August 25th 12:04pm

Trademarks and The Business of Securing An Artist’s Brand Name

What’s the value of a name? Maybe millions. For rappers and other artists, trademarking a name is one of the savviest business moves he can make.

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August 25th 11:43am

Timbaland On Suicide Watch After His $2 Million Rolex Is Stolen

It looks like Timbaland won’t be throwing his Roley in the sky anytime soon. The big time producer was on suicide watch yesterday after family members say he wanted to off himself over the theft of his pricey Rolex. Timbaland was the subject of a manhunt yesterday after his family believed he was so distraught…

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August 25th 11:16am

Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

This little bundle of joy is brand spanking new! Born just this weekend, this little baby has two big brothers and a rapper Daddy who is always ‘Cali Dreamin’. Can you guess who her father is?

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August 25th 11:00am

SMH: Knifed Up Lil Kim And Cuzzo Get Glammed Out For The Sake Of Business Growth

Lil Kim and her cousin Katrise are expanding Katrise’s hair salon business, so just like any other business owner trying to step her game up these ladies took some “Glamour Shots” style pics courtesy of photographer Derek Blanks.

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August 25th 10:31am

Elin Says Tiger Had Her Fooled “I’m So Embarrassed That I Never Suspected — Not A One”

Elin Nordegren has finally broken her silence. With her divorce from Tiger now finalized, Elin is speaking up after going through “hell.”

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August 25th 10:16am

Guess Who’s Dragging All Of This Donk Around??

Someone was spotted getting into an SUV vehicle with her load looking a little wider than usual….stumped? Check it below:

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August 25th 10:06am

Blood Diamond Naomi Will Forever Be A Cover Girl

Naomi Campbell is on the cover of the Aug/Sept 2010 “Style” issue of Uptown Magazine looking fresh faced and brand new…like she hasn’t been going through all kinds of stress these days. More on the issue:

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August 25th 9:35am

This Broad Can’t Be Serious: Heidi “My Triple G-Cup Runneth Over” Montag Wants Her Old Rack Back

Hold up, we thought Heidi Montag was loving her life looking like a “Norwegian Goddess”… The poster child for plastic surgery gone wild, Heidi Montag, wants her G-cup breast implants removed. “My boobs are crushing me,”

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August 25th 9:17am

Dang Kimora Got Done Dirty… Dumped From Baby Phat?

This is some bullshizz! Just days after Kimora released a statement saying she was moving on from Baby Phat, new reports have surfaced saying she was actually FIRED! Can you believe that? Why would anybody do that after she MADE that company blow the fu*k up?

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August 25th 9:10am

No Sh*t Sherlock: MiMi Is “Knocked Up”…Been Holding A Gut Full Of Cannon For 4 Months

In case you haven’t noticed, Mariah Carey has been looking a little large and in charge lately, and now reports are saying that she is with child…again.

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August 25th 9:04am

Facebook Hitlist! 3 Teens Murdered In 10 Days

Internet gangstas are going crazy. Yesterday we told y’all about some thugs who used an IP address to find their rivals, now Columbian gangstas are using Facebook to target, track and kill their victims. (CNN) — Three teens who were on a 69-name hit list posted on Facebook have been killed in the past 10…

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August 25th 7:45am

Ochocinco Fined $25K For A Tweet, Says ‘That’s 2 Months Of My Bugatti Payment!’

Ochocinco may need to change his name to veinte y cinco. That’s how many thousands the Becky bandit was charged for sending Tweets during the Bengals-Eagles game

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August 25th 7:06am

Are You Feeling Bald Headed Beast And Her Gilded Grill Piece?

Amber Rose was spotted out in Miami rockin’ a gold grill and mean muggin’ for the camera. Baldilocks was shooting for Hip-Hop Weekly’s ‘Swimsuit and Summer Style’ issue, at the Grand Beach Hotel.

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August 25th 2:16am

4-Year-Old Infected With Herpes After Used Condom Was Left In Hotel Bed?!??

WTF?!?? ATLANTA — A 4-year-old child may now have a sexually transmitted disease because of a used condom he found in an Atlanta hotel room. Carmen Jones said she is hurting inside not knowing what sexually transmitted diseases her grandson may now have. “The doctors at Scottish Rite said, if it was some sort of…

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August 25th 2:02am

McCain Keeps On Ticking!

Senator John McCain the 73-year-old former maverick is not only still alive but he’s still running for the Senate.

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