April 12th 10:10am

Some Morning Cakes

Shakur brought her cakes to Miami for a shoot with the305.com. Pop the hood to feast your eyes on more of those Egyptian cakes.

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April 12th 10:08am

Malcom X Autobiography Gets New Chapters And Foreword From Daughter

The classic “Autobiography of Malcom X” is getting a new release with three “lost” chapters and a foreword written by his daughter, Ilyash Shabazz. There’s an interesting story here on why the chapters were left out in the first place. Pop the hood.

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April 12th 10:04am

Some Nice & Wholesome Family Fun

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell, and family came out to support Holly Robinson-Peete at the launch of her new children’s book “My Brother Charlie.” Aww. Duane and Tisha’s little baby is adorable…such a precious chubbylumpkins!! More pics including Blair Underwood and his son when you …

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April 12th 10:03am

Damn Heavy… Get Out Of Cookie & Magic Johnson’s Face With That Pyramid Scheme!

Heavy-D was seen at Judge Mathis’ 50th Birthday Party, trying to sell something off to Cookie & Magic via his blackberry. We thought he looked quite pitiful going from celeb to celeb with the same ole rigmarole… being that Heavy hasn’t had a hit since a decade and then some. Pop the top to see…

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April 12th 9:46am

Some Scuba Swirl

Rick Fox and his little boyish thang Eliza Dushku competed in the South Beath Triathlon recently. Damn, Rick must be pretty serious about this broad…she has him driving a Prius, running in “Couples Triathlons”, and the whole nine. Good for them. More pics on the flip…

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April 12th 9:36am

New Video: Drake’s Career Is “OVER”… If He Keeps Making Those Nicki Minaj Faces?!?!

Drake has finally released his first solo video for his new jawn “OVER”. The video is pretty boring but that’s not saying much because Drake is boring during live performances. Pop the Top for a Peek…

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April 12th 9:24am

Pittsburgh Steelers Kick Santonio Holmes To The Curb…His New Home Is In NY

Looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers are sick of their troublemaker stars: The Jets landed former Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes on the cheap last night, acquiring the troubled wideout from the Steelers for the fire-sale price of a fifth-round pick in this month’s NFL Draft.

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April 12th 9:15am

RihRih’s Reign Is Under Fire!!! Are Rihanna’s Lyrics Too Explicit For Kids???

Blame it on that Rihanna reign… With his new movie Kick-A$s coming under fire over explicit language used by actress Chloe Moretz, who was 11 during filming, British actor Aaron Johnson countered by pointing out that Rihanna’s language in many of her songs is inappropriate for children, yet it plays on the radio at all…

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April 12th 9:07am

For The Stans: The Camel Teaches Bey Bey How To Drive… Automatic or Stick Shift?!?!

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen taking a ride with the top back like “oh boy”. Rumor has it that Jay-Z is teaching his little country bumpkin how to drive. You would think that she would know how to drive but then again, Beyonce was shakin’ it like a salt shaker on stage somewhere as a…

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April 12th 8:47am

*Bossip Exclusive* Judge Mathis’ 50th Birthday Party And Everyone’s Moms Came Out!

Judge Mathis turned 50-years-young on Saturday and Bossip was invited to Warner Bros. studios to celebrate with his family and friends. Attendees consisted of Spinderella as the DJ, Mekhi Phifer, Wesley Snipes, Johnny Gill, Magic Johnson and Cookie, Mirtha Michelle with her nice cakes, Sticky Fingers, Tatyana Ali, Reynoldo Rey (Red’s pops from Friday), Heavy-D’s…

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April 12th 8:44am

Plastic Surgery: Heidi Montag… Throw Some G’s On That B*tch!!!

Heidi Montag and her new found breast made an appearance at Liquid to show off her new silicone infested bikini body. Anyone that would want to carry those type of jugs needs mental help!!! Pop the Top for This Silicone Infested F**kery…

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April 11th 12:51pm

Who Is My Mommy??

This beautiful little guy belongs to a beautiful woman who is NOT afraid to speak her mind. Pop the top to see who his mommy is…

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April 11th 11:46am

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Evander Holyfield Is Pushin 50 And Winning Heavyweight Titles

Go head, Evander…after all the Baby Mama Drama and When The Checks Stop Coming In stories, we’re glad to see Mr. Holyfield on the come up:

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April 11th 10:58am

Which One Would You Hit?? Bow Wow Vs. Breezy

Chris Brown and Lil Bow Wow hit up the HBO World Championship boxing match between Andre Berto and Carkis Quintana in Florida this weekend. If you ladies were a lil younger and interested in some spring chicken lovin’…which one of these guys would you hit??? More pictures when you..

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April 11th 10:52am

Special Delivery: Photos Of Pregnant Man’s Bundle Of Joy

Remember this little pregnant dude, Scott Moore, in the photo above? Well, he’s delivered a baby boy named Miles. Pop it to see pictures of the baby, Scott, and his partner…

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