April 27th 9:22am

What The Hell??? This Crazed Laker Fan Has A Kobe Fetish Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen

This interview with a Kobe-crazed Lakers fan is kind of funny as sh*t, yet at the same time, scarier than a muhfugga. Hope Kobe keeps plenty of security around. Vanessa, beware… it’s no longer just the white girls you have to worry about. Pop the hood to see what we mean. Click Here To Watch…

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April 27th 9:21am

Which One Would You Hit? D-List Tatted Up Rapper Edition

If you ladies get ‘moist’ for some sweaty tatted up D-List rappers, then this should make your Tuesday morning!! Here is Maino and Waka Flocka Flame at DJ Prostyle’s birthday bash last night in NYC. Which One Would You Hit??? More images on the flipside…

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April 27th 8:55am

Dirty Dog Diaries: Piece Of Sh*t Tiki Barber Out Flossin His Young Blond Floozy While Wife Was In The Hospital For A Week Fighting Pregnancy Complications

Tiki Barber ain’t sh*t: He was running around town with his young mistress — while his pregnant wife spent a week in the hospital

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April 27th 8:45am

Tamyra Gray’s Got A Gut Full Of Swirly Human

“American Idol” alum Tamyra Gray and her husband, ex-Color Me Badd member Sam Watters, are expecting their first child. She’s carrying the mocha swirl baby, but he says he’s the one turning into a fata$s. Pop the hood.

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April 27th 8:36am

T.I. Drops “I’m Back” Clip; First Video Since His Prison Release

The King is officially back as T.I. just dropped his first official video since his release from prison. Pop the hood for more info on his upcoming album King Uncaged and to watch. Continue

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April 26th 5:18pm

Nene’s NFL Baller-Boo Indicted For Involuntary Manslaughter, She And “Granddaddy Greggy” Are Over

BOSSIP reported back in August that Nene Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta was having a romance with NFL player Charles Grant. Well now it turns out that Charles is going to be indicted for involuntary manslaughter (killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child), AND Nene and Granddaddy Greggy are a wrap for good.…

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April 26th 4:00pm

Talk About Your Hood Rats: Vermin Violate Vehicle

Here’s one of the ugliest carjackings we’ve heard of. An unruly gang of rodents are strutting around the Upper East Side like they own it and the vile vermin took over a Toyota. Pop the top.

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April 26th 3:59pm

Isn’t He Married??

Here’s a surprise! Everyone’s favorite actor Taye Taye was spotted in Hollyweird with a car full of blonds and brunettes. No Idinza Menzel in sight. SMH. Another on the flippy…

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April 26th 3:54pm

Police Believe They Found The Body Of Little Zara Malani Raheem!!!

One-Time believes they found the little body of 3-month old Zara Malani-Lin-Abdur-Raheem, who police say was tossed from a bridge by his father:

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April 26th 3:47pm

E-V-E Says Interscope Was Janky To Her: “They Promised Me Sh*t!”

Eve’s checks have stopped coming in, so now she is pointing fingers at Interscope: In mid-January, Eve posted a brief message via Twitter confirming her departure from long-time label, Interscope, but the 31-year-old rapper has never spoken in detail about the split. However, Eve shared with VIBE the real reasons she’s currently shopping for a new…

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April 26th 3:37pm

Kush Chronicles: New Jersey Weedman Arrested Again For Transporting Medicinal Marijuana

Self-proclaimed weedman and activist Ed Forchion takes on New Jersey about the legalizing marijuana after he was arrested for transporting a pound of weed in his car. Continue…

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April 26th 12:45pm

Fountain Of Youth

Thank the heavens for Sade. While Whitney is out murking her classic hits with her rocks-infested singing, here is breath of fresh air Sade and her promo art for her latest single “Baby Father.”

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April 26th 12:40pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

The Boy Scouts Ordered To Pay $18.5 Million For Sexual Molestation Incident [Video] (GO) Black Woman Leads Former Whites-Only Philly School (GO) Damon Dash, Chris Rock & Marc Ecko Help Support Kevin Powell’s Bid For Congress (GO) Friends With Benefits (GO) DJ Toomp Speaks On Working On New Albums For Kanye West and Jay-Z (GO)…

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April 26th 12:12pm

Brits Will Not Always Love Whitney, Who F*cks Up On Stage Again

Poor Whitney’s tour across the pond is still a train wreck. It took her three times to belt out “I Will Always Love You” and spouted some crazy talk about her “soprano friend.” Pop the hood.

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April 26th 11:54am

SMH: Floyd Mayweather To Pull In $60 Million While Shane Walks With Only $2.7

Money Mayweather is holding no punches at calling out Sugar Shane Mosley as they prepare to do battle this weekend. Putting Shane’s personal financial business out there is the latest attack from Floyd who reveled, Continue…

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