October 22nd 9:00am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff There are many words that could be used to describe T-pain but there are none that quite encapsulate our sentiments after reading what he had to say in an article on Blender.com. There were such gems as: Many rap horn-dogs talk about the inspiration they get out of strip clubs. When…

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October 22nd 8:41am

Danity Kane Contradiction With Dawn Richard

Posted by Bossip Staff Dawn Richard spoke to Essence and basically she has no idea what is happening with Danity Kane: ESSENCE.COM: Last night’s finale of “Making The Band 4” was sort of subdued drama with a pretty ambiguous ending. Diddy has left the ladies of Danity Kane to decide what the group’s future will…

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October 21st 12:00pm

Will Smith Yanked Out the Closet??

Posted by Bossip Staff Get a load of this, people: According to a former Hollywood Madame, actor Will Smith is gay and hired her two male prostitutes. The Madame, who moved her business to New York, tells Ian Halperin that Smith “has swung both ways for years” and was one of her regular clients. The…

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October 21st 11:15am

Obama: Most Influential Man of 2008

Posted by Bossip Staff Askmen.com recently revealed their annual Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008. Barack Obama topped the list coming in at #1. Look who else made the list - 1. Barack Obama 17. Kanye West 18. Kobe Bryant 20. Lebron James 49. Lil Wayne John McCain was number #10 and we find…

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October 21st 11:11am

Howard Can’t Explain Why He Lost Iron Man Part

Posted by Bossip Staff This picture is of Terrance Howard at the Howard Homecoming Football game in Washington D.C. over last weekend, making a complete fool of himself. We also found out exactly how he lost the Iron Man role, well somewhat. “It was the surprise of a lifetime,” he said. “There was no explanation.…

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October 21st 11:10am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff You know sweet Jesus is coming back soon: Thanks to a new Internet-based service called inSPOT, people are now receiving anonymous e-mails about sex, but they aren’t spam and there is no hidden ad for herbal concoctions to increase the size of anything. Rather, the “e-cards” are notices from a previous…

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October 21st 10:41am

At Last…..

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s some shots of your girl Bey on the set of Cadillac Records. Although she doesn’t look one d@mn bit like Etta James and her acting isn’t really hittin’ it, aren’t you curious to see this movie? With a cast including Cedric the Entertainer, Gabrielle Union, and Mos Def we think…

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October 21st 10:35am

He’s a Spitter

Posted by Bossip Staff If the nice smile and seemingly innocent dimples fooled you, you aren’t alone: Kansas City police are looking into a report of non-aggravated assault against Johnson for telling a woman that he was going to kill her boyfriend, then spitting in her face. The case will be investigated as resources allow,…

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October 21st 10:30am

Lil Wayne’s Assistant Snitches

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil Wayne’s assistant was on the stand telling the truth, aka snitchin: Lil Wayne’s assistant, Terry Bourgeois, testified in a New York court today (October 20) that he occasionally saw a handgun and people smoking marijuana in the rapper’s tour bus. As reported earlier, Lil Wayne was arrested on a weapons…

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October 21st 10:27am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Posted by Bossip Staff Dania Ramirez, Sanaa Lathan, Paula Patton, and Lalia Ali were at the Reopening of Burrberry in Beverly Hills yesterday. You know we just had to ask, out of these two bangers, Sanaa and Dania…Who Looked More Bangin??? Pictures below of Paula and Laila Ali arriving at the reopening: Images via Wireimage

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October 21st 10:17am

New Music: Muffy “Dope Boi” ft. Bangladesh

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is a track from an up and coming artist Muffy called “Dope Boi” produced by BET Hip Hop award winner Bangladesh. Check it out below: Feel free to share your thoughts…

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October 21st 10:15am

Question of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Grab a gander at your boy Kanye West at his promo shoot for his new album, 808′s and Heartbreak. If you had already agreed to go to the Prom with Yeezy and he showed up dressed like a serial-killing nerd (above), would you still go? One more shot for you below:

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October 21st 10:13am

Swirly Q

Posted by Bossip Staff Rumor has it that the L.A. Clipper’s star, Baron Davis (who has been swirl-linked previously to desperate housewife Teri Hatcher) and Kate Hudson are involved in a little swirl thang. Even though they are school chums from back in the day, here’s a little tid-bit for ya’ll: the more money a…

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October 21st 9:39am

It Ain’t Ya Beauty, It’s Ya Booty

Posted by Bossip Staff Some random broads were out at Strata in NYC recently showing off their god given assets. Damn, after taking a glimpse of that cellulite sandwich, our breakfast almost came up in our mouths a little bit. Why do these broads continuously subject themselves to all of this booty posin’? That ish…

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October 21st 9:22am

Bangers’ Activities

Posted by Bossip Staff The bangers were definitely out and about in Hollyweird last night. Mary, Sanaa Lathan, Garcelle Beauvias-Nilon, and Skeletor all came out to the Catherine Malandrino Maison store opening. Just out of sick curiosity, who would motorboat Keisha “Skeletor” Whitaker?

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