October 27th 11:30am

A Lil Positivity: Webstar is Taking 10 Kids in Harlem on a $5000 Shopping Spree Next Week

Bossip was on deck for Webstar’s birthday bash last night in NYC and he says he will  be taking a group of Harlem kids on a $5,000 shopping spree in the city. More info and flicks from Webstar’s party under the hood.

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October 26th 5:31pm

Khloe & Lamar Make Their Love Permanent…

Khloe and Lamar are not done showing the world that their love is real. So, what do you think they did to prove it this time??? Give you a hint, it starts with a T!!! SMH @ these Attention Whores!!!

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October 26th 2:30pm

For the Stans: Bey Bey Performs in Beijing

Your girl Beyonce was in China this weekend performing, while Jay-Z was somewhere wishing he could have some babies… More pics when you…

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October 26th 2:15pm

New Couple???: Luda Gets It In With Howard Alumnus at Homecoming

Luda and the lady who appears to be his new queen, went to Howard University’s Homecoming this past weekend. He stayed in his usual luxury suite with ole girl pictured up top. We did not know they were getting it in, since “she” was seen with Lamar Odom… Pop the top to see this A-List…

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October 26th 2:00pm

Jenny from the Block vs. Kimmy Cakes

Jenny from the block and hubby Marc Anthony popped up at the Miami Dolphins game on Sunday and then Lola and Marc went out for a night of fun. Since Kimmy Cakes has put herself ALL the way back in, it was no surprise to see her there too. J-Lo, FYI… it appears that Marc’s…

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October 26th 1:45pm

Crack Ridden Tranny Maces a Kid on the Train!

This video is a good reason why you need to teach your kids to steer clear of danger while on public transit, keep their mouths shut, and mind their own damn business. When a kid and his family open their mouth to a tranny… SMH Flip it

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October 26th 1:30pm

Certified Links

President Obama Declares Swine Flu A National Emergency (GO) Important Fashion News: Hard Guys Wear Skirts Now (GO) Jay-Z And Alicia Keys Performing At World Series (GO) Bill Cosby To Accept Humor Award (GO) Happy Least Productive Day of the Year! (GO) OJ Da Juiceman Boo’d In NYC (GO)

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October 26th 1:15pm

Angela Simmons on the Swirl: “Rise Above the Hate”

Angela Simmons is just a little bit pissed that people are not respecting her interracial relationship. Pop the Hood for her Venting Session…

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October 26th 1:00pm

In Case You Didn’t Know: AJ’s Killer was Released on $10,000 Bond

Frederick Richardson, the man accused of killing Ashley “A.J.” Jewell, RHOA Kandi Burruss ex-fiancee, was released on a $10,000 bond last Tuesday. Richardson walked out of the Fulton County Jail around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to his attorney Dennis Scheib.

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October 26th 12:45pm

Racism Doesn’t Exist Anymore?: Chicago Bar Turns Away Black Students And Wait Till You Hear the Asinine Excuse!

A popular bar in Chicago was visited by a group of college kids from St. Louis. The bar denied entrance to all the African-American men in the group. Bar management  told the men that their pants were too baggy, but when an African-American male student changed pants with a white kid: Mother’s, a popular night…

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October 26th 12:30pm

Robin Thicke in the Studio with Jay-Z

Robin Thicke is currently working on his fourth album and is about to step into the studio with Jay-Z. Robin was so excited, he tweeted about it: In the studio today with Jay Z… His Hoviness!! So excited!! He’s jumping on one of my records for my sex therapy album. Wish me luck!! RT11:02 AM…

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October 26th 12:30pm

Leona Lewis Defends her “Electrician” Boyfriend but Where Was He When She Got Punched in the Face???

Leona Lewis decided to come for some of the media who have been criticizing her boyfriend who was there  before her fortune and fame.

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October 26th 12:10pm

New Music: Mary J. Blige… “I Can See in Color”

Mary J. Blige’s new Jawn, I Can See In Color, reminds us of some that old Mary flavor. It’s one of those songs that you relax and chill out too. Take a Listen:

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October 26th 12:00pm

RHOA Kim has a Hello Kitty Moment

Kim was spotted in LA with her woman parts on full blast. Pop the hood to see what she’s working with and to hear Sheree defend her womanhood.  ***Warning***

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October 26th 11:45am

Usher’s New Jawn “Rockband”

Usher’s newest jawn just hit the net and it’s called “Rockband.” We are not quite sure how we feel about this one yet. Pop the top and take a listen. Tell us what you think

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