October 19th 8:15am

Poor Whitney…

Whitney was on X-Factor, and we watched the performance thinking, she didn’t do that bad. The rest of the world is calling her performance the worst by her, EVER. Pop the top and watch Whit do Million Dollar Bill and tell us if it’s a wrap or not

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October 19th 8:10am

Ne-Yo Turns the BIG 3-0

Ne-Yo‘s birthday bash went down over the weekend at Cipriani’s in NYC. A lot of people came out to help Ne-Yo bring in his thirties. Now that he’s getting older, maybe he’ll tone down the chicken grease lip gloss effect. Flip the Hood to See Who was There…

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October 19th 7:15am

Which One Would You Hit????

Ludacris and Nas both performed at the Heineken Red Star Soul event recently in NYC. Ladies, which one would you let soak up the panties??? More pics from the event including Estelle, Tyson Beckford, and Charlie Murphy when you…

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October 18th 1:15pm

Chris Brown on the Set of His New Video with a Bald Headed Beast

Chris Brown is shooting the video for his second single Crawl. Every video has cameos but can you guess which bald headed beast popped up on set as the leading lady??? Pop it for a Peek

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October 18th 1:00pm

Will Someone Please Do Something to Rihanna’s Head

Rihanna was spotted going into the studio repeating this same predator inspired hairstyle.  Will Ursula (Rihanna’s missing hairstylist) or someone please tend to this poor child’s head. More pics of Rihanna on the flipside.

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October 18th 12:40pm

DMX Gets Into Scrap With Police and Is Beaten Like He Stole Something… All Video Taped!!!

DMX’s voice is pure comedy on the video when he says…”For what? You aint no police!.” DMX and his staff tried to bum-rush the stage only to have him and his weak team get handled by one-time Continue

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October 18th 12:30pm

Ci-ERROR… Somebody Got They Hands on Yo Man!!!

50 Cent was pictured with his hands on a chick during his video shoot. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Ciara… Pop it to See

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October 18th 10:40am

A Lil Positivity: Master P Teams With HUD To Rebuild Houses New Orleans

No Limit Colonel Master P continues to get his philanthropy on as he has partnered with HUD to rebuild the B.W. Cooper Housing Projects in New Orleans. I want to be able to show these guys look at me. I changed my image, I changed my life and I had to grow up. Continue

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October 18th 10:20am

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Robbed

Kourtney Kardasdhian’s California home was burglarized last night.

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October 18th 9:50am

Look at What We Have Here

Dwyane Wade and the other woman were spotted on the party scene celebrating Stephen Hill’s (BET) birthday in Miami over the weekend.  Lil Kim, DJ Khaled, Fonzworth Bentley and more were also in the building. Does anyone know exactly what Fonzworth Bentley does anymore??? A couple more pics under the hood.

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October 18th 9:45am

Steve McNair is Six Feet Under and Still Causing DRAMA

Here we go again, first another mistress popped up and now a woman in Mississippi is claiming that Steve McNair is the father of her 17 year old daughter. So, she filed papers at the courts for back child support and her daughter’s, J.N.L, part of Steve’s fortune… SMH This Just Keeps Getting Better &…

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October 18th 9:40am

Does A.K. Feel MaShonda’s Pain???

Alicia Keys released a sneak peek of her new video Doesn’t Mean Anything. Maybe A.K. is letting Mashonda know that she knows how she feels, but it DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING… Pop it for a Peek…

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October 18th 8:40am

Mornings and Tyrese Do Not Mix

Tyrese was on deck for the 2009 Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Chicago over the weekend looking like he just wiped the crust from around his mouth and pulled out some eye boggers. More flicks of Tyrese and his early morning steez under the hood.

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October 17th 8:49am

Crotchy-licious: Rihanna Shows Her “Thang” In New Video

Never mind the patch. We’ve all seen Rihanna’s goods, already…so her putting her muffin on blast in her new video shoot is no surprise… You know you still want to have a gander though…pop the top and see her put it on the glass “close up”…

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October 17th 8:45am

Kids Say the Darndest Things “Why Does Everyone Hate You Mr. President Obama???”

Little Tyren Scott here may have a future in journalism. Tyren is not afraid to ask the tough questions and did so Thursday night at a New Orleans town hall meeting with President Obama: The fourth grader asked him a simple question. “Why do people hate you?” Continue…

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