July 9th 9:35am

Certified Links

Nicki Minaj Announces Album Release Date, Covers “Hype Hair” [Photos] (GO) Cleveland Pulls Lebron James Jerseys From Team Shop (GO) Lohan Playing Up The Fact That People Are Watching Her Of The Day (GO) Where Michael Steele And I Agree (GO) Reported Tracklisting For Kanye West’s “Good A*s Job” Leaks (GO) Mel Gibson Threatened To…

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July 9th 9:19am

For The Stans: BeyBey Shops With BooBoo Julius At Topshop In London, Wears Pantyhose With Shorts In The Summer

Beyonce, along with her loving bodyguard Julius, hit up Topshop in London with the normal blokes to do some shopping. That’s all fine and dandy and all, but when is someone going to tell this broad that it’s okay to rock bare legs from time to time. Those f*cking stockings suck. More pics..

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July 9th 8:38am

Which One Would You Hit???

Here is Kanye West supporting his peoples MVP BronBron during his big announcement in Connecticut to ‘take his talents to South Beach’. Out of these two fellas, ladies, which one would you let soak those panties all the way up. More Illuminati Bromance pictures on the flippy…

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July 9th 7:18am

Call The Paps! Brandy Is Lookin’ Cute

Brandy clearly planned this little photoshoot, but we’ll play along. Are you feelin’ her rockin the long bang steez and lil jumper getup? Pop the hood for a full body shot

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July 9th 5:58am

White Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert: Lebron is a Coward and Narcissistic Traitor, He Betrayed Cleveland

Although sports teams and coaches regularly trade, buy, and sell sports players like slaves or cattle, Cleveland Caveliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t like the way Lebron made a business decision to go “bring his talents to South Beach”. Gilbert posted this b*tch tirade last night on the Cavs blog: Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio…

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July 8th 10:21pm

And The Winner Is….

Finally two years in the making LeBron James picks a team! Pop the hood for more.

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July 8th 9:00pm

To Whom Do These Bunioned Babies Belong???

SMH… These dogs have definitely seen better days. Can you guess who these corns and bunions belong to? Pop the hood to find out!

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July 8th 4:24pm

Nicki Minaj Is Obsessed With Her Colorful Wigs Because She’s A Visual Person

Nicki Minaj is taking criticisms about her colorful hairstyles in stride and continuing to rock the flamboyant styles. She recently explained her penchant for brightly colored wigs. Pop the hood for her words. Continue

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July 8th 4:00pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Essence Boat Party Goes Horribly Wrong When This Rotten Banana Gets Freaky: CLICK HERE Louis Farrakhan “Jews Run Entertainers, Poor Gary Coleman, Lebron James Is A Slave, Etc”: CLICK HERE Kelis’s Full Interview On Nas, Baby, And Music: CLICK HERE Venus Williams On 106 & Park Banging And Towering Over Rocsi And Terrance: CLICK HERE…

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July 8th 3:34pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Nigerian Man Arrested With Bags Containing WHAT?!?

This story is unbelievable SMH…. A Nigerian man was arrested, for basically not doing the job he was hired for. It sounds innocent enough, but when you hear what was in the bags he was carrying you’ll understand why we’re appalled. Pop the hood for the details

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July 8th 2:53pm

Lebron James Buying A House In…

Lebron James has moved one step closer to making a decision about his future basketball home. Sources tell BOSSIP exclusively that Bron Bron made an offer on a new home this week. Pop the hood to find out where

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July 8th 2:40pm

A List of Ways to Make A Breakup Less Painful

Good day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another almost there Thursday! One of our readers responded to yesterday’s post and raised the question: how do you let someone down easy? Well, there is no easy way to end things with someone when feelings are involved

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July 8th 2:30pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kanye Visits King Tut’s Great-Grandmother’s Coffin With Just As Much Gold (GO) The Eagles Cheerleaders Have The Sexiest Approach To The Oil Spill Ever (GO) Passage of California’s Prop 19 Could Slash Price Of Marijuna By 80% (GO) Dev Patel Bulges Out Of ‘GQ’ (GO) Princess From Crime Mob Does Her Chris Brown BET Awards…

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July 8th 2:18pm

Is The Beauty Business Changing To Accommodate Black Women?

Though the slate of Black, Latino, Asian and Indian spokesmodels is long now—Rihanna for Cover Girl, Halle Berry for Revlon, Eva Longoria Parker and Aishwarya Rai for L’Oreal and Jessica White for Maybelline, to name a few—it’s important to note that the first African-American model wasn’t signed to a major brand until 1992 when Cover…

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July 8th 2:01pm

Quote Of The Day: Lyfe Jennings On Child Support “It Seems Like Females Just Be Wanting The Dude To Suffer

Lyfe Jennings, father of three, recently spoke up on the subject of child support and baby mama drama. Jennings says he only has two baby mothers, but feels like he has twenty. Pop the hood for his thoughts

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