November 25th 2:40pm

Stevie Wonder Kicks it Court Side with his Seed

Stevie Wonder took his son, Kailand Wonder, to the Lakers vs. Knicks game in Los Angeles. Of course Spike Lee was there reppin’ NY, looking like an NY umpire. Also Donald Faison, remember him, was swirlin’ and laughing on court side with his pale cakes. Pop it for Pics

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November 25th 2:35pm

True or False: Britney Spears was Molested by her Father

According to Courtney Love’s facebook page, she alleges that Britney Spears was molested by her father. More details under the hood.

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November 25th 2:15pm

Dear Bossip: I’m Secretly Diggin’ My Co-Worker

Good day, Bossip crew! We have a tricky situation that needs addressing! Take a look and leave your feedback in the thread! Dear Bossip, I need your advice. I met this guy at work about 2+ years ago. We exchanged numbers a became pretty good friends. Over the past years I’ve caught very STRONG feelings…

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November 25th 2:00pm

Whitney Houston is Really Trying to Keep it Together

Whitney Houston performed on the Dancing With the Stars Finale last night and it wasn’t a complete failure but she was really trying to bring that old Whitney back. In case you missed it… pop the top to see for yourself.

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November 25th 1:45pm

Good News…Bronx Girl Who Was Shot by Stray Bullet Will Recover Fully

Doctors diagnosed that Vada Vasquez will make a full functional recovery after surviving a bullet to her brain.

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November 25th 1:40pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Akon, Big Boi and Ludacris are Giving Back to Families for Thanksgiving

Celebrities are really stepping up for the holidays, well at least in Atlanta. Akon, Big Boi and Ludacris had a food drive yesterday, handing out 2000 turkeys, greens, sweet potatoes and the fixings to go with it to families that are less fortunate so that they will be able to have food on the table…

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November 25th 1:30pm

Ho Sit Down

Hollyweird’s untouchable woman seems to have lost her mind completely and we don’t care how many different color children she collects: Barack Obama does not have Angelina Jolie’s seal of approval. “She hates him,”

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November 25th 1:00pm

AJ’s Body Will Be Exhumed for a Second Autopsy

The body of the ex-fiancé of RHOA star Kandi Burruss AJ Jewell is being exhumed for a second autopsy at the request of his father who believes his son’s cause of death still is unclear.

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November 25th 9:46am

Snoop Dogg Defends Gangs And Tells Non Cali Crips And Bloods To “Stay Out Of Cali Or Get Rode On”

Snoop Dogg is saying that gang life is positive… Yeah, we know. The self proclaimed “Crip” goes on to say that out of towners’ need not apply for a Cali Thug License: “Me personally, I feel like if you banging outside of California, stay there cause if you come back to California where it originated…

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November 25th 9:40am

Now that Oprah’s Talk Show is Out We Hear Gayle is Moving In

With Oprah leaving daytime talk in 2011 her schedule has opened up to spend more time with her BFF Gayle and Bossip hears that the two are planing on moving in together. Hmmm… Pop the Top for Details.

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November 25th 9:39am

PETA Sure Knows How To Ruin Thanksgiving with All of Their “Cooked Turkey Hate”…

PETA is pure comedy. Flip the script to watch their Anti-Turkey Thanksgiving commercial that has been banned on numerous television stations…

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November 25th 6:58am

Which One is Packin’???

Thomas Jones and Fabolous hit up Rihanna’s release party for “Rated R” in NYC last night. Out of these two interesting characters, which one is packin some heavy man meat??? More images from the event: Even more on the flippy…

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November 25th 6:57am

Unemployment Rate for Black Men Reach a Depression Era-Level… How do We Fix It???

Joblessness for 16-to-24-year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions.  In October the unemployment rate raised to 34.5 percent, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment in Washington DC, home to many young black men, rose to 11.9 percent from 11.4 percent.

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November 25th 6:56am

New Video: D. Woods “Legalize Me”

D. Woods is blazing her own trail and going out on limbs for her craft. We can’t hate…here is her new video “Legalize Me.” Pop it and watch it

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