November 7th 11:45am

Black Men Continue To Get Pimped By The NCAA

Dr. Boyce Watkins feels that African American Athlete’s are the reason that billions of dollars continues to pump into the NCAA. The NCAA has profited handsomely from the Black community’s commitment to producing and delivering hoop dreams that put young Black men on the court during the hours they should be spending in a book.…

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November 7th 11:30am

Kimmy Cakes Feels Left Out… So, Now Reggie and Kim are Buying a House Together

Kim Kardashian has been out of the spotlight lately not because she wants to but because everyone has been on Khloe and Lamar’s heels lately. Kim and Reggie are both selling their individuals pads and decided to buy one together. Spotlight on Kim… Action

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November 7th 11:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lady Gets Maximum Sentence For Chopping Sexually Abusive Father’s Genitalia Off And Cooking It

Bridgette Harris concocted a plan and lured her sexually abusive father into a house to kill and dismember him. Bridgette was just sentenced and shown no leniency by the judge, although the jury suggested it: A Queens judge Friday slapped Brigitte Harris with the toughest sentence possible…

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November 7th 11:00am

Britney’s Baby Feeders On Front Street

Britney Spears is out in Perth, Australia giving the locals a show with her nips on full blast. Pop the top to see the show

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November 7th 10:45am

NCSI: Los Angeles has LL Cool J and CSI: New York has Attention Whores

LL Cool J was seen taking a little break on the set of NCSI in Los Angeles. It seems like the creator of CSI is attempting to make the show a star studded event. Nelly has appeared on one episode this season already, now guess what attention whores are coming up next…

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November 7th 10:30am

The Odd Couple: Shakira And Kid Cudi’s New Jawn “Did It Again”

Kid Cudi and Shakira have linked up for a jawn called, Did It Again. What we are wondering is, why is Shakira working with all these rappers lately??? Pop the top and peep her latest

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November 6th 3:30pm

*Breaking News*: After Toni & Trey Songz Kiss… Toni Announces that She’s Getting a Divorce!?!?!

Toni Braxton and Trey Songz just shared a hot and heavy kiss at the Soul Train Awards that was taped on Tuesday. Now three days later, Toni has just announced that she is getting a divorce after 8 years of marriage. Damn Trey…. It’s Like That!!!

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November 6th 3:10pm

Lamar Odom: I Want Some Pretty Swirly Babies in a “Hurry”

Lamar Odom says he wants to hurry up and have some babies with his “ideal Mom”.

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November 6th 2:37pm

Another Day, Another Arrest

Damn… When it rains, it pours. Just weeks after fellow Hot Boy Lil Wayne received a prison sentence on gun charges in New York, B.G. was arrested in New Orleans on Tuesday for felony gun charges. Continue…

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November 6th 12:30pm

*Breaking Exclusive* Usher & Tameka Are Officially Divorced And WE Have The Papers!

Usher is finally back on the prowl and the divorce from Tameka Foster is final. Pop the top to peep the actual Papers

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November 6th 12:20pm

US Military Officer Responsible for Military Base Killing Spree is Still Alive

If you haven’t been watching the news for the past 24 hours, then let us bring you up to speed. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, went on a killing spree at Ft. Hood (Military Base) in Texas claiming 13 lives and a total of 30 people were wounded. Maj. Hasan was shot four times and was…

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November 6th 12:10pm

For the Stans: Bey Bey, Her Jelly, and Her Boo Perform at the 2009 EMA’s

Beyonce performed at the 2009 EMA’s wearing this little red number and showing off those thighs once again. Her husband Jay-Z performed at the European Awards as well with Alicia Keys. Flip the script to see both performances, and another pic of your girl…

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November 6th 11:55am

Certified Links

WRITER REVEALS MALCOLM X’s BISEXUAL PAST (GO) … WTF!!! British Beauty Queens Fight in Nightclub Over a Man Named “Tornado” (GO) New Study Say 90% of Black Children Will Use Food Stamps (GO) Method Man To Star In New 3-D Film (GO) Tune In Tonight As a Psychic Finally Talks to Dead Michael Jackson (GO)…

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November 6th 11:15am

Chris Brown Talks About Fans Dismissing Him And Being Confused….”Poor Thang”

Chrissy Breeze sat down with Sway and addressed the issue of fans that have written him off for his actions. The kid “says” he will do the right thing to right his wrongs, but we just don’t understand what’s so confusing about all of this to him. Pop it and watch this

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November 6th 11:05am

Paula Abdul is Getting Chopped Down by her Ol’ Cutty Buddy

Ever since Paula Abdul left American Idol, she looks like she’s getting her life in order, and on top of that, she’s chopping down an old flame. Damn Paula… Way to get it in!!! Can You Guess Who… Well Just Pop it to Find Out

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