January 12th 10:46am

This Guy Again: Rush Limbaugh Says *Negroes Brought Ted Kennedy His Booze*

Racist Rush strikes again. The notorious shock jock managed to let another racist remark slip Monday, this time when talking about the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Continue…

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January 12th 10:40am

What NFL Baller Just Bought a Brand New House for a Skripper????

BOSSIP has learned that a well-known NFL player has invested in a new home….for a stripper!! Pop the hatch for the details.

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January 12th 10:33am

New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana, But Has the Strictest Bill Out of All the States

FYI: The New Jersey legislature voted Monday to make that state the 14th in the country to approve marijuana for medicinal use, pending the governor’s signature.

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January 12th 10:32am

Remember Me???

Remember this chick!?! She came out of hiding to show her face at Angie Martinez birthday party at Quo in NY the other night. We barely recognized her so if you do, kudos to you, but for those of you who can’t tell… Pop the Hood to Find Out

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January 12th 10:31am

Faux News Gets Another Crazy Commentator

We’d love for Sarah Palin to stay her ass in Alaska feeding sled dogs or hunting moose, but the thirsty mofos over at Fox just gave this broad a job as an on-air commentator.

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January 12th 9:35am

Another Day, Another Guilty Plea

SMH: Former Tennessee wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson pleaded guilty to one count of attempted robbery on Monday.

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January 12th 9:13am

Recent Criticism of the Box-Office Hit Avatar States The Film Exploits Racist Themes

Some critics think the film Avatar is glorifying ‘the white man’ and has racist undertones: Near the end of the hit film “Avatar,” the villain snarls at the hero, “How does it feel to betray your own race?” Both men are white — although the hero is inhabiting a blue-skinned, 9-foot-tall, long-tailed alien.

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January 12th 9:10am

Usher Ganked for $1 Milli Worth of Jewelry, 50 Stacks in Furs, and 20K???

Who the f*ck drives around with all this ish in their whip??? Atlanta police said Monday that a million dollars in jewelry and electronics were stolen from singer Usher Raymond. The incident happened across the street from one of Atlanta’s busiest shopping malls.

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January 12th 9:06am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

Corinne Bailey showed up on the cover of Billboard this week looking purdy. The British singer has always been far from fugly, but these days she’s looking a lot less like the librarian she resembled when she first appeared on the scene singing “Put Your Records On.” Follow the jump for a peek at her…

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January 12th 8:45am

Is Jay-Z Finally Getting a Baby???: Bey Bey Announces She is Taking a Break

Beyonce has finally decided to sit her a$$ets down for a second. After performing in 110 cities, singing for the Obama’s, creating a new fragrance and performing at private parties, Bey Bey says it’s time for her to “recharge her batteries.” Beyonce: It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries. I’d like…

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January 12th 8:40am

Crybaby Mark McGwire FINALLY ‘Fesses Up To Steroid Use

We knew it was only a matter of time before Mark McGwire would be forced to admit he was hopped up on ‘roids when he broke the home run record in 1998 — we just didn’t know he’d cry about it. Look under the hood to read his formal statement and watch video footage of…

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January 11th 6:05pm

Woman Who Mothered Sisqo’s Son At 14-Years-Old Wants Child To Meet His Father

The Swiss woman we told you about who claimed Sisqo hit it and quit it ten years ago, when she was only 14-years-old, says despite the new orders granting her child support, all she really wants is for the Dru Hill singer to stop being a deadbeat dad and meet his son face to face.

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January 11th 5:49pm

Was Rihanna’s Haircut Inspired By A Dog?

Rihanna gets plenty of props for her wild sense of style, but lately her wig has us more in the mind of a wild animal. Pop the top to get a look at the puppy that might have spawned her cut, the one it ended up looking like at the end of the day and…

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January 11th 5:00pm

Alicia Keys Just Doesn’t Give A Fizzuck

Feel free to call Alicia Keys a pizza-faced, thunder-thighs having, homewrecking ho… she doesn’t give a fizzuck and recently said as much. Pop the top for her exact words.

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January 11th 4:19pm

*I Am Not Suspect* Ray-J Responds To Danger and Her Gay Rumors

If you didn’t already know, crazy a*s Danger is spreading rumors that Ray-J is ‘man-lovers’ with Young Buck formerly of G-Unit. Well, little William Raymond Norwood, Jr. dispelled those rumors with the quickness…pop it to listen…

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