February 18th 11:32am

Beanie Sigel Saves Kanye West From Being Robbed

A former Roc-A-Fella employee recently set the record straight about the history of the notorious label, including the time Beanie Sigel flashed the Mac and saved The Louis Vuitton Don from getting robbed and relieved of his Roc-A-Fella chain. Continue

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February 18th 11:32am

Khloe Kardashian ODOM Is Selling Jewelry Now… What’s Next???

Khloe Kardashian was spotted in Vegas launching her Kardashian Jewelry Collection at a trade show.  Looks like some ish you could find at your local swap meet. Damn will these Kardashian chicks ever fade to black??? More pics on the flip.

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February 18th 11:31am

Certified Links

Shaquille O’Neal Admits To Losing $200,000 Gambling With Jermaine Dupri (GO) Clinical Study Shows Health Benefits of Marijuana (GO) Rick Ross Holds Blood Drive For Haiti (GO) Jay Z Speaks On Global Evolution of Hip Hop (GO) Pilot Burns Down House and Tries to Crash Plane into FBI Building (GO) Heidi Montag Wants to Massage…

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February 18th 11:29am

Puff Puff Pass That Purp… Study Shows Marijuana Has Medical Benefits!

Results from a clinical study at a Cannabis research center in California are confirming what many people claim to have known for years; that marijuana can provide substantial health benefits. Continue

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February 18th 10:43am

Sashay Shante B*tch: Terrell Owens Hits The Runway In His RuPaul Steez

Terrell Owens hit the runway for A*Muse at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We love it when people like to come out of their shell and try new things BUT, Terrell… You are doing that a little to well!!! Flip the Lid for More Flicks of T.O. on the Cat Walk

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February 18th 10:39am

Weezy Can’t Stay Away From Court, Now He’s Being Sued For Copyright Infringement…

Weeoweeowee-weeoweeowee-weeoweeowee Weezy’s in trouble AGAIN!!! Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over his 2008 hit song “Mrs. Officer” from his Carter III album. Continue

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February 18th 10:23am

Big Thangs Poppin’ For Precious Star… Showtime Gives Gabby Sidibe A TV Role

The good news keeps coming for Gabourey Sidibe! First she’s an Academy Award nominee for “Precious,” now it looks like she may be headed to cable after taping a new Showtime pilot. Pop the hood for the details on her next hefty role:

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February 18th 10:04am

Would You Let Your Man Wear Spanx??? Former NFL Player Jamal Anderson Does!!!

SPANX is one of the most popular body shaping products for women that want to APPEAR to have curves in all the right places. Well apparently, women aren’t the only ones worried about their figure, men are too. SPANX has created a girdle for men in form of an undershirt and former NFL player Jamal…

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February 18th 9:18am

Man Sues Pizza Hut For Racist Receipt!!!

A St. Louis man is filing a lawsuit against Pizza Hut after he says he received a receipt for his order that referred to him as “Big Black.” Karly Mayberry says after receiving his food he took a look at the space where his name should be and found the racist remarks. Continue

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February 18th 9:14am

It’s Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all And He’s Breaking His Silence

The media hasn’t heard a word from Tiger Woods since he posted the apology on his website back in December. All his chickens have been using up their 15 minutes of fame, now it’s time for him to step back in the spotlight.

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February 18th 9:09am

In White Folks News: Lil Brit Brit “Through The Lens”

We thought it was a wrap for Britiney Spears when she performed at the MTV Awards back in ’07 looking like she was on horse tranquilizers, but the mother of two is on the come up once again. Here are some shots from Britney Spears’ latest check…a Kohl’s Candies campaign titled ‘Britney Spears Through the…

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February 18th 9:09am

Great Music Receives Great Recognition: Sade’s New Album Moves 502K Units In First Week

Don’t call it a comeback: Last week Sade, the Nigerian-born singer whose song “Smooth Operator” has been a radio staple for a quarter-century, released “Soldier of Love” (Epic), her first album in 10 years, and it zoomed past all competition. It reached No. 1 with a remarkable 502,000 sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan, a better…

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February 18th 8:58am

Hate It Or Love It? The Dream Debuts New Single “Love King”

Despite his new wife and lil baby girl on the way, The-Dream is paving the way for his newest album release by singing about –what else — Girls! Girls in Chicago, Paris, in the trap, in the church, at the club at the bank… Pop the hood to listen and let us know if you…

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February 18th 8:41am

Are You Feelin This Get Up??

Leona Lewis attended some Harper’s Bazaar Presentation thingie in Madrid last night, and her dress had wings. Yes, it was indeed a fashion event, but wings? Wow. Flip it for more views…

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February 18th 8:10am

Ashy Gary Coleman Walks Off The Insider Telling Everyone To F**k Off

Life for Gary Coleman has gone down hill ever since he played on ‘Different Strokes’. Yesterday, he went on The Insider to talk about the allegations of him beating his wife. Things didn’t go too well, so Gary Coleman hops out the chair and walks off. Gary tells one of the hosts, “I hope you…

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