August 31st 1:23pm

Rihanna Gets Puts On Wax

Rihanna has been DUPED! Duplicated that is… The Bajan pop star had her wax double unveiled to the public earlier this morning at the Washington, D.C. branch of Madame Tussauds. Check out the figure below

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August 31st 11:06am

Steelers Football Player Insures His Samoan 1B Wavy For A Milli

Ladies, your Yaki 1B ain’t got sh*t on Troy Polamalu’s Samoan wavy. Whether you buy it by the bundle, the ounce or the pack, your store bought goodies can’t hold a candle to Troy’s naturally crafted locks. The full-bodied football player just insured his hair for a million bucks. Oh he fancy huh?!

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August 31st 10:34am

Ho Sit Down: CNN’s Rick Sanchez Apologizes For ‘Cotton Picking President’ Comments

SMH… People are all up in arms over Rick Sanchez using the term ‘cotton picking’ when referring to the President during a broadcast yesterday.

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August 31st 10:27am

Who Looked More Bangin??? NAACP Theatre Awards Edition

Ashanti and Meagan Good hit up the NAACP Theatre Awards last night in Los Angeles looking quite lovely. Out of these two ladies, we gotta ask… Who Looked More Bangin???

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August 31st 9:38am

Coupled Up: Todd And Simone Smith Do The Emmy After Party

LL Cool J and his wife of forever Simone, attended the ET Emmys After Party looking like a happily married couple. Unfortunately, Cyndi Lauper’s old a$s was there as well…looking old and TIRED..

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August 31st 9:22am

Guess The Handsome Hollyweird Star Hiding Behind This Buddha Disguise

This Hollyweird actor sacrificed his handsome exterior for his Derek Blanks alter ego shoot, but it’s not his first time undergoing a full body transformation. He recently did so for a blockbuster film. Can you guess who he is?

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August 31st 9:12am

Name That Dusty Donk…

These powdery cakes were seen strolling around Hollyweird…can you guess to whom do they belong?

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August 31st 8:56am

SMH: Pervert Priest Chops Down Teenage Student, Knocks Her Up, & Alienates Her From Her Family

These guys just have no name at all: A 41-year-old priest who was allegedly caught on videotape having sexual relations with one of his 18-year-old female students now stands accused of fathering the young girl’s baby.

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August 31st 8:36am

Once You Go Black, You DO Go Back! Kimmy Cakes Says She Wants A ‘Normal Armenian Boy’

First Kimmy Cakes was jumpin’ on every football pile-up she could find in search of a rich athlete. Now, after a failed attempt with soccer player Alecko Eskandarian, she has come out to say she just wants a ‘normal Armenian boy.’

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August 31st 7:44am

St. Lucia Soccer Star Killed Execution Style In Front Of Friends

This sounds like a horrible scene from the movie Belly. A well known and loved soccer star from St. Lucia was murdered execution style shortly after celebrating a victorious game while his friends looked on in horror.

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August 31st 7:25am

Reggie Bush Does Better Without Thirsty Azz Attention Whores

It’s been all smiles since Reggie shook those money hungry hip-hoes. He got rid of Kimmy Cakes after her scene stealing Superbowl fiasco and de-clawed Amber Rose who was scratching at his door to be taken out.

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August 31st 5:30am

Some Morning Man Banger Action

Common worked that fiiiiiiiiine azz body by playing a little basketball at his trainer’s crib… We think the question here is not so much Would You Hit It, as How Would You Hit It??? in this case! Whoo!

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August 31st 3:47am

Crap At It’s Finest: Jamie Foxx New Jawn Ft. TI And White Nose Soulja Boy “Yep That’s Me”

Jamie Foxx has the whole package when it comes to music and movies but this jawn featuring TI and Soulja Boy “Yep That’s Me”…. AIN’T HITTIN’ ON ____________!!! Maybe he needs to call up Tank and have him write a couple of lines for you!!! Tell Us What You Think About Jamie Foxx’s “YepThat’s Me”:

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