May 17th 9:29am

Some Monday Morning Cakes

It was a big weekend for big booty hoes models. While video vixens Suelyn Madeiros and Sincerely Ward were partying it up on the West Coast, the new generation of “vixens” Amazin’ Amie and Draya “C-Breezy Made My Butt Sore” Michele were spotted on the East Coast attending the Urban Model Awards in Washington, D.C.…

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May 17th 8:57am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 7-Year-Old Killed By One-Time In “The D”

This is extremely sad: Police in Detroit, Michigan, on Sunday expressed “profound sorrow” at the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl in a police raid.

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May 17th 8:47am

Diddy Is Really Feeding Into Nicki Minaj’s Yabba Dabba Doo Bullsh*zzz But Then Again Look Who We’re Talking About!!!

It’s not unusual for Diddy to prance around looking crazy as hell but the fact that he has recruited the newest and latest fantasy characters, Nicki Mirage Minaj and Officer Ricky Ross… It feels like we are watching something worse than Hammer’s cartoon. Pop the Top for a Peek at this Rubba Dub Dub Clip…

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May 16th 12:13pm

Noemie Lenoir’s Suicide Attempt Due To Jealousy, Scandal, And Depression

BOSSIP has learned the full scoop on Noemie Lenoir and her attempt to end her life: Troubled Noemie Lenoir attempted suicide after footballer Claude Makelele dashed her hopes of a reconciliation,

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May 16th 11:52am

Lindsay Blo-Han Is Still A Drunk And Unreasonable Skank

Poor thang: Lindsay Lohan started another fight in a club

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May 16th 11:14am

SMH: Mother Gives Birth To Twins By Two Different Men

This sounds genetically intriguing: In a case of infidelity that spiraled out of control, a woman has given birth to children with a man that she was having an affair with, but it has a little twist. Having twins, Mia Washington now has two sons that are actually half-brothers, as they were born from two…

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May 16th 11:08am

Some Sunday Rih-Rih

Rihanna is out in the UK eating dinner at swanky restaurants and trying to hide from the paps with her dome piece freshly shaved on the side. More pics..

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May 16th 10:51am

When Drake Was 17…

As people take a look back into 2003, many notable things occurred in Hip-Hop. 50 Cent dropped Get Rich Or Die Tryin, The Clipse blew onto the scene with Lord Willin and Drake was known simply as Aubrey Graham. Continue…

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May 16th 10:37am

In Delusional White Folks News: Billy Ray Cyrus Speaks On Miley’s Nasty Dancing On 44 Year-Old Man

Billy Ray Cyrus thinks it okay for 16-year-olds to grind their a$$es on dudes old enough to be their father: Miley Cyrus’ dad is cool with his little girl’s recently released “lap dance” video.

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May 16th 10:21am

Is Shaq Hittin This???

First Wyclef, and now Shaquille O’Neal has been rumored to be getting it in with Sony Music Exec Lisa Ellis:

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May 16th 9:44am

Single Lance Gross Seen Mingling With the Video Hoes Models

Lance Gross was in the building for Brazilian model chica Suelyn Medeiros’ “24th Birthday” party this weekend in Hollyweird. More pics when you…

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May 16th 9:22am

Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Supports Arizona Immigration Law, Says Obama Needs To “Do His Job”

Who is still checking for this dumb broad and her opinions anyway??? Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin joined the national battle over Arizona’s controversial new immigration law Saturday, appearing with Gov. Jan Brewer in Phoenix to denounce the Obama administration’s criticism of the law.

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May 16th 9:12am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Bangkok Brawls Get Deadly…Over 25 Killed

Thai authorities said on Sunday that they had abandoned a plan to impose curfew in parts of Bangkok where about 25 people have been killed in four days of clashes,

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May 16th 9:05am

What In The Be-Jeezies Is Naomi Campbell Wearing???

Naomi Campbell attended the Cannes Vanity Fair and Gucci yacht party honoring Martin Scorsese last night with this frightful fit. Pop it to peep this dreadful piece from the back along with 20+ pics of celebs swirling hard in Cannes…

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May 15th 2:20pm

True Or False: Cleveland Cavaliers Went Down In The Playoffs Because Teammate Was Chopping Down Lebron’s Mom?

SMH… This is pretty gross. Rumor has it that the real reason Lebron James’ season ended this week is that just before Game 4 in the Cavs playoffs series against the Boston Celtics, he learned his mother, Gloria James, has been getting chopped down by his friend and teammate Delonte West. Pop the hood for…

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