September 2nd 11:45am

Yeezy Goes Topless: Part 2

Remember when Kanye looked like this last year without a shirt???? Well, he’s topless again and it looks as if he’s been getting it in hard at the gym. Flip the hood to see…

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September 2nd 11:20am

Another Mayweather Exclusive: “Floyd Mayweather Is the Biggest Earnings Draw Ever In Pay Per View… Ever!”

We were able to be apart of a media conference call with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Roger Mayweather. About 100 or more reporters took part in the conference call, some of them asked some great questions and others were not so great. The interview got a bunch out in the open and on front street,…

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September 2nd 11:10am

*Bossip Exclusive*: Brand New Swirl Couple on the Scene is Khloe Kardashian and…

Khloe Kardashian, the swirlin’ chick she is, stepped out to her step-brother’s party with her new boo and Kimmy Cakes. No… it’s not Terrence J, he’s a little to skinny and small for this amazon. Is it NFL, NBA, MLB, Rapper, Rockstar???? Pop it to see Khloe’s New Boo!!!

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September 2nd 11:00am

You Will Never Guess How Many Kids Shawty Lo Has…On the Low

Shawty Lo threw a birthday party for one of his daughters turning sixteen. We had no idea this dude was that fertile. Pop the top to find out how many damn kids Shawty Lo actually has and to get a better gander at those fishing boots he is wearing…

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September 2nd 10:50am

Jay-Z Gets Intimate with Oprah about Growing Up and Bey Bey Beyonce

Jay-Z and Oprah sat down for a chit chat and of course Ol’ Harpo asked about him and Beyonce. These big lips are finally talking. It’s about time someone in the Knowles-Carter camp stopped being so tight lipped about their relationship. Pop it to see how intimate Oprah got with Mr. Carter…

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September 2nd 10:45am

Larry King has Some Questions for Chris Brown’s Mother

Even though Larry is interviewing Chris, he also has some questions for Mama Brown. Being a victim of domestic violence, this had to be a complete shocker for her. What would you do if your child told you that they physically harmed someone the way Chris beat Rihanna??? Check Out the Snippet…

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September 2nd 10:40am

Amber Rose is on a Cigarette Workout Plan

Amber Rose was spotted coming from the gym. After seeing this, we put 2 and 2 together and found the answer to the number question that no one can figure out… How did Amber Rose end up with Kanye West??? Pop it to Find Out!!!

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September 2nd 10:35am

Certified Links

Judge Uses Duct Tape to Silence Defendant?(Go) Michael Steele Slams Concerned Audience Member at Health Care Forum (Go) QD3 Compares Lil’ Wayne To Tupac In New Documentary (Go) Nore Holding Down Jigga? (Go) Trailer: William S. Burroughs Documentary Looks Crazy!! Like William S. Burroughs (Go) The Cops Will Never Think To Look for That Stolen…

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September 2nd 10:34am

Beyonce… You Just Got LET GO!!!

Bey Bey Beyonce just got the boot. She held the position of the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds two years ago and there hasn’t been another face since then. Probably because Bey Bey’s face has been exhausted on everything, they decided to go with a different look.

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September 2nd 10:33am

The Ghost Face Killer Returns…

The popular NoH8 Campaign hit ATL and the resident ghostface killer representative Miss Sophia (popular ATL radio personality)hit the scene with her white face on full blast.  Pop the hood for more flicks.

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September 2nd 10:30am

Busta Rhymes Jacks the Microphone… NO HOMO

Busta Rhymes was performing at Body English in Las Vegas last night. During his performance the paps caught these random a** poses of Busta getting it in on stage.

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September 2nd 10:20am

Bolitics: A War For the Souls of Black People

This video is deep. It talks about the decline of the African-American and what we should be doing to better ourselves. Please…watch it. The voices are pure comedy though…

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September 2nd 9:26am

Can You Turn a Man Whore Into a Husband?

As the old saying goes, you can’t turn a h*e into a housewife, but is this true on both sides of the fence? Is it a double standard? It is not cliche to say that this is a “man’s world” when guys are encouraged as young men to “sew their wild oats.” But what does…

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September 2nd 9:25am

Fizz and Boog Do What It Do…

Fizz and Boog, formerly of B2K, have been making ripples with their new music. They performed their new single for the Bring It On soundtrack at BB King’s for the Power 105 fans. They say that the boys can actually blow and killed it that night. Pop the top for more pictures

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September 2nd 8:40am

Whitney Performs Again… and Her Voice Cracked More Than Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston performed at Central Park in New York yesterday. Whitney wasn’t sweating as hard as she did back in the day, but did have some voice cracking incidents that she said were due to taping the Oprah show. Hmmm… Pop it to watch the new Whitney do…not so good

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