August 22nd 7:44am

New Mariah Single and Promotional Ad For Her New Perfume

Mariah just released this promo ad for her new fragrance, Forever. At the same time a snippet of a song JD and Brian Cox were drooling over has hit the net called “100%.” Pop it for a quick listen

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August 22nd 7:44am

Octomom Goes in On Kate Gosselin and Says “I Screwed Up My Life and I Screwed Up My Kids’ Lives!”

This self absorbed cliche’ Attention Whore was going in on Kate Gosselin on her 2 hour special the other night. The lady is seriously disturbed and too self centered to think about the impact on her kids’ future. She also said some “way-out” mess about locking her mother in the…trunk: Clucking at the pictures of…

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August 22nd 7:42am

Recession Blues: What Actor Sold Social Security Numbers for 10 Stacks?

Can you all guess what fool’s checks stopped coming in and forced them to sell socials for cash? Flip the hood to find out.

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August 22nd 7:02am

Random Ridiculousness: Where Are Her Shoes??????

The fastest human in the world, Usain Bolt, was outside some hotel with a woman who wasn’t wearing any shoes.

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August 21st 12:00pm

*Exclusive*: Kandi Burruss of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Speaks on Cast Members… Especially, on Mz. NeNe Leakes

We told ya’ll we had two more parts to the Kandi Burruss interview and now they are here. Last night, finally in the third episode, Kandi has met all of the housewives. So, it’s only right that we would share this part of the interview with you now. We asked Kandi what her thoughts were…

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August 21st 11:55am

Nelly and Ashanti Are Officially Broken Up

Nelly was seen in Vegas this week on the hunt to chop down a reality TV show guest, from the Real Chance at Love show. Nelly and Ashanti have not been seen together since June, so maybe this was Nell’s coming out party. Doesn’t matter now, this couple is done for:

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August 21st 11:50am

Amber Rose Proves She Is NOT Carrying Around a Gut Full of Human

Just a couple of days ago, rumors were swirling around that Amber was with child because she didn’t want anyone around her smoking and she was turning down drinks left and right.  But thanks to her and Yeezy’s outings, we now know they are false. Pop the hood to see.

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August 21st 11:40am

Does This Look Like The Sexiest Woman Alive?

Does this look like the prettiest woman in the world? Just look at her feet man. This banger was spotted coming out of a friend’s house with pomegranate clutched tightly. Parade Magazine just named this actress “Sexiest Lady In The World.” Pop it to confirm

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August 21st 11:35am

THE DEVIL IS A LIE… Omarosa is Straight SANCTIFIED!!!

Omarosa has up and seen the light. On this past Monday, Omarosa started her first day at The United Theological Seminary to train to become a minister. I feel like God is calling me. He’s been calling me for two years and I can’t ignore it. Huh??? Pop it for More…

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August 21st 11:31am

Reality Hoes Make Good Mothers Too!

Bootz From Flavor of Love recently gave birth to a baby girl! Pop the hood for more pics.

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August 21st 11:27am

Whitney’s First Interview In 7 Years Will Be With Good Ol’ Harpo

Whitney Houston is officially on the comeback trail and Oprah will help christen her arrival. Oprah said something quite powerful about the highly anticipated interview:

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August 21st 11:20am

Womp Womp Womp… Tameka “FAKER” Raymond is Being Accused of Plagiarism

Just when people started to feel sorry for Tameka… yeah right. Nothing that this chick does is real. Tameka Foster is being accused of plagiarizing the essay that she wrote for the Huffington Post, She’s Pretty for a Dark-Skinned Girl. The author, Aisha Curry, of the book Pretty for a Black Girl says that Usher’s…

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August 21st 11:17am

Oldie but Goodie…

Bossip posted this picture way back in the day but we thought we would revisit it and remix the hell out of it! Let’s see what crazy comments you all can come up with the second time go round! Peep the other version under the hood.

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August 21st 11:15am

Kanye Tried to “Catch Fade” With the Paparazzi… Again?

When we showed pictures of Kanye West and Amber Rose shopping in Soho yesterday, we thought they had a good old time and that no incidents occurred; WRONG. Yeezy started cursing at the paps that were following him and invited them over for a “dance.” Pop it and peep

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August 21st 11:00am

What’s Going on in This Forum?

In yesterday’s Forum we discussed the top 5 reasons to leave a partner, and MySoulIsFull told us that their top reason to leave a partner was cheating! Don’t feel the same way??? Let us know! Head over to the Bossip Forums and tell us how y’all really feel!  Today we’re touching on: Would You Follow…

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