January 15th 5:20pm

Some Afternoon Gut Full of Human

Christina Milian was spotted in Cali yesterday with her knocked up swag on full blast. That belly is on swole something tough.. Flip the script to see more…

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January 15th 5:03pm

Denver Schools Hit With A Ho Sit Down, Wanted To Pay Tribute To MLK With Fried Chicken Meal

Denver Public Schools issued an apology following massive backlash over an announcement they planned to serve fried chicken and collard greens in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Continue

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January 15th 3:25pm

Gilbert Arenas Pleads Guilty To Felony Gun Charge

Gilbert Arenas just plead guilty to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license.

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January 15th 3:07pm

Lady GaGa Does Oprah and Has Hair that Looks Like a Cactus

Lady Gaga is ever-so creative with her little hair trinkets. She went on the Oprah Winfrey Show today and talked about her former ‘career’ as a Go-Go dancer, got a little emotional, and also did a performance. Flip to check out the videos….

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January 15th 2:55pm

Guess Whose Daughter Just Reached Terrible Two?

This little precious girl is the daughter of an R&B singer who loves collaborating with other singers. Can you guess who?

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January 15th 1:02pm

MiMi Giving Her Little Sex Slave Nicky Cannon the Boot

It seems like Mariah Carey is finally ready to be all by herself again.  Pop the top for more details.

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January 15th 12:05pm

Should This Soldier Be In Jail For His Stop Loss Rap?

Last Month the U.S. Army responded to a soldier who protested their shady practices, by committing more shady practices — jailing 34-year-old Marc Hall for a rap they considered “threatening”. Look under the hood for details:

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January 15th 11:59am

Sextra: Ancient Techniques for Steamy All Nighters

Good day, Bossip readers! Let’s talk sex! Sex and sexuality have been a part of society and cultures around the world since the beginning of time. With the passing of time, naturally, evolution is to be expected, but some things never change as adage states, “there is nothing new under the sun” including man and…

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January 15th 11:58am

Certified Links

Big Boi Sets Release Date For New Album (GO) Jay-Z Loses Restaurant Court Battle (GO) Is Trey Songz the Mixtape Weezy of R&B? [Editorial] (GO) Warren Ballentine & Keith Olbermann Go Gunning For Robertson & Limbaugh [Video Included] (GO) Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb [Video Included] (GO) Pants on the Ground: A New…

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January 15th 11:57am

Tyrese Sends a Twitter PSA to All the Baby Mama’s that Got Something to say About They Baby Daddy

To all the Baby Mama’s that complain about their Baby’s Daddy, obviously Tyrese is sick and tired of hearing about it and decided to drop share his thoughts on the situation. Don’t Worry Dead Beat Dads, He has some words for ya’ll under the Hood…

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January 15th 11:40am

What is Wrong With These Pictures??

Where our boy Freddy-O finds these people to take these pictures… We have NO IDEA!!! All we can say is WHY, WHY Would Someone Do This??? Pop the Top for Some More Foolishness

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January 15th 11:17am

Who Cares About Haiti? Obama Believes There Is Hope For Tiger

President Obama “absolutely” believes Tiger Woods can recover from the sex addiction that had him chopping down some dozen (give or take a few) women that were not his wife.

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January 15th 11:12am

In White Folks News: Heidi Montag Continues Plastic Surgery to Feel Like a “Norwegian Goddess”

WTF is wrong with these “Hollyweird” broads. We use the term Hollyweird loosely for Heidi Montag, but this chick has completely gone overboard with the plastic surgery. This ~ish is ri-goddamn-diculous. You can’t possibly hate the way you look that much to go through all of this BS. Flip it to see Heidi before and…

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January 15th 10:30am

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Fuglier, Guess Who Jumped On The Remix?

K-Ci and Devante looking like crackheads after an all night binge weren’t enough for H-Town and Jodeci, so the two 90’s R&B acts borrowed some more contemporary fug for their remix of “Knocking Your Heels”. Follow the jump to find out who and listen to the remix:

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January 15th 10:28am

In the Middle of a Knifed-Up Sandwich

Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Jacque Reid and Joumana Kidd all hit up the Wendy Williams show all looking a little ‘special’. We’re not sure who helped these ladies with their wardrobes for the show, but whoever did needs to be fired. SMH. Flip it for more pics…

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