November 15th 9:13am

Bey Bey is Not Done Stealing Yet… Now She’s After Rihanna’s Steez

Some photos have been leaked from the Video Phone video shoot of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. It looks like Rihanna belongs in this video with the shim and not Bey Bey. But don’t take our word… Tell us what you think!!!

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November 15th 9:10am

Chinese Racism Talk Peaks as Obama’s Visit Approaches

Racial controversy is on the rise in China because of 20-year-old Lou Jing, a mixed Chinese girl, who won a very popular talent show, Go! Oriental Angel. Next week, President Obama is visiting China, so this racial controversy couldn’t come at a more awkward time. Lou Jing had never experienced discrimination until this past August…

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November 15th 9:05am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Bugsy and Vivica Fox on the set of his New Video…

50 Cent and Vivica Fox were real close and comfy on the set of Ol’ Bugsy’s new video “Do You Think About Me.” A little too close for us to believe it was all acting. Another pic of Viv and Busy on the flipside.

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November 15th 9:03am

Cotto… It Looks Like You Got Knocked the ________ Out!!!

Last night was the big Pacquiao and Cotto fight in Vegas and Pacquiao did everything but disappoint the millions of people watching. Pacquiao, who is smaller than Cotto, was considered the winner with a TKO (Technical KnockOut) and instead of the fans enjoying the moment, it’s been reported that they were chanting… WE WANT FLOYD,…

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November 15th 9:00am

Rev Run Brings in his Birthday with Family Friends & Russell Promotes his Diamond Empowerment Fund

Rev Run celebrated his birthday over the weekend with Russell at his Diamond Empowerment Fund Event in Dallas. More pics of the Simmons fam and more under the hood.

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November 15th 8:45am

Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Zoe Saldana stepped outside, in public, in this get up. She’s as small as a tooth pick, so wearing a dress with a bunch of mess is really not the best move for her. It looks like Zoe decided to throw on a Hefty trash bag… SMH!!! We just want to know… ARE YOU FEELING…

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November 15th 8:00am

Out and About D-List BFF’s Claudia and Elise Walk Hollyweird

These two broads Claudia Jordan and Elise Neal were spotted roaming the streets of Hollywood, somewhat dressed to kill, but it also looked more like the walk of shame. More Details of What These Two are Doing Under the Hood

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November 15th 7:45am

Pharrell Knows How to Clean Up and Lady Gaga is Looking Like a Little Monster

Pharrell and Lady Gaga were present at the MOCA NEW 30th Anniversary dinner the other night. It’s nice to see Pharrell put on something besides jeans and a t-shirt. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, keeps getting “WORSER” by the minute. Pop it for her Match

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November 14th 8:33am

For the Stans: Bey Bey and her “Bodyguard Boo” Julius Party in London

Beyonce and Julius hit up Kanaloa night club in London last night. Check under the hood for more of the two…

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November 14th 8:25am

*Exclusive Pics*: Nivea Gives Birth and Lil Wayne Parties it Up with his Other Chicken Shanell

Word is… Nivea just gave birth to Lil Wayne’s fourth child. Instead of him enjoying this moment with Nivea, he was up in Primal Nightclub in Atlanta partying it up with Shanell, D. Woods’ sister and Drizzy Drizzel Drake. More of the Two Getting Comfy Under the Hood

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November 14th 8:15am

Rocks: Lindsay Lohan Doing Coke

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at an L.A. house party doing coke in the bathroom with some other Hollyweird actors. Pop the top to see her incriminating picture collage

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November 14th 8:10am

The First Cannabis Cafe Opens Because Of President Obama’s New Federal Policy

The first weed cafe has opened in Portland, Oregon.

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November 14th 8:04am

Shooting: Teenage Love Gone Bad

This is Johanna Orozco. She was with her pictured boyfriend, Juan Ruiz Jr., throughout high school and were supposedly in love.. until he shot her in the face with a shotgun. Johanna lived and has been going through surgeries ever since:

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November 14th 8:03am

Charles Barkley And TNT Make Fun Of Sammy “Soft-White” Sosa

Charles Barkley decided to take a shot at self hating Sammy Sosa. They also do a “what if” of Kenny Smith… that you must see. Pop the top and watch this hilarity

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November 14th 8:00am

When Pigs Fly: Tiny Confirms Upcoming Wedding To T.I.

Looks like they’re gonna make it official: As T.I. continues to serve his one year and one day prison sentence, his fiancée Tiny is continuing to hold him down. She accepted two awards for the king at the BET awards in July and the Hip-Hop awards in October, all the while maintaining her status as…

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