

A-List Celebs Lined up for HBO Inauguration Concert

Posted by Bossip Staff Entertainers and speakers are flooding D.C. to be a part of the countries greatest historic moment in ours and maybe our parents life span. The list is as star studded as it gets, Beyonce, John Legend, Stevie Wonder:

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January 13th 10:41am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Michigan Given $1.4 Million for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Programs F-Listed Paris Gets Dissed Celebslam Big Booty Batalla Lossip Florida State’s Rolle Will Enter Oxford Before the NFL Draft Livesteez Amy Winehouse Confirms Divorce Hollyscoop Sarah Jessica Parker Could Earn $30 – $50 million for SATC Sequel Cele|bitchy Fergie and Josh Duhamel…

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January 13th 10:40am

True or False: Faith Evans Whooped Lil Kim’s Ass

Posted by Bossip Staff In a recent interview with Essence, Faith agrees that Notorious was done well, but did have some small discrepancies:

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January 13th 10:40am

Who Wants To Be Played By Fame??

Posted by Bossip Staff Marques Houston finally got himself a gig! He’ll be joining Monica, Bobby Brown and many more in the new BET series ‘Played By Fame’:

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January 13th 10:37am

Lebron James Handles the Cover of GQ

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy Lebron handled the cover with a pink shirt and a stern grin. Get it young man.

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January 13th 10:15am

Young Jeezy’s Crew Beats Down DJ Drama at Notorious Premiere

Posted by Bossip Staff Dj Drama was beaten down again by the, CTE, Young Jeezy’s personal body guards. Yeah, those are his bodyguards:

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January 13th 9:55am

Gay Swag?

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep your boy 50 putting this old clip of Kanye on blast.

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January 13th 9:40am

Madge’s on the Run

Posted by Bossip Staff Madonna fears for her life, and the life of her family. Word is she may be a target behind that war in Gaza: Madonna has urgently beefed up her family’s security after being targeted by Muslim fanatics seeking revenge for Israel’s attacks on Gaza. One Palestinian terrorist chief has threatened to…

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January 13th 9:36am

TI’s “The Road To Redemption”

Posted by Bossip Staff TI’s prepares to profit from his misfortunes: T.I.’s days of freedom may be limited, but the rapper is making a last stand to illustrate the seriousness of his pending prison sentence with his upcoming MTV reality show.T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go will chronicle the rap star’s final days…

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January 13th 9:30am

Last Night in Miami…

Posted by Bossip Staff Kelly Rowland & a friend were seen at the Miami Premiere of ‘Notorious.’ Kelly seems to have a lot of free time on her hands these days – must be nice… Dig more pics of Ms. Fake Rack & Terrell Owens at the movie house right now

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January 13th 9:26am

Wine-ho Kicked the Habit; Addicted to Failure

Posted by Bossip Staff And here she is. The girl we love to hate, Amy Winehouse. Guess this batch didn’t get the memo that her holiday fling isn’t trying to see her fugly ass like that: Amy Winehouse insists she has kicked her drug habit – after falling in love with hunky actor Josh Bowman…

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