January 21st 4:55pm

NBA Bad Boy Ron Artest Bares His Soul … And His Chest

Ron Artest talks to Men’s Fitness in their March issue about changing his bad boy image, his love of fitness and even spills the beans on one of friend and fellow laker Lamar Kardashian Odom’s, bad habits. Look under the hood for the goods.

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January 21st 4:32pm

Ask Three 6 Mafia…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BOSSIP has teamed up with Sony and Three 6 Mafia to get all of your questions about love and relationships answered!!! Details under the hood….

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January 21st 4:26pm

Someone Please Call 911! Katt Williams the Cause of Another Emergency Call

We’re starting to think Katt Williams put the C in Crazy… Or crackpipe. Along with the rocks. Audio from the 911 call associated with an alleged Katt Williams November assault has just been released. Pop the hood to hear what happened

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January 21st 4:01pm

Kimora and the Fam are Headed Back to the Fab Lane

Kimora Lee Simmons and her newly extended family are all back on for another season of her reality show.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 21st 1:30pm

A Lil’ Positivity: Haitian Woman Rescued After Six Days Under The Rubble

As the death toll continues to mount in Haiti following last week’s devastating January 7.0 magnitude earthquake, there are still a few hopeful stories unfolding. This week a few survivors have been pulled from the rubble alive, pop the hood to watch the story of one woman who emerged nearly unscathed after being buried under…

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January 21st 1:18pm

Whether Or Not Kanye West Cares About Haitians, Telethon Producers Don’t Want His Help

After countless award show stage crashings and his infamous “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” spiel at the telethon to help Hurricane Katrina victims, folks have finally gotten wise to Kanye West, including George Clooney, who declined to invite West to participate in his fundraiser for Haiti being televised tomorrow. Continue

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January 21st 1:13pm

GTFOH: H&M has Added Skirts to their Men’s 2010 Spring Collection

You can probably thank designer Marc Jacobs for this one… H&M has a surprise for all those men that want to wear skirts but can’t find them in their size. They have added skirts to the Men’s 2010 Spring Collection. WTH… Flip the Top for More Details

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January 21st 1:06pm

Enter @Bossip Tweetstakes For A Chance To Win!

Starting this week, @Bossip will be holding weekly contests for our loyal readers!!!!! We are giving away prizes to three of our lucky Twitter followers!!! Pop the hatch for the prizes, Terms and Conditions, etc…

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January 21st 12:29pm

George Lopez Asks Kim & Khloe “What’s Up With Ya’ll and Black Guys???”

The Kardashians invaded “Lopez Tonight” and he got to ask them the question that people want an answer to: “What’s Up with Ya’ll and Black Guys???” Also Kim cleared up the rumors about Reggie proposing if the Saints win the Superbowl. Pop the Top for Their Answer

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January 21st 11:50am

Certified Links

HHWired Exclusive: Dr. Cornel West Evaluates President Obama’s 1st Year In Office (GO) Hugo Chavez Blames U.S. For Earthquake In Haiti, Claims “Tectonic Weapon” Was Used (GO) Cash Money CEOs Baby & Slim Form Bronald Oil & Gas (GO) Jim Jones Speaks On “The Ghost Of Rich Porter” Mixtape (GO) Trina Drops New Track “Deeper”…

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January 21st 11:48am

Not a Total Betty but a Vast Improvement

Kelly Rowland hit up the red carpet for Scott Barnes About Face Book Launch in NYC on banger status. We guess her new deal with Motown records got her stepping her game up. More pics of Kelly and Jennifer Lopez under the hood for your viewing pleasure.

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January 21st 11:44am

Rihanna Run!!!: Matt Kemp’s Ex Needed A Restraining Order

Rihanna sure does know how to pick’em. Sources are saying that Matt Kemp likes to fight women and scare the life out of them. His ex-girlfriend, Felisha Terrell put a restraining order on him back in 2008 when they broke up and he would sit outside of their house with his friends just to intimidate…

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January 21st 11:23am

Shady Ex-Senator John Edwards Finally Publicly Acknowledges Daughter He Fathered During Affair

After previously denying paternity, former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has finally come clean about the child he fathered after chopping down his campaign videographer Rielle Hunter. Look under the hood to read for his confession.

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January 21st 11:18am

Diddy and Lil Kim Hit the Stage Together for First Time in a Long Time

Diddy and Lil Kim hit the stage to perform in NYC during a Timbaland concert. Keri Hilson also hit the stage with Timbaland.  More pics of the show and a video on the flippy.

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January 21st 10:49am

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

Nicki Minaj sent this tweetphoto out to her followers yesterday from the set of her “Roger That” Video! Pop the hood to see what else she’s been sending from Twitter and to tell us if you are feeling this get up????

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