April 28th 4:01pm

New Basquiat Documentary Uncovers How Madonna Caught A Beatdown From Artist’s Girlfriend

We’ve seen a couple of films about Jean-Michel Basquiat, so we already know the guy was a major bad boy of the art world, and even had white girls like Madonna going crazy over him back in the day. But we didn’t realize quite how bad a*s he was until we saw a clip from…

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April 28th 3:30pm

Caption This

Here’s everyone’s favorite bachelor Dhani Jones stuntin in a little “so-wrong”…SMH. Caption This and pop it for another pic of Dhani in a lil loin cloth…

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April 28th 3:16pm

Right-Wing Pol Refuses To Sell House To Muslims

Well, ain’t this some $hit? Australian politician, Pauline Hanson, who has been known to talk some smack about Asians, has now turned her hateful eye toward Muslims. The old bag is selling her house, but no Muslims allowed. Pop the hood.

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April 28th 3:11pm

Kate’s Gut Game Is On Point After Pushing Out Eight Kids…

Damn. Kate Gosselin’s knifed up stomach is looking good for having eight kids and a tummy tuck. Her belly button looks a bit suspect as well. Thoughts? Via TMZ

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April 28th 3:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Katherine Jackson Gives Grandkids The Boot Out Of Her Home (GO) Obama Pushes for Wall Street Reform on Main Street Tour (GO) Common Speaks On New Album With Kanye West (GO) Tiger Woods Fires Back At Criticism, Says Business Is Still Good (GO) Police Search For Texas Man Who Decapitated Wife With Chainsaw (GO) Perry…

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April 28th 1:11pm

Dear Bossip: I Love My Husband But . . .

Dear Bossip, I am torn between following my heart or my mind. I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am 26 years old and my husband is 36 years old. We have been together for almost four years but only married for a year and seven months.

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April 28th 12:18pm

*BOSSIP Premiere* Ludacris Wants YOU To Be Counted!!! Rapper Goes Door To Door For The Census

In his effort to make sure the people who need federal funds most get them, Ludacris has been visiting communities in Dallas, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, Washington, D.C. and New York to spread the word about the importance of the 2010 Census. Still nothing quite compares to how he made his quest a personal one…

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April 28th 11:01am

SMH: Students Paddled For Wearing Ghetto Prom Attire

It’s about time!!! In response to public outcries against the overall look of students who participate in high school proms being sleazy and ridiculous, Oxford High School principal Trey Holladay released a prom dress code that outlined what would be accepted and also outlined the punishment for offenders who broke the approved dress code. Continue

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April 28th 10:53am

Remember Us, Kobe???

Kobe Bryant, who has had a pretty rocky relationship with his parents in the past, was reunited with Pam and Joe Bryant (pictured hugging Kobe above) at last night’s Lakers vs. OKC Thunder playoff game where the Lakers were victorious. Flip the script for more photos of Kobe, Joe, Pam, and other celebs at the…

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April 28th 10:50am

WTF Are The Tea Partiers So Mad About? The Answer Won’t Surprise You

You probably didn’t need a study to confirm this, but the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality and New York Times/CBS News have conducted surveys that make it clear these rabid Tea Party folks are not just outraged about taxes. In fact, for all their moaning, a lot of…

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April 28th 10:45am

Certified Links

Nicki Minaj Addresses Butt Pad Rumors (GO) Nicki Minaj Sextape Reportedly To Be Released (GO) Update 4 Dead In Jamaican Drug War With Police (GO) Jamaican Shower Posse Gang Leader Vivian Blake Dies (GO) In the Green Technology Revolution, How Can We Best Reach the Summit? (GO) Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce In  Austin (GO))…

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April 28th 10:40am

The Game Drops “Shake” Featuring Stacey Dash… And Breezy’s Ex??

The Game dropped a 400 Bars video yesterday and now dropped the Shake video with Stacey Dash. This video, we thought, would take a lighter approach with Stacey Dash being in the beginning, but it quickly turns a corner when he enters his house. Oh yeah, we also noticed Breezy’s lil jumpie, Draya, sitting up under…

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April 28th 10:36am

BossipVideo.com Links!!

Young Man Tells Of Racism Still Alive In His Cali College Of St. Mary’s Where Professor Allowed Racist Song: CLICK HERE *Bossip Premiere* T.I., B.O.B & Playboy In “Bet I Bust” Video: CLICK HERE Nicki Minaj and Diddy Coupled Up Holding Hands!!!: CLICK HERE Old Lady Scraps Back With Robber And It Works!!: CLICK HERE…

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April 28th 10:32am

Goofball Nick Cannon Doesn’t Care About Being MiMi’s Little Flunky

Nick Cannon is the perfect pet of a husband. He reveals that he doesn’t mind being called “Mr. Carey”, he’s hoping to knock MiMi up soon, and they’re having a traditional wedding this year: Go ahead: call Nick Cannon “Mr. Carey” — he doesn’t mind.

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April 28th 10:14am

Don’t Let Your Man “Tiger Woods” You! How To Tell If He’s A Keeper Or A Creeper…

Jim Carrey caught a little flak when he said Tiger’s wife Elin HAD to know about all those hoes, but experts say getting a clue shouldn’t have been that hard. Pop the hood for a few tips.

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