June 30th 3:00am

Rosa Acosta Stuntin’ With Some Morning Cakes!!!

Damn!!!! Rosa Acosta will be featuring her “spread” in a up-coming issue of Show Magazine!! Men everywhere are running for a towel and some lotion for those ‘Cakes.’ Pop the hood!

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June 30th 1:22am

Skeletor Calls It Quits And Wants To Interview God?!!

Well we all knew this day would come either by death or retirement! Well being that Larry King seems to have cheated death he is ending his 25 year-old talk show on CNN.

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June 30th 1:12am

Joran van der Sloot Looking To Make Millions For TV Interviews! Why Would Anyone Pay This Pathological Liar???

Joran van der Sloot won’t do any television interviews unless he is paid at least $1 million for them. This sicko is counting on folks wanting to tune in to see a psychopath tell all! Pop the hood for details

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June 30th 12:30am

Rihanna Throwing Up Illuminati Signs On The Cover Of “Seventeen”

Rihanna covers the upcoming issue of “Seventeen” magazine. She sheds some light on what is making her smile from ear to ear now-a-days and also dishes out a couple of her own fashion tips. Rihanna’s style is trendy but at times questionable… Is She the Person You Would Turn to for Fashion Tips???

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June 30th 12:00am

Hosea Chanchez From The Game Sheds A “Lil Positivity” With His WatchMEWin Foundation

Hosea Chanchez from “The Game” held a Gala with BET for his Watch Me Win Foundation this past weekend. Watch Me Win’s mission is to encourage and empower the youth of America. Over 400 people gathered on the rooftop of the W Hollywood to celebrate the foundation’s one year anniversary. Pop the Top for Pics…

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June 29th 6:17pm

Diddy’s Dirty Money #1 Cheeleader Dawn Is “Ghubar” ?!??

Dawn Richards from Diddy’s group Dirty Money covers the summer issue of “Ghubar”, a French Magazine. We don’t think the word stylish and Dawn normally fall within the same sentence but anybody can put on clothes and transform…. Pop the Top for a Better Look

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June 29th 6:00pm

Walmart Fires Man for Treating Brain Cancer with Weed

Wicked a*s Walmart is at it again. This time, they fired a man who was prescribed medicinal marijuana to treat his brain cancer. No pun intended but, d*mn can he live? Pop it for details…

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June 29th 5:48pm

Fake A$$ Ciara Defends The Dream After He Stated This Is Her Last Chance To Get It Right…

Ciara has looked like a fool one too many times, so one more time won’t hurt. She sat down with Angela Yee and spoke on The Dream’s comments in regards to her career being over if she doesn’t get it right this time: The Dream: There’s an expectation of where Ciara should be in her…

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June 29th 5:40pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

*New* Lauryn Hill Interview About Hiatus And Deep Look At Body Of Work!!: CLICK HERE Diddy Takes Shots At 50 Cent On TV And Taraji P. Henson Starts Freaking: CLICK HERE The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 9 “The Date With The Booty Warrior”: CLICK HERE Maurice “Moon” McKnight A Male Stripper Jumps Off Stage, Hits…

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June 29th 4:00pm

Alicia Keys’ Fabulous Look! Is She Finally Opening Up On Her Homewrecker Steez?

Alicia Keys graces the new cover of a British magazine called Fabulous looking completely overjoyed… Pop the hood for more pics of her climbing her pregnant self on that piano for Prince along with a lil speculation

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June 29th 3:39pm

Random Ridiculousness: Chinese Companies Renting White Folks For “Face”

This is an interesting read: In China, white people can be rented.

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June 29th 3:37pm

Guess Who Was Pluckin’ A Chicken In The Restroom At The Atlantic Records Party After The BET Awards?!??

The 2010 BET Awards are over and done with and now snitches are talkin’. Bossip just got wind that one of the dudes in the pic above decided to chop down a well known L.A. chicken at the Atlantic Records party in the restroom at Cecconi’s. Which One Do You Think Likes Choppin’ Chickens In…

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June 29th 2:22pm

Lloyd Says He Told Chris Brown To Cry During BET Awards Performance

Chris Brown’s “comeback” performance at Sunday’s BET Awards shocked fans and naysayers as the R&B singer broke down into tears while paying tribute to Michael Jackson. Adding more fuel to that fire is Lloyd, whose gone on record to say that he encouraged Chris Brown to cry onstage, an order Brown obviously took to heart.Continue…

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June 29th 1:44pm

Bossip BET Awards Exclusive Pictorial: From Backstage To The Red Carpet!!

We have pictures of just about everyone and their momma from the BET Awards backstage and red carpet. Over 30 Bossip Exclusive pictures of Alicia Keys’ gut… UP CLOSE, Larenz Tate, Keyshia Cole and Boobie, Trey Songz with Chaka Khan, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Angela & Vanessa Simmons, Chris Tucker with Jermaine Dupri, Janelle Monae,  etc, etc……

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June 29th 1:29pm

MadameNoire Tips: Shop For A Man Like You Shop For Shoes

How is it that women who are so passionately committed to finding just the right pair of shoes, can suddenly lower their standards when it comes to men? How is it that we sometimes give our “sole mates” so much more thought than our soul mates? Continue…

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