January 24th 9:17am

Who Looked More Bangin??? SAG Edition

A knocked up Paula Patton and a butterfly adorned Mariah Carey attended the Screen Actors Guild award last night in LA. We gotta ask…are you feelin’ Paula’s motherly glow or MiMi in all red??? Pop it for more pics…

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January 24th 8:59am

Mo’Nique is Still Raking in the Accolades: Wins SAG for her Role in “Precious”

Mo’Nique has won yet another award for her role in the movie “Precious”….Last night she received a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Female actor in a supporting role. Flip the script for a pic of Mo and her SAG…

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January 23rd 11:48pm

24-Year-Old Hotel Clerk Saved After Search And Rescue Called Off In Haiti

Haiti has another miraculous survival story. A 24-year-old hotel clerk named Wismond Exantus was pulled from the rubble alive today, even after the government officially called off the search for survivors. After 11 days trapped beneath the rubble, a 24-year-old Haitian man was pulled out alive near a hotel here Saturday. The dramatic rescue is…

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January 23rd 11:15pm

True or False: Brangelina a WRAP For Real This Time???

It’s not looking good for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie y’all. There’s been a lot of breakup talk in the tabloids for a minute now, but once folks start talking lawyers, custody arrangements and dividing assets there’s a good chance that sh*t is truly going down. Look under the hood for details.

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January 23rd 12:51pm

Search and Rescue in Haiti Ends… 111,481 Confirmed Dead

On January 12th a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti and since that day, there have been 50 aftershocks at 4.5 or higher. The search and rescue has officially ended and as of yesterday 111,481 have been confirmed dead and only 132 reported rescued alive. It is the worst death toll from an earthquake since the 2004…

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January 23rd 12:32pm

Random Ridiculousness: Burger King will Now Serve a Cold Beer with a Whopper and Fries…

Since the recession hurt everyone, companies are getting creative with different ways to bring in more revenue. For the past 56 years Burger King has served their infamous Whopper with fries and a soda or juice. Now people will have the option of ordering a beer with their Whopper. Details Under the Hood

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January 23rd 12:19pm

Uh-Oh!!! Photo of Tiger Wood’s Walking Outside of Sex Rehab Facility is a FAKE!!!

Earlier this week some photos of Tiger Woods walking the grounds at the sex rehab facility in Mississippi surfaced on the web. The paps have been bamboozled. It was NOT Tiger… Just a dude that “kinda do but didn’t” resemble him. Pop the Top for the Real Picture…

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January 23rd 11:50am

Blast From The Past: Jaheim Is Finding His Way Back

Much like some other old R&B acts trying to stage a comeback, Jaheim is still trying to put a bid in (not that kind of bid) for the music business. Pop the hood to see if he’s still got it.

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January 23rd 11:38am

LaLa says It Loud and Proud: “I’m Puerto Rican Dammit… Get It Right!!!”

It is obvious that LaLa is tired of people mistaking her for being black or even mixed, so she decided to write an essay on it: A lot of people don’t realize that I’m Latina, which is fine. One thing about being Latina is that there isn’t one look that comes with the territory. I…

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January 23rd 11:37am

A “Lil Positivity”: Big Boi to Open Savannah Chapter of Big Kidz Charity Organization

Outkast’s Big Boi will launch the Savannah, Georgia chapter of his charity organization Big Kidz Foundation in February. The organization’s mission is to support youth developmental projects and encourage cultural, musical, and literary expression. … Continue

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January 23rd 11:35am

Stalker Beware: Kimmy Cakes Has A Lot of Fight In Her

Kimmy Cakes has a stalker!!! Walking around with those big juicy Armenian cakes, we kinda understand why, but this guy has another thing coming if he thinks he’s gonna mess with Kim. She’s packing a restraining order and a mean left hook. Okay maybe not the second one, but pop the hood and you’ll see…

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January 23rd 11:20am

Did Day 26 Break Up???: Willie is Working on his OWN Project

Since Que had a nervous break down and Day 26 kicked him out the group, another individual project has popped up. Willie Taylor, Que’s #1 enemy, has recorded his own song, Sex Conversation, and also made a video for it. Something is a little suspect about this dude and the nipple piercing doesn’t help the…

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January 23rd 10:53am

Good Gracious of Life… Now That’s Fine: David Agbodji

David Agbodji, Nigerian born in Paris, is an international male model on the rise. He is the face of Calvin Klein’s 2010 Men’s Spring/Summer campaign. His body is chocolate, ripped, and cut in all the right places. Enjoy Some Saturday Chocolate

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January 23rd 10:38am

SMH: Overweight Woman Crushed Boyfriend To Death, But Won’t Face Time

An Ohio woman was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter for smothering the father of her three children by sitting on him. Look under the hood for details.

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January 23rd 10:15am

Rihanna Stays On Key, But Barely Bothers To Cover Her Cakes

While most of the performers working their magic for “Hope For Haiti” recycled old songs, Jay-Z, Rihanna and U2 offered the audience an original number composed just for the cause, “Haiti Mon Amour/Stranded”. Look under the lid for the performance video and a great view of Riri’s upper thighs.

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