February 11th 12:21pm

True or False: Kourtney’s Baby Daddy Cheats on Her

Sources say that Kourtney Kardashian is furious because she may have been betrayed by her baby’s father Scott Disick. Pop the top for the details.

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February 11th 12:17pm

F*ck A Thug: NBA Players Book Club

With all of the foolishness surrounding Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton and their gun-toting locker room fiasco, it seems like the NBA is attempting to portray the players in a more positive light: New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor, whose parents both hail from Nigeria, is one of the league’s most accomplished fans of literature.

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February 11th 12:16pm

This Guy Can’t Be Serious! John Edwards To Wife Up Mistress??

This John Edwards character sure has a lot of balls if this is true: The disgraced 2008 presidential contender has proposed to his baby-mama, Rielle Hunter, and is even setting her up in a swank $3.5 million beachfront mansion

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February 11th 12:15pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Attacks His Brother Over a Pot of Beans

A Texas man got into a serious brawl with his brother over a pot of beans, which ended in his brother’s ear almost getting chopped off. Details under the hood.

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February 11th 12:00pm

Certified Links

Obama Sings Negro National Anthem & Celebrates Civil Rights Music (GO) 50 Cent Leaving Aftermath Records? (GO) Joe Budden Responds to Wife Beater Statement By Tahiry (GO) Nelly Selects “Miss Applebottoms 2010″ (GO) Kid Cudi Quitting Rap After Four Albums (GO) Attention Gold Diggers: Hugh Hefner is Officially Single (GO) Lady Gaga encourages Safe Sex…

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February 11th 11:34am

Update: Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Dies, Reports Say Cause of Death is Suicide

BOSSIP has just learned that British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, has died at the age of 40.

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February 11th 11:31am

Who Cares About Talent

Rihanna held a press conference to promote her latest album ‘Rated R’ at Intercontinental Hotel today in Seoul, South Korea. Check out more pics of Rihanna on the flippy.

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February 11th 11:20am

Evander Holyfield Accused Of Treating His Wife Like A Punching Bag Over Church Tithes!!!

Former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield has been served a restraining order after his wife says he hit her in the face. Continue

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February 11th 10:59am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

Whitney Houston was spotted in Japan performing.  She looks a lot better here than she did when she arrived at the airport. Pop the top to get another look.

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February 11th 10:57am

Mz Berry’s Ex Trying To Put Her on Blast and Make Name For Himself

Mz. Berry’s ex-boyfriend wanted to cash in on the “For the Love of Ray-J 2″ excitement, so he called in a radio show to throw her under the bus after the reunion show aired.

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February 11th 10:51am

Mistress Turns Biggest Trick Yet, Tiger Ho Gets A TV Job!!!

Guess it pays to be a homewrecking slut after all! Tiger Woods’ bottom b*tch Rachel Uchitel just landed a sweet gig pretty much as a direct result of all the notoriety that’s come her way thanks to her alleged affair with the golf pro. Pop the hood for more details!

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February 11th 10:37am

Reggie Bush’s Mom Approves of Kimmy Cakes…

Reggie Bush’s mom, Denise Griffin, went on the Wendy Williams show via Skype expressing her thoughts about her “FUTURE” in-law. Reggie’s mom seems to think very highly of Kimmy Cakes and if they were to get married, appears that she would welcome her with open arms. Also, peep how Wendy keeps hinting at Kim and…

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February 11th 10:21am

Poor Ashy Gary

Just a couple days after pleading guilty in a Utah court house for domestic violence/assault, Gary Coleman was seen getting pushed around LAX in a wheelchair rockin his lil Crocs and messenger bag… Check on the flipside for more images…

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February 11th 10:10am

The Obamas Are A Cover Couple! Plus Barack Invites Permed Up Al To The White House

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle cover the upcoming March issue of Essence Magazine. Pop the hood for more info and to learn how the Prez stayed productive during the recent DC snowstorm.

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February 11th 10:00am

What’s Wrong With this Picture???

Colts players Stover and McAfee were celebrating after kicking a field goal and Saints player Gay just happen to be running past them at the “RIGHT” time. We have more pics under the hood that are also suspect but in the meantime… What’s Wrong with This Picture???

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