November 14th 8:10am

The First Cannabis Cafe Opens Because Of President Obama’s New Federal Policy

The first weed cafe has opened in Portland, Oregon.

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November 14th 8:04am

Shooting: Teenage Love Gone Bad

This is Johanna Orozco. She was with her pictured boyfriend, Juan Ruiz Jr., throughout high school and were supposedly in love.. until he shot her in the face with a shotgun. Johanna lived and has been going through surgeries ever since:

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November 14th 8:03am

Charles Barkley And TNT Make Fun Of Sammy “Soft-White” Sosa

Charles Barkley decided to take a shot at self hating Sammy Sosa. They also do a “what if” of Kenny Smith… that you must see. Pop the top and watch this hilarity

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November 14th 8:00am

When Pigs Fly: Tiny Confirms Upcoming Wedding To T.I.

Looks like they’re gonna make it official: As T.I. continues to serve his one year and one day prison sentence, his fiancée Tiny is continuing to hold him down. She accepted two awards for the king at the BET awards in July and the Hip-Hop awards in October, all the while maintaining her status as…

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November 14th 7:57am

9/11 Terrorists To Get Their A*ses Handed To Them

Eight years later… 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four al Qaeda co-conspirators are headed to Manhattan to face a civilian trial in federal court — and a possible death sentence — just blocks from hallowed Ground Zero.

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November 14th 7:42am

Jesus Take The Wheel: U.S. Army On Track To Break Record… Of Suicides In One Year

People in the Army have been committing suicide at a higher rate than last year. The record for suicides is set to be broken this year by Army servicemen:

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November 14th 7:41am

MiMi Covers Up the Bustline and Puts Those Lil Pancake Backs on Front Street

When is this broad gonna stop walking around half-naked and start dressing her age?? Here is Mariah Carey leaving her hotel in London rocking the littlest miniskirt ever. We can’t knock her though…keep doing what you do MiMi… More flat-backs on the flippy

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November 14th 7:39am

One-Time And Bolitics: Former Louisiana Democratic Congressman Sentenced

In 2006, we told you about a former Democratic Congressman from Louisiana, William Jefferson, getting popped for accepting money from the Feds and hiding all kinds of loot in his freezer. He has just been sentenced to a boat load of jail time:

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November 14th 7:25am

Kelly Rowland Birthday Giggin’ For Checks

Kelly Rowland performed at Romain Zago’s birthday party this year in Miami Beach. We’ve been a little on poor Kelly recently, so we’ll cut her some slack today. Check out more photos when you…

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November 14th 7:06am

Tamala… Are You OK???

First off, we think Tamala Jones is a gorgeous sister, but something was off about her last night at the Cedric The Entertainer Presents A Night With Bacardi. Pop the top and peep the festivities including “Messy Jesse”, Ceddy Bear, and more

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November 13th 5:30pm

Lamar is Ready for Kids… So, Does This Mean Khloe is Ready Too Since she Ditched her Diet???

Looks like Lamar may really be taking his marriage to Khloe seriously, the basketball star recently announced that he is ready to start a family with Khloe. Pop the hood for more details.

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November 13th 3:39pm

Russian Roulette Video… Take a Breath: Rihanna

Rihanna is on a roll. She has just released the video for Russian Roulette. The video involves a gun and two people sitting at a table… What message is this video sending out again??? *** VIDEO is WORKING AGAIN*** Flip the Lid

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November 13th 11:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: ‘It’s All Going To Come Out’ After The Bodies Are Found

Remember Anthony Sowell, the convicted rapist out of Ohio that is suspected of killing six people whose bodies were found in and around his house? Well, there were 11 bodies and this guy was more sick then first perceived:

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November 13th 11:00am

A “Lil Positivity”: Oprah, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Penny Hardway Have All Together Donated $5 Million to Different Charities

Oprah, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Penny Hardway have all made the “The Giving Back 30″ list. This list features the top 30 celebrities who have made the largest donations to charity. Oprah is listed in the top ten, while Will, Jada, and Penny are all in the top 20. For the past two years…

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November 13th 10:50am

Recognize this Baby???

This baby just arrived back to the states with his family. He sure has been traveling and stamping the hell out of his passport to be under a year. Pop it for his Family

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