January 4th 4:14pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Derrion Albert’s Classmate Gunned Down In Chicago

Chicago violence claimed the life of another Fenger High School student, 16-year-old Fred Couch, who was shot multiple times last week. Couch attended the same school as honors student Derrion Albert, who was beaten to death four months ago. Like Albert, Couch’s death was captured on video camera. Continue

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January 4th 2:16pm

Obama Doll Used In Georgia Mock Lynching

The Secret Service has their hands full with all the nasty threats against the President. This time they’re investigating a Plains, GA case where a large Black doll bearing a sign with President Obama’s name was found hanging from a noose. Continue

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January 4th 1:49pm

Caught Creepin: Meet the Girl Who is Causing Problems for Mary and Kendu

According to sources Mary’s husband and manager Kendu has been creeping around with someone very close to Mary.  Pop the top to find out who.

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January 4th 1:07pm

True or False: Shaquille O’Neal Bought Who a Rolls Royce Phantom for Their Birthday???

We know Shaquille O’Neal will ball out of control for his jump-offs, but you won’t believe who he just bought a Rolls Royce Phantom for as a birthday gift!!! Pop the Top to Find Out

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January 4th 12:39pm

Pacman and Pretty Boy Floyd to Settle Differences

Perhaps these two will be fighting after all: With time running out to save a potential March 13 megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., the camps are heading to mediation on Tuesday in an effort to work out their differences.

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January 4th 12:31pm

Fill In The Blank: Topless Tiger On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

Fill in the Blank: Tiger took his shirt off because __________

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January 4th 12:30pm

Kimora and the Fam Cheese it Up for the Paps

Kimora Lee Simmons, Ming and Aoki, and Djimon were spotted having lunch in LA on New Year’s Eve. How cute are they?? More pics of the fam under the hood.

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January 4th 12:29pm

Certified Links

HHWired Exclusive: Raekwon Drops New Mixtape…Weighs In On 50Cent/Jay-Z Beef (GO) Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham’s A Birkin Babe (GO) Nelly Searching For ‘Miss Applebottoms’ In The Netherlands (GO) Lady Gaga wants your attention (GO) Talib Kweli Defends Jay-Z and Illuminati Accusations (GO) Lindsay Lohan and Her Sister in their Bathing Suits of the Day (GO) 25-Year-Old…

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January 4th 12:29pm

When the Checks Stop Coming In: SisQo is on the UK Celebrity Big Brother Show

They try and try when sometimes they need to just sit down. SisQo has been trying to make a come back by any means necessary. Since his first reality show didn’t work out, he has now become part of another one… UK Celebrity Big Brother!!! Pop it for the Foolishness

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January 4th 12:09pm

Leona Lewis Injured In Horseback Riding Tumble

Leona Lewis fell off her high horse last week … literally. The British born singer was injured in a horseback riding accident in Los Angeles when the horse took off galloping and Lewis was tossed.

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January 4th 12:04pm

Beyonce: If You Ever Meet Me and I have an Attitude, SLAP ME!!!

Back when Bey Bey was 16, she did a little video where she address all the haters. In the video she’s talking about Destiny’s Child and says: Also stay humble. I know we’re [Destiny's Child] going to stay humble. If you ever meet me

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January 4th 11:44am

Family Of Unarmed Mother Killed By Police Awarded $2.5 Million

The family of an unarmed Black woman shot and killed while holding her baby will receive $2.5 million to ease their sorrows. 26-year-old Tarika Wilson was killed in 2008 when police raided her home during a drug raid. Continue

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January 4th 11:26am

Top 10 Things Men and Women Do that Destroy Relationships

Everyone is always talking about what people lack in relationships and why they don’t last, but what about the things people do consistently that destroy relationships. We found a list that gives 10 reasons that men and women will walk away and it does NOT include cheating. Pop the Top and See if You Agree…

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January 4th 11:12am

It’s Brick Everywhere

If frigid temperatures have got you down, take solace in the fact that almost the entire nation is feeling the chill! Even Florida residents can’t escape the cold weather with much of the so-called Sunshine State currently under a hard freeze warning.

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January 4th 10:34am

Diddy Discriminates on Black Women???

A source tells Bossip exclusively that Diddy has a skin complex and doesn’t like to be surrounded by black women.  Pop the top for more.

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