June 25th 2:11pm

This Cluck Head Does Rendition Of “You Are Not Alone” And Serves The King Of Pop Justice!

This crack head has the voice of Michael Jackson down to a science…singing “You Are Not Alone.” He murks the hell out of this joint… acapella too. Watch him sing on BossipVideo.com (Link Fixed!)

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June 25th 1:14pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: NY Giants Rookie Chad Jones In Critical Condition After Car Crash, Might Lose Leg

This is sad: Chad Jones, a rookie safety for the New York Giants, was reportedly in critical condition from injuries suffered in a car crash

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June 25th 12:55pm

Kanye West Shirt Gets Kid Kicked Off Jury

Kanye West — or actually a shirt that read “WHO THE F*CK IS KANYE WEST” put a 19-year-old potential juror in hot water with a Manhattan Supreme Court judge recently. Pop the hood for details Continue

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June 25th 12:05pm

Lady GaGa Confesses To Having Illuminati Dreams: The Devil Tells Me “If You Want Your Family To Be Ok, Then You Will Cut Your Wrist…”

Lady GaGa tells Rolling Stone the Devil is trying to takeover and gives detail about her reoccurring Illuminati dream: “I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied

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June 25th 11:31am

Another Day Another Reality Show

Lala Vazquez is soooooo not slick… We had a feeling the staged-looking dress shopping, bachelorette parties and lunches with Ciara were all part of some kind of reality series. Turns out her and Carmelo’s wedding (and all the planning beforehand) will be televised. Pop the hood for details

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June 25th 11:15am

Teyana Taylor Covers Bleu And LeToya Luckett Hits Her With A “No B*tch”!!!

LeToya Luckett may look all innocent but she jacked up Teyana Taylor at Big Tigger’s Celebrity Weekend after the basketball game a couple of weeks ago in Washington D.C. After Letoya’s team lost, she had a few words to share…

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June 25th 10:39am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

It’s obvious what is wrong with this picture, but the real question is what is wrong with this baby’s mother?? Number one for taking this photo, and number two for posting it on Facebook. Peep what her dumba$s had to say when you…

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June 25th 10:37am

David Letterman Gives Jay-Z A Dose Of Reality: There’s No Way In Hell Lebron James Will Win A Ring With The Nets

Jay-Z hit up the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week and of course David asked him the one thing everybody wants to know… Is Lebron James going to sign with the New Jersey Nets??? Pop the Top for Jay-Z’s Reaction

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June 25th 10:35am

Name That Pinstriped Posterior

This pinstriped posterior was snapped by the paps on the set of a Rodeo Drive production. Can you guess the fashion and media mogul rockin’ menswear? Pop the hood to find out who it is

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June 25th 10:18am

Random Ridiculousness: Drizzy And Jimmy Kimmel Singing The “Tweet Tweet” Song

We bet you’re wondering why Drake and Jimmy Kimmel are posing together with matching fits (Drake looking like he has a giant condom on top of his head, SMH)…Well, Drizzy was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and they did a lil collabo. Pop the hatch to peep it

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June 25th 10:04am

We Miss You Michael Jackson: BOSSIP’s Video And Photo Tribute!

Today marks the day that the late great Michael Jackson passed away last year. We have gathered around 13 of his greatest videos and a collection of images to honor the man we all revered for the legacy he has left on our culture and others. Check it out when you…

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June 25th 9:26am

Monica Gets It In With L.A. Lakers’ Shannon Brown

Monica told Bossip exclusively what her love life has been like since she parted ways with Rocko. She recently shot the video for her new jawn “Love All Over Me” with L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown as her love interest. Pop the Top for More Pics

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June 25th 9:22am

Guess Which Other R&B Singer Has A Baby On The Way???

Alicia Keys isn’t the only R&B singer with a baby on the way. One of these singers featured in the photo is also expecting their first child. Pop the hood to find out who it is

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June 25th 8:48am

Coupled Up: Rihanna And Her Lover Matty-Poo Kemp Get All Lovey-Dovey At The AT&T Store

Rihanna and her boyfriend Matt Kemp were spotted at the AT&T store (probably copping that new iPhone) looking like a happy little couple. More pics when you…

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June 25th 8:44am

“Pretty Wild” Star Alexis ‘Thieving’ Neiers Goes To Jail: Wonder How Long Until She Gets The “Shakes”

That “Pretty Wild” ganking little white b*tch, Alexis Neiers, has finally landed in the big house:

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