February 20th 11:54am

Bey Bey and Julius Cut Loose On The Dance Floor With The Locals In Trinidad

After Beyonce performed in Trinidad the other night, her and big lip Julius hit the club scene. Instead of hiding away in the VIP like her hubby the Camel did in London, Bey Bey hit the dance floor surrounded by security. Pop the Top for a Peek…

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February 20th 11:27am

Alicia Keys Lookin’ Purdy In Pink For Her “Put It In A Love Song” Cover Art

With all the still shots of Beyonce in Brazil from the “Put It In A Love Song” video, we were almost starting to forget it’s actually Alicia’s song. Well the cover art for the single has come back and there’s no longer any question of that. With no sign of BeyBey on the cover, Alicia…

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February 20th 11:06am

New Video: Ludacris & Nicki Minaj… “MY CHICK BAD”

Ludacris’ new video, “MY CHICK BAD”, featuring Nicki Minaj debuted on 106th and Park yesterday. This video was shot during Superbowl weekend, with Trina, Eve and Diamond but their cameos were damn near non existent. Maybe Luda has something special for them at a later date, in the meantime check out this jawn and tell…

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February 20th 10:52am

SMH And WTF??? Racist Humor Takes Aim At “Sheneequa” Via Website

If you thought images like the one above were a thing of the past, you are sadly mistaken. This disgusting stereotypical picture is one of many posted on a horrible racist website… Pop the hood if you can stomach the bigotry.

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February 20th 10:17am

Vietnam Vet And Ex-Pimp Explains His Bus Beatdown… “I Hit Him With The Ali Shuffle”

Looks like “Tommy Slick” (the older gentleman who delivered a dose of justice to a bus-riding thug) on camera is getting his fifteen minutes of fame for the deed. Pop the hood to watch him explain what happened… Get your hanky ready, it’s a bit of a tearjerker.

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February 19th 7:06pm

Tiger Doing GRRREAT! At Home With His Wife And His Mommy Says She’s “So Proud To Be His Mother”

Tiger may be out of the Woods… for now. After delivering his public statement the golf champ returned to his home in Windermere, Fla. where an eyewitness says his wife Elin Nordegren joined him. Pop the hood for more.

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February 19th 5:00pm

Sean Penn Charged In Paparazzi Showdown… Actor In Trouble For Kicking Photog And Breaking His Camera

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn may have to pay with prison time after going a little too far with one run in with paparazzi. Pop the hood to find out just how deep the sh*t he’s in is this time.

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February 19th 4:47pm

Nas Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Of Court… Kelis Says He Needs To Come Off Them Stacks!!!

Nasty Nas just can’t seem to get a break. This morning he pled not guilty to contempt of court in a proceeding for his bitter divorce from failed pop star Kelis. Kelis’ lawyers allege that Nas has failed to pay $200,000 in court ordered child and spousal support. Continue

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February 19th 4:18pm

For Discussion: Suicide Among The Leading Causes Of Death For African-American Men

BOSSIP recently learned of a study that shows suicide as the third leading cause of death for African-American men. Suicide has long been taboo in the black community, and this issue hasn’t received much attention in the media so we wanted to turn over this topic to BOSSIP readers. For more on this subject

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February 19th 4:04pm

Real Suspect: Ice Skating Encourages Incestuous Behavior…

A number of skating couples are going at it today in the 2010 Winter Olympics, and Sinead and John Kerr are no different (pictured above). The two are seen here incredibly close for brother and sister. Surprisingly enough, they are not the only brother and sister tandem on ice:

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February 19th 2:39pm

Nasty Rapist Attacks Woman In Theater … Then Finishes Watching Film With Wife And Kids!!!

SMH… The sick sh*t that goes on these days!!! Police in Ohio have a man in custody after they say he raped a woman in a movie theater then returned to finish watching a movie with his wife and kids.Continue

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February 19th 2:32pm

Breaking News… Nicki Minaj Fully Clothed!!! Young Money Star Covers Magazine Looking ALMOST Like A Normal Human Being

Congratulations Nicki Minaj! You got famous white folks singing your lyrics, and now you’re landing magazine covers! We’re used to Nicki looking like an over-developed 5-year-old let loose in her tranny uncle’s makeup and wardrobe closet, but she actually looks kinda nice on her first solo cover. Pop the hood for a look-see!

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February 19th 12:27pm

Twitter Files: Kevin Hart Goes In On Dark Skinned Girls

Kevin Hart decided to make dark-skinned females the butt of his twitter jokes, but got more than he could handle when people replied.  Check the details on the flipside.

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February 19th 12:11pm

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

This is just some real random foolishness. Why would anyone want to do this to their car??? This is just ri-damn-diculous. We have one more pic under the hood that has SMH written all over it!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???

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February 19th 12:02pm

Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Finally Speaks…

Tiger Woods has finally come out from under the rock he’s been hiding under to apologize to the world for his addiction to chopping down skanky Becky backs raw dog. Tiger admitted to being a cheat, said Elin never beat him up, and claimed that he’s turning to Buddhism.

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