November 6th 9:40am

Are You Feelin This Get-Up??? Lady Gaga’s See-Thru Lacey Fit

Even though most people wouldn’t rock something like this, this is the most normal we have seen this Lady Gaga Character look in a minute! She was seen leaving her hotel in this little see-thru lace and fishnet get-up yesterday. More pics when you….

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November 6th 9:00am

*Exclusive Pics*: Lenny Kravitz After Party

The other night in Atlanta, we tweeted that we were at the after party for the Lenny Kravitz Concert, and we also told you who was in the building. We finally got some pics from that night… Pop It for a Peek & his Live Performance!!!

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November 6th 8:40am

Amerie Can’t Sell Records But Damn She Looks Good!

Amerie cannot help looking better than her music. We actually feel her latest music ventures have been decent, but her latest photo shoots have been off the hinges. This one is for Complex and also for Elle Magazine under the Hood. Pop it and see the girl postured up

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November 6th 8:20am

On the Come Up: The Queen Bee is Trying to Get her Swagger Back

Lil Kim hit up the 2009 EMA’s yesterday looking real good. We’re glad her a*s is trying to get it together. Note to Kimberly: No more plastic surgery babygirl…PLEASE! More images from the awards below including Beyonce, Camel, Leona Lewis, etc: Pop it for more pics…

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November 6th 8:00am

Eazy-E Didn’t Die From Aids But By Something More Sinister??

People have now resorted to launching a conspiracy theory behind Eazy’s death. We hope this isn’t an attempt to sell records by Bone Thugs. SMH. Click Here To Watch

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November 6th 3:49am

MiMi Caters Her Music To The “Ethnic” Crowd; Discusses Rihanna And Breezy

Mariah Carey was on Larry King talking about her demographic makeup, her own abuse, and Rihanna. She mentions that she has been catering her music towards us Negroes: CAREY: Oh. KING: “Who does Mariah see as her audience, still kids and teens or more mature?”

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November 5th 2:12pm

*Bossip Exclusive*: One NBA Player is Cheating with Another NBA Player’s Pregnant Fiancée!!!

BOSSIP just got wind that the lady above has been cheating on her NBA fiancé with another NBA player that is a married man. Then on top of all that, this lady is good friends with her lover’s wife, AND is also pregnant and due in December. DAMN… This Sounds Messy!!! Flip it for the…

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November 5th 12:00pm

Rihanna Exclusive Interview with GMA… “Don’t React Off of Love, F*ck Love!!!”: Still in a Dark Place or Is She Just Shedding Some Light???

What better time for Rihanna to finally start speaking about the incident between her and Breezy, then right when her album is about to drop. This girl has been in a really dark place and it’s finally time for her to shed some light on the situation… Flip the Lid for Color

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November 5th 11:45am

*Breaking It Before It Airs* Trey Songz Kisses A Banging Cougar At The Soul Train Awards And Drops New Video “I Invented Sex”

Your boy Trey Songz was macking it up with this banging-broke cougar at the taping of the Soul Train Awards. We thought she didn’t like black men??? Trey also released his new video “I Invented Sex.” Anyway, Pop the Top

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November 5th 11:44am

Obama says “As Parents, We Have to Set the Standards for our Kids… It’s Not Just the Teachers’ Responsibility”

President Obama was giving a speech at a middle school about parents setting the standards in the household and he gave an example of his own daughter and what happen when she got a bad grade. Pop it for a Peek…

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November 5th 11:43am

Khloe Kardashian’s Ex, Rashad McCants, Says Their Reality Show is on Some Bullsh**

Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Rashad McCants, is speaking out on all the ‘fakeness’ surrounding their reality show:

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November 5th 11:38am

Playmate Says She Was Stuck In The Bed Masturbating For A Whole Day “I Was Addicted To Playing With Myself!”

Nicole Narain is a Playboy Playmate that was swirling with Colin Farrell. She went on a news station and discussed her addiction to “playing with herself.” Pop the top and watch her talk about her “addiction”

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November 5th 11:20am

If Mariah Isn’t Pregnant Then She Needs To Hit The Treadmill And Stop Letting Nick Cannon Stuff Her Waist

Mariah Carey is in Malibu shooting a new video and looking rather plump, if we might add. We heard she was preg’s, but now it looks like she is just overly sexed and getting beaten heavy. Pop the top and peep more of her looking out of shape and worn out

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November 5th 11:10am

Alicia Keys says “F*ck Off… I Got a Man and I’m Happy!!!”

Alicia Keys is on the cover of Arise Magazine this month and seems like she was feeling some type of way when she took this picture. We know she’s far from the innocent, which is the role that she likes to portray but Alicia… Did you have to give everyone the finger???

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