April 22nd 9:09am

Meagan Good Shows Off Tatted Up Thigh And Backs While Rockin Some Coochie-Cutters

Here is precious little Meagan Good spotted in Hollyweird once again rocking the short-shorts and the whore boots, but there’s something new going on with the fit. Looks like Meggy Meg went and got a nice little tattoo right on her thigh. How classy. Peep more on the flip….

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April 22nd 9:05am

Larry King’s Wife Was Shopping For Caskets When Not Doing Guys In The Old Man’s Bed

Hector Penate, the baseball coach/aspiring actor (His handful of roles include a waiter on “The King of Queens” and Ernesto Julio on “Head Case)) who bumped uglies with Larry King’s seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, claimed in an “Entertainment Tonight” interview that they laid up in Larry’s bed and Shawn talked about how her 76-year-old sugar…

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April 22nd 9:00am

Oprah Apology Backfires! Mo’Nique Is More Pissed At Her Brother Than Ever

SMH… Oprah ya done fu*ked up now! Despite receiving a televised apology from her molester brother, Gerald Imes, BOSSIP has learned that Mo’Nique is less than thrilled with how his “Oprah Show” interview turned out. Pop the hood to find out what’s made her even angrier than before.

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April 21st 5:55pm

Six Flags Ain’t Happy With The Nappy

Two Maryland women are citing discrimination after being denied a job due to their dreadlocks. According to published reports, Janet Bello and Jackie Sherrill were denied employment at the Six Flags theme park in Largo, MD after the women refused to cut their hair to fit company standards. Continue.

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April 21st 5:51pm

To Whom Do These Petite Backs Belong?

BOSSIP spies spotted this lovely lady on the streets of Manhattan. Can you guess from the cute lil derriere who she might be? Pop the hood to find out!

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April 21st 5:28pm

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Dominicana ladies Dania Ramirez and Zoe Saldana both showed up for the premiere of “The Losers”. Which of these ladies is looking tastier than a plate of arroz con pollo??? Pop the hood for plenty of pics, but don’t forget to tell us “Who Looked More Bangin’!”

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April 21st 5:20pm

*Exclusive* Which Former Laker Tried To Catch Fade With Bossip After Being Spotted In A 4/20 Kush Coolout… Swirlin!?!?

(The whiteness is not the camera… but the smoke) Yesterday was 4-20 and a holiday for reefer smokers globally. The old misconception is that you must live in Amsterdam to smoke freely and in a cool environment. Not true! Bossip spies were at a spot in Hollywood that serves chronic and people were able to…

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April 21st 5:13pm

It’s About Damn Time: Black Woman On List Of Supreme Court Nominees

A federal judge, Ann Claire Williams, from Chicago is on President Obama’s list of candidates to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. Williams is the first sister to serve as a district judge in the Seventh Circuit. Pop the hood.

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April 21st 4:38pm

Some Afternoon Cakes On Blizzast!!!

Did ya really think we’d let a whole day slip by without a good helping of cakes??? The nice folks at Two In The Shirt (aka TITS) sent us over this lovely screengrab from her Estevan Oriol photoshoot. Pop the hood for an unobstructed view.

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April 21st 4:25pm

Brooklyn Sends Knock-Offs To Haiti

The Brooklyn DA found good use for truckloads of designer knock-offs that were supposed to be destroyed: $10 million worth of counterfeit designer clothes and shoes will be sent to Haiti. Pop the hood.

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April 21st 4:11pm

WTF??? Out Of Pocket University Of Missouri “Cotton” Kids Charged With Littering Instead Of Felony Hate Crime!!!

SMH. The two out of pocket white students arrested in connection with the littering of cotton balls outside the University of Missouri’s black culture center in February have been charged with littering misdemeanors instead of a felony hate crime. More details on this miscarriage of justice on the flipside.

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April 21st 3:48pm

New Music: Trina, Nicki Minaj And Lady Saw FREAK Out Over Some D*ck On”Dang A Lang”

Surprise Surprise. Trina and Nicki Minaj got together and discovered they had something in common to rap about– DANG A LANGS! And the ladies also called in reggae’s favorite freak-a-leak Lady Saw. Pop the hood for a listen! Continue

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April 21st 3:13pm

While Weezy’s Away Shanell Will Play…

Shanell was spotted at Atlanta’s BMI Music Showcase getting real comfy cozy with Bobby V.  We can’t blame her for wanting to dip off while her meat piece is MIA but we can blame her for the choice in back up. More pics on the flip.

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April 21st 2:39pm

New Video: Does C.Breezy Have A Future In Rap??? Teams Up With Tyga For “Holla At Me”

Just when it was starting to look like a WRAP for Chris Brown’s career, Breezy flipped the script and decided to rap. This might just be that catchy song to get him back in the game. Pop the hood for a brand new Breezy, lookin’ like a West Coast OG in his new video with…

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April 21st 2:35pm

Kim Kardashian And Her New Knifed Up Face Make Bruce Jenner Look Normal

Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Optus store in Australia. Her face has been bearing a frightening resemblance to Lil Kim lately. We hope she steps away from the knife for a little bit. More pics on the flippy.

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