April 6th 11:35am

Ain’t That A B*tch: Shaunie O’Neal Is Playin’ Dirty By Teaming Up With Shaq’s Mistress

Shaunie O’Neal may need to write a book called “How to Catch Your Husband Cheating… Black Card Status” because this chick is pulling out all the moves. Shaunie is now teaming up with Shaq’s little chicken, Vanessa Lopez, who claimed the NBA star began to harass her once they called it quits. Shaunie is NOT…

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April 6th 11:21am

Certified Links

Lil Wayne Documentary To Be Released While He’s On Lockdown??? (GO) How Are Record Labels Handling Business Amidst The Download Free-For-All? (GO) Kate Winslet Refuses To Bring Her Kids Onset (GO) Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Discuss Beats By Dre Headphones & Saving The Music Industry [Video] (GO) Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial To Open…

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April 6th 11:08am

Whoopi Was Humping Around… Comedienne Admits To Affairs While Married

While the whole world seems to be against Sandra Bullock’s cheatin azz husband Jesse James, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg defended the tattooed up motorcycle lover on “The View” yesterday, while admitting she has committed adultery herself — on multiple occasions. Pop the hood for details.

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April 6th 10:25am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Arrested For Stabbing Wife 70 Times As Kids Watched

This cat photo’d up top not only looks like a nutcase, but he is a friggin nutcase!!! He stabbed his wife TO DEATH because she did not want to have sex with him!!! Insane right?? Details on the flip…

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April 6th 10:22am

SMH: Bootlegg Nigerian Lil Wayne Named “2Sure 2Shizzy”

Meet, 2Sure 2Shizzy. The fake Lil Wayne is a Nigerian rapper who epitomizes the convict. Think we don’t influence the world? Well, watch his video and say that afterwords… Click Here To Watch The Video

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April 6th 10:21am

In White Folks With Black Kids News: Madonna And Mercy In Malawi’s Millennium Village

Madonna and little Mercy are visiting Malawi’s Millennium village and we must say that Madge is not aging too well. SMH. More images when you…

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April 6th 10:20am

Usher Magoo To Mentor Bieber In Album Sales Next Week

Usher is set to top Lil Justin Bieber next week on Billboard:

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April 6th 10:19am

SMH: Desperate Housewife Catches Fade On Set

Okay, this is some crazy $hit: Former Desperate Housewife star Nicollette Sheridan claims that the show’s executive producer literally slapped her upside the head on the set one day. According to her, when she complained to the network, she got fired. Pop the hood for details.

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April 6th 10:00am

Get A Chance To Live The DJ Lifestyle Virtually, Play Platinum Life On Facebook!!

The new online interactive game Platinum Life: Web Edition lets users get a taste of the music game whether it be from a rapper, singer, or DJ perspective. Peep an official quote from one of the characters from the game, DJ Holiday, about PLWE when you…

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April 6th 9:56am

Cry Me A River: Nick Cannon Screams He Existed Before He Married The Drunken Munki Mariah Carey

We’re glad Nick Cannon has a sense of humor when it comes to being called “Mr. Mariah Carey” and man servant because we thought it was funny as hell when we heard they got married. In the latest issue of JET, Nick explains that he was “SOMEBODY” before his marriage… Pop the Top for a…

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April 6th 9:51am

*Bossip Exclusive* Teairra Mari Gives Bossip The Scoop On Her “Beef” With Rihanna

After being dropped by Def Jam, Detroit singer Teairra Mari refused to give up her showbiz dreams and now things are looking up for the Detroit singer! Now on a new label, Warner Bros., with a new album, At That Point, in the works and her big-screen debut alongside Bow Wow and Ice Cube coming…

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April 6th 9:38am

25 People Killed In West Virginia Coal Mine Explosion

Another disaster has struck, this time in West Virginia: A devastating explosion killed 25 West Virginia coal miners Monday, the worst such disaster in more than 20 years, officials said.

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April 6th 9:22am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Kimora Lee Simmons stays on her grind for sure. She has a new fragrance out now called “Dare Me” and the ad is above. Something is looking a bit “off” here, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out. What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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April 6th 9:18am

Houston… We Still Have A Problem!

Whitney just ain’t the same y’all. After a whole bunch of drama throughout her Asian tour, the singer was recently forced to cancel her Paris show. Pop the hood for details.

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April 6th 9:15am

Some Nice & Wholesome First Family Fun

Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama had a gang of fun yesterday at the “White House Easter Egg Roll” festivities in DC where they read Dr. Seuss books to onlookers, danced to Justin Bieber (SMH), rolled Easter eggs, and Barack got his hoop on as well. Pop the hood to see for yourself…

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